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  1. I have finished painting, and packing. Shipping out tomorrow!
  2. Thanks for posting the comparison! That looks like a great size. I’ve been wanting to start painting busts but the larger scale ones just seem kind of overwhelming to me. I just can’t get myself to start one. This looks like a great scale to step up to. Looking forward to it!
  3. I really like this Lunette. Thanks for sharing the process. It’s really interesting to see the adjustments you make when scaling up. Bust version of Lunette also gets a belly button! So is the full figure 34mm to the eyes, and the bust about 2.2x that scale (equivalent to 75mm to the eyes if it were a full figure)? How tall is the full bust model?
  4. Yeah, I ordered the wrong ones. I think I looked at the short handles and later came back to add them and opened the wrong page. It still seems weird to me that the size difference between the 0 and 1 travel brushes is so huge. The travel 1, 2, and 3 all look pretty close to the same size. Oh well
  5. Thats weird. The image on thebrushguys site looks very different
  6. I know - it’s such a weird defect too because it seems like the brush handle was cut too short too. I emailed them late on Friday, and haven’t heard back yet. I’ll post an update when I do.
  7. So I ordered some of their Raphael Kaerell synthetics and picked up a couple of Raphael Precision synthetic travel brushes in sizes 0 and 1, but something weird happened. The brushes were packaged perfectly and shipping was quick and cheap, but the no. 1 precision brush is super chonky! The “1” is as thick as the Kaerell no. 6! I emailed them about it. Seems like the brush was labeled with the wrong number at the factory or something? It’s also really short compared to the 0. That Kaerell 6 is now the biggest mini painting brush I own - basecoats in 1 brushload!
  8. Wow! I agree - great job on the face. Very natural looking
  9. I can imagine - I painted only one of these and it was pretty daunting. I can’t imagine painting all of them at the same time! I like how the rocks turned out, especially the lighter ones!
  10. It's cheaper and less work not to get an optivisor so you can't see the mold lines ... 😆
  11. Another new technique I tried was digital sketching to try things. I often find myself with some free time away from my desk when I’ll be thinking about a mini I’m painting. I decided to try digitally sketching to test some ideas before sitting down to paint next. In this case I wanted to figure out the shoulder armor NMM. I took a pic of the basecoated shoulder, and sketched a couple of options in Adobe Fresco (free version) on my phone and continued later on an iPad with a stylus. Here’s the WIP photo: Sketching steel and gold NMM on the WIP photo in Fresco I decided to go with the steel, and then just had to paint what I sketched: This worked out really well. It let me get down ideas while I’m away from my painting desk, and it was pretty quick and easy to learn. I’ll be doing this a lot more from now on I think.
  12. Finished Goldar tonight. I’ve been trying to improve my NMM, and worked on it here’s. The shoulder and leg armor went pretty well, but I had a hard time with the flat face of the axe. I tried a pattern that suggests snow diffuse my reflected in the blade but I don’t feel I pulled it off very well. The eyes are molded really roughly so it was hard to get a good result. In retrospect I should have taken a few minutes to smooth the eye sockets with a bit of putty - lesson learned. I like how the skin and armor turned out. I wanted to paint skin with high contrast and it ended up the way I pictured it.
  13. If ordering from Jackson’s check out their brush protector tubes. They sell long pieces you can cut to length in a couple different diameters. They’re only a few bucks and nice to have if you like to put protectors on your brushes. I eventually lose the ones they come with or would rather have longer ones.
  14. I haven’t tried them, but I’ve been looking for a good synthetic brush to complement the sables. I’ve been using WN Cotmans but not really in love with them. I’ll check those out - thanks!
  15. I use Raphaels and gave up on finding a good US source for them. Blick is always out of stock of the sizes I need. I ordered from Jackson’s Art Supplies last time not realizing they were in the UK and they were awesome. Prices in USD, fast and reasonable shipping. They have a great selection too.
  16. He looks really cool - great job! Reaper needs to make a Night Stalker in Bones 6.
  17. Thanks! I feel like I should try one more time to adjust the eyes to match a bit better, but it took a lot of tries to get to this point - I’m more likely to make it worse I think. I’ve been thinking of getting the Kimera set.
  18. Thanks everyone! That coat gave me a LOT of trouble! Every nice vibrant magenta is about as opaque as water. I had to mix white into every highlight and then did a lot of glazing to get the saturation back up.
  19. I would do that too - airbrush it black from below to get some solid black shadows, then do the white from above and/or the direction of your light source. You should still have some grey midtone left.
  20. rubegon


    I hadn’t noticed it before on FB, but the hair on Circe looks amazing! It’s sculpted so beautifully, and I love the way it’s painted. The different fur colors on the boars work really well too. Everything reads as dark but you still have great detail and contrast.
  21. She is adorable, and yet you captured a kinda crazed look in her eyes. I think the purse looks fantastic - the beads are pretty convincing. Very nicely done!
  22. Thank you so much! I’m a huge fan of Christine’s work, in case it wasn’t obvious! The kid heroes, sirens, doxies, fawn/satyr, and Ravenhome vampires are some of my favorites in Bones 5. It’s hard to choose what to paint next. I’ll probably do another kid hero - I want to build up a party’s worth of them at least.
  23. Basecoating to test color schemes blue liner desna blue uegathoa red I think I like this but need to work it up a little. I’ll highlight the leather by adding white, and go cooler shadows / warmer highlights on the blue and red.
  24. Thanks! It was one of those rare times where it ended up pretty much how I pictured it.
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