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  1. Is the Double-Time modified (-2) applied to the indirect-fire Combat Roll? Reasoning: Since indirect-fire is targeting the ground I wouldn't expect the speed of the target to matter. Page 5 of the errata says only "Salvo Fire Strike, prone, and immobile target situation modifiers are applied to an indirect-fire ranged assault Combat Roll(s)." However, pg 18 of the errata says the Double-Time modifier applies "to any ranged assault Combat Roll made against it until its next activation." Should Double-Time only apply to direct-fire Combat Rolls, or both direct- and indirect-fire?
  2. What happens to an aircraft flying NoE that fails a pilot check, becomes Knocked Down, or becomes 0 AP due to being Stunned, Disabled, Disrupted, etc? Does it just land peacefully?
  3. I think I found my problem - the cards don't list passive special abilities like Piercing, Improved Damage Control, Improved Armor, Improved Breeder, etc. The SA are just applied to the stats. But the FM program does list out those abilities. I'll just have to wait on the update to the FM to see if any additional abilities are listed.
  4. Are the model card JPGs going to be updated at the same time as the FM program? I've noticed several disparities between the stats/SA on the cards, what's in the FM program, and just trying to build the same mech using the construction program.
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