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  1. Wow! I love the way you paint dragons. The albino red and shadow dragons are stunning. Can’t wait to see the others finished.
  2. I’m in. I’ll be there Wednesday afternoon through Sunday. Forum name and avatar are good for me
  3. That is a thing of beauty - I love it! It turned out sooooo good!
  4. On that subject, why does Reaper make Bones with integral oval bases smaller than 1” round? Why not just make the bases 1” round instead?
  5. Oh wow - I totally missed those! I never noticed them during the campaign and didn’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the bajillion addons in the PM. Thanks for letting me know. I just added 2 sets to my pledge.
  6. They’re making dungeon tiles and some plastic minis with integral bases. I don’t see any separate sculpted bases though. Did I miss them? The awards were a little confusing.
  7. I would like to see the following base stuff: Sculpted plastic bases in standard D&D sizes (1, 2, and 3”) with different themes, like cobblestones, flagstones, sand, underwater, rocky, wood floor, forest, etc. Several different unique sculpts for each size would be great too Magnetizable RPG bases Status rings that could be used with RPG bases. Maybe colored rings with the same diameter that the RPG bases stack onto Bits of plastic micro-terrain for basing: stuff like bones, rocks, mushrooms, stalagmites, critters, branches, small plants, tree stumps, etc.
  8. They have never sold items from a previous KS campaign in a later one, and I wouldn’t expect them to. These are not waves btw as Gadget explained - each KS is a separate project. Each KS project is undertaken to pay for the cost of creating molds needed to make new figures. After the campaign, reaper only sells models at retail prices. Even if they have leftover sets to sell in the store, the price will be higher than the KS price. For example, they still have Bones 4 Chronoscope expansions available for sale for $100: https://www.reapermini.com/search/77961 if
  9. Like Venun said, its too late to back Bones V. Everything has been manufactured and will ship this month. Some of the Bones V stuff will be coming to retail soon - a few models are launching at retail starting in July. If you want something specific, I would start looking on eBay in a few weeks. Most of the stuff will be appearing there. That’s how I got all my Bones 4 stuff.
  10. That looks amazing! Lots of great details but I especially like the rust and verdigris effects, the tongue, texture on his hide, and of course that excellent reptilian eye!
  11. Thanks Derek, and everyone else for the kind words! That sea elf bard is incredible, by the way. 😍 Before I started on her I decided to put her up on a rock. She’s a PC and needed to be up a bit higher to have more table presence in a party of larger humanoids. I couldn’t have her down among the goblins and kobolds! I appreciate the detailed feedback. I’ve been practicing NMM a lot since I painted her, so your suggestions make a lot of sense. It motivated me to break out the palette and try again. I used the NMM gold triad with a bit of blue added, and wal
  12. Thanks! I had some trouble with the skirt and tried a couple different colors before going for an almost neon green (I think I used Mint Green). I think the mini needed something lighter to give it more contrast too.
  13. I painted this mini as a PC for a friend, and used her for RCL in Feb. at first I meant to do it as a quick speed-paint type job, but I ended up going further with it. She’s tiny, but it’s a great little sculpt by Derek Schubert. She has lots of fun little details to paint. This was my first attempt at making a fancy base for a gaming mini - cork, texture paste, tufts and some static grass. I’m not thrilled with the way the sickle turned out. It was supposed to be bronze NMM. Also realize after I took photos that I forgot to paint her bracelet!
  14. That looks great! I love the mouth and the skin shading on the front of his body. Great contrast and awesome base too.
  15. Do you have the neutrals triad - Pure White, Rainy Grey, & Pure Black? Those are useful because they’re a basic lamp black, a true white and a middle neutral grey. If you want a real black wash you could try diluting Pure Black or maybe Black Ink to make one. Anne Foerster designed the core paint line. She recommends mixing paint with Brush On Sealer and Water in a 1:4:2 ratio to make a wash. I would start there and see how it works. Anne has a free public post on her Patreon covering thinning of MSP paints that is very useful to better understand how
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