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  1. The open category is more about sculpting so if the model is off the shelf with not sculpting that will hurt the score considerably. This Open Division includes converted and/or scratch-sculpted entries where the exhibitor understands that all aspects of the entry are judged. While unmodified or stock models might be found as part of a diorama or vignette, a single unmodified or stock model, regardless of the basing of the entry, will not be found in this division unless the exhibitor was also the sculptor of the original model. Whereas the Painter’s division is predominately
  2. Thanks for posting. Really cool to see all these.
  3. I am really liking your work.. if you want to step it up even more you could shade in some darker washes on the freehand in the deep folds. I know it is terrifying but it is worth it. I can discuss it further if you are interested.
  4. Please bring it and leave it in my class so i can use it too :)
  5. I was expecting to have a TV for my power point but that was not available. I will make sure that I have a TV for next year. I also bought the same projector/camera as James Wapple so people can see the demo next year.
  6. Hello Argentee, I apologize if you felt that i told you that you could not take notes. Personally I always take notes and always encourage it so I am not sure what I said. I would like to make this right for you. I can put together a hand out for you if you think that would be helpful. And i would be willing to set up a google hang out or something like that to go over the things that you couldn't see. I appreciate the feed back as that can help me improve the class for the future. I really work on my class with the intent to help my students. This is the first time i have ever b
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