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  1. Making progress - doing some NMM ... BTW - I joined up this year knowing I was going to be moving in Dec/Jan, so wouldn't be able to start painting until Feb (I'm not just super late!). So if you got a painter that wasn't going to start until Feb and you want to be surprised, don't look inside the spoiler tags!
  2. Ok! I got my painting setup in our new house and got all my stuff unpacked. I now have paint on pewter!
  3. I got back from my trip last Wednesday to find my Secret Sophie package - thank you so much @Auberon for working to a deadline, and for painting these minis like you took all the time you needed - they’re beautiful! I love these sculpts by Derek Schubert and love how they’ve been painted. These will also be very useful for that Saltmarsh campaign I’m (very slowly) running. Here are some pics: In keeping with the aquatic theme, I got a full set of Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea and a set of Sirens and a super cool Barnabus frost. Thanks again @Auberon - this was a fantastic surprise to come home to. They are safely packed up and now headed for a shipping container where they will cross a real sea very soon! They’re somewhere in here:
  4. So mine was apparently delivered today but I’m traveling so I won’t get to open it until Thursday when I get back home! 😫
  5. I’m in, although my painted mini likely won’t go out until around the end of Feb 2023. We’re moving to a different country at the end of the year, so I probably won’t be doing much painting until we get settled into our new home. I’ll send my questionnaire in a bit!
  6. Just got the package from my Secret Sophie! Very cute metal bard mini painted up very colorfully. I don’t think I’ve seen this mini before. There’re some cool older minis in the box I didn’t know existed and useful stuff for D&D - the stirges are great, I can definitely use that gloom stalker, and that Mephisto is very nice. I didn’t know that mini existed. The storm giant is awesome too. I’m not sure what my Sophie’s forum name is, but thanks!
  7. I have finished painting, and packing. Shipping out tomorrow!
  8. Thanks for posting the comparison! That looks like a great size. I’ve been wanting to start painting busts but the larger scale ones just seem kind of overwhelming to me. I just can’t get myself to start one. This looks like a great scale to step up to. Looking forward to it!
  9. I really like this Lunette. Thanks for sharing the process. It’s really interesting to see the adjustments you make when scaling up. Bust version of Lunette also gets a belly button! So is the full figure 34mm to the eyes, and the bust about 2.2x that scale (equivalent to 75mm to the eyes if it were a full figure)? How tall is the full bust model?
  10. Yeah, I ordered the wrong ones. I think I looked at the short handles and later came back to add them and opened the wrong page. It still seems weird to me that the size difference between the 0 and 1 travel brushes is so huge. The travel 1, 2, and 3 all look pretty close to the same size. Oh well
  11. Thats weird. The image on thebrushguys site looks very different
  12. I know - it’s such a weird defect too because it seems like the brush handle was cut too short too. I emailed them late on Friday, and haven’t heard back yet. I’ll post an update when I do.
  13. So I ordered some of their Raphael Kaerell synthetics and picked up a couple of Raphael Precision synthetic travel brushes in sizes 0 and 1, but something weird happened. The brushes were packaged perfectly and shipping was quick and cheap, but the no. 1 precision brush is super chonky! The “1” is as thick as the Kaerell no. 6! I emailed them about it. Seems like the brush was labeled with the wrong number at the factory or something? It’s also really short compared to the 0. That Kaerell 6 is now the biggest mini painting brush I own - basecoats in 1 brushload!
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