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  1. Games were definitely different. As I understand it, each person needed to register with their own email. One person's game schedule also couldn't overlap with itself, so purchasing multiple tickets for the same game on a single account wouldn't work. I don't know why the system was different between classes and games, but it definitely is. Just another of the "joys" of Growtix.
  2. I know it didn't work the same for games as classes, but I wanted to mention that I bought both my and my husband's tickets and I registered for all our classes. So, I was definitely able to register for both his classes and mine. It was easy to change the name on the ticket, though it didn't print. Registration pulled up all tickets associated with my email and printed them all. I sorted through them after we got to our room.
  3. We stayed until around 2 PM on Sunday. One of my judges was leaving before I got to talk to him and we just didn't have anything left to do. It was really hard to know what the streaming/main hall events were. I thought I read through the program and was always surprised to get notifications on my phone (edit: from Twitch) that something else was going on. Sometimes the schedule was up on the screen for what was coming next, but often, I had never heard of those things and I had no idea they were even happening. I also looked through Sunday's schedule and we had classes until 12:30, picked up
  4. The current schedule works best for us I think too. I loved and needed having yesterday off. So, for me, if everything was pushed back a day, I'd have to take another day off work anyway or (more likely) just be miserable and suffer through work that day. I've been to large Cons not on a holiday weekend and gone straight to work afterwards. It's not fun. I much prefer the current schedule. Though, I do have to constantly remind family not to plan anything on Labor Day weekend. Despite 2 whole years of telling them this, they keep forgetting and always ask us to do something with them a week or
  5. I think this idea is cute. Regarding HIPAA, you can disclose whatever of your own personal medical information you wish to do so. There is no rule that you can't talk about your own health or medical treatments. What is illegal is for OTHER people, like your doctor or insurance company, to discuss your medical information without permission. This law specifically applies to health-related entities, though. Your friend can talk about your private medical information if they know it and not get into any trouble. And there's nothing prohibiting individuals or businesses from asking you questi
  6. I can't answer the youth question, but I know all the judges try to be available (pending other obligations) after the awards to discuss and give feedback. In 2019, it was fairly crowded and we had to wait a few minutes for our turn, but we did get feedback from at least one judge on each of our judged pieces. If you can't find them immediately afterwards, but do later in artist's alley or something, I know they're happy to provide feedback if you bring your mini to refresh their memory (they've looked at a lot of pieces). It was fairly easy for us to figure out our score, though I'm not sure
  7. Store isn't open. I've done the tour. I'll probably do it again in September.
  8. I disagree. The wave order issue seemed to start on Tuesday and only became clearer as time went on and later and larger waves kept getting notices but not earlier waves. They had 3 fulfillment days where this was likely going on before the Fire Marshall came in. You realize that they do not allow people to pick up kickstarter orders, right? Everyone has to wait for shipment, even if they lived next door.
  9. I'm not upset that they skipped my order to get the ones they could fulfill out the door while waiting on the container. I'm not really even upset at all. It's just that they've stated that they were going to start over at the beginning with Wave 1 outstanding orders when the container arrived and go in Wave order for everything that was left... except, that's not what's happening. If they had done been able to accomplish what they intended, I would have no problems at all with how anything has gone.
  10. I get it. Fulfillment will be done soon and when things ship won't matter anymore. But, I do hope they explain why these issues happened, even if fulfillment being over makes it moot.
  11. No, it actually doesn't address anything that's currently happening. Ed went back and explained things that happened 2 weeks+ ago. I listened to it, and Ed's explanation from last night has no bearing on the issues currently being experienced by many early wave backers that are seemingly being skipped for no reason. He said many times that everything from the container forward should be in wave order. It's not happening that way.
  12. Everything I've ever heard regarding lock-in time is that it was secondary to Waves. Wave order first, then locking time. So, I should still be a Wave 1 order, just one at the end. But, there are also plenty of Wave 1 orders (including one that locked in asap) that are waiting. It really seems like the earlier waves are stuck somehow.
  13. The most frustrating thing about Ed's explanation of the shipping stuff last night was that it didn't address the most recent concerns at all. I understand all of the things that happened and why they did what they did when the container was missing. I think it was the right thing. No problem there. My concern is that, even though they state that they were going to go back and start from Wave 1 after the container's arrival (and I understand some exceptions to fill pallets with smaller orders), this is not happening. From everything Reaper has said, it seems like they should and fully intended
  14. Good question. My husband hobbies more than I do. It's his zen time. I enjoy it, but don't make time for it as religiously. And, truth be told, even though I understand I do often feel ignored. I try to get over it, though, because I know it's his happy time and he needs it.
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