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  1. Yeah, they will be. Last week Ron said the woman with the guns comes with the ship and the other options are going to be add-ons in the Pledge Manager.
  2. Did you guys notice that the front of the ship Appears to be replaceable? Maybe there will be different options.
  3. I am thinking of getting the old one once it hits retail and the new. Then my players can capture it then train it into the War Mammoth!
  4. What usually goes into the Fan Favorites expansion? Stuff from the Bones I'd Like To See thread? Best sellers?
  5. Thanks Dan. I didn't realize how big those add on dragons are. It seems to me like the Shadow Dragon is a little smaller though. I can't wait for them!
  6. Good job. The wings jumped out at me as well. Airbrush?
  7. Thanks guys. I am going to get a couple Gem Dragons and test out different options. That LED idea is a good one!
  8. Do you guys think I could paint the Gem Dragon flesh opaque and the gems translucent? I am wondering if that would look odd since you could see through the gems and into the body.
  9. What is I the ghoulie bag? I looked at the site and didn't see it listed.
  10. I really like the Maiden. Seems odd they are not all the same scale though.
  11. Yeah, for sure they have an intentional theme with the ship, Brinewood, and Underwater expansions. It really is making me think of getting them all so we can have some cool adventures. I would like to see more of that like you said. I would love more Tiamat related stuff too!
  12. I would really like to see male and female PC cominations for all races and classes. I am sure a lot of the combinations already exist or could just be painted to look like other races. Here is what I would prioritize: Tiefling Goliath Genasi Aasimar Firbolg Kenku Dragonborn Gnome Halfling
  13. It looks like we should expect a million dollar spike the last 2 days based on that history. Crazy.
  14. Today they stated one more is coming and it is a male. They didn't state where the forth guy would be. Maybe the core, maybe an expansion.
  15. I am really excited still and I wonder what other expansions are coming. Maybe a pirate one? I looked through all of the ReaperCon images and it looks like most of those items are in the KS already. I am really hoping for more giants and demons/devils. I know another giant is coming, but I don't think I have seen any previews of demons/devils. Maybe they were just in Bones 4 (which I missed).
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