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  1. @ReaperAHawk Has there been any discussion about contingency plans for Reapercon related to the coronavirus pandemic? If it’s still an issue by then will the con be cancelled or is it possible it would be postponed?
  2. I’d prefer a one-step process of just buying the classes and keeping track of my schedule offline. The issue I had with the previous process is that you could add a class to your schedule that appeared to be available, but then it wasn’t available when you went to check out. It took me a while to even figure out how to check out. it wasn’t intuitive at all. Also I didn’t find it helpful at all to have my schedule in Growtix. It was awkward to find it in the system, so I just wrote it down.
  3. I booked at regular rates last year and my whole family got swag bags - well, not the dog. She sucks at painting anyway though.
  4. I wanted to get her a full regular swag bag so she can get the paints and other minis. We went last year and she had swag bag envy because there wasn’t as much stuff in the kid’s bag.
  5. @ReaperAHawk There aren't swag bags available to purchase now. I want to get one for my 10 year old who is getting a child pass. Will they be added later? Also, will they cost the same as an adult 4-day pass? If they are, I can just get her one of those.
  6. Does the Bones 5 thread count? That one, basically! I’ve had a desk job since finishing school. During school though I worked part time in the evenings as a security guard and had to walk rounds every hour. I also did field interviews for the US census more than one census ago.
  7. I received my unpainted Falling Star today, along with a couple of demon princes from the latest wave of GF9 D&D releases (Demogorgon and friends have more company now!). The ship is pretty cool, but I’m going to need a bigger brush! It was a little more than the Bones 5 one, but I get it now and there are no surprises. Not to say I won’t get the B5 one also!
  8. I had a similar acquisition a few years ago, and I highly recommend it! Congrats!
  9. Drives a forklift? He IS a forklift! Thanks Michael for helping make Reaper awesome!
  10. That sounds about right to me. It like Reaper really caught on the last year. The first day of the KS was massive. I think the only reason it didn’t raise over $4M is that Reaper made it very clear to people that had a year to add more in the PM after (where they wouldn’t have to give KS a cut). I checked the capacity of the Embassy Suites ballroom. It can handle a lot more people if they set it up in “auditorium” configuration with rows of seats. They might have to start doing that for awards and auctions and move the tables where people hang out to smaller conference rooms. It’s going to be pretty crowded.
  11. It seems like it’s growing faster than expected. Last year I think they said there were about 1500 attendees, up from around 1100 (?) the year before. Reaper is going to have to do something if it’s going to stay at the Embassy Suites for a few more years as planned. Maybe they’ll be able to negotiate with the hotel to block out all of the rooms except for the 10%, maybe at a slightly less discounted rate.
  12. I haven’t seen anyone from Reaper say that they might get more rooms at the Embassy Suites except for that FB comment on Friday. ReaperAHawk said today that “All of our rooms for the ReaperCon rate at the Embassy suites are sold out. We are sorry”. It sounds like the rate at which rooms were booked far exceeded previous years. I’m wondering what that might say about attendance and if they’re thinking about limiting how many Con passes they will sell. There is a fire code limit to how many people they can have in the ballroom. Maybe con passes will sell out too?
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