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  1. So my friend’s family runs a little online shop that they are getting off the ground and their first line of crafts is some holiday ornaments. I naturally got the dumpster fire because how fun is that. I think it turned out great. Material is wood, a battery tea light, and reaper paints.
  2. She is now fully finished. Thank you for your suggestions.
  3. This is the 1st mini I’ve done in a long long while. I love how she turned out. Any constructive feedback would be great
  4. So I’ve been painting for about a year, she is by far the best I’ve ever done and the 1st time I’ve felt confident enough to share. This is also the 1st base I’ve ever done. I welcome constructive criticism.
  5. It is simply stunning. That bone texture is so life like. I can’t get over how awesome it is.
  6. @Corporea as a beginner painter I really like that you broke your process down piece by piece. It really helps understand how you got there. He’s looking really good.
  7. Looking amazing. Stegosaurus is my favorite dinosaur and I’m loving him.
  8. Same to you @Dilvish the Deliverer :)
  9. I have not taught anyone hobby skills. However I’m trying to get some friends into painting so I can share my beginner knowledge.
  10. The horde isn’t as large as @Fire_Eyes but I very happy with all the stuff I got. Now to begin practicing.
  11. I agree. This was the 1st conversation I’ve ever been to and I had a blast. Everyone was so nice and friendly. Thank you everyone.
  12. After 17.5 hrs in the car I’m back in WI. Thank you all for the great time. It was my 1st convention and it was a blast. Also @Fire_Eyes is the best copilot for long car rides.
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