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  1. The problem with wanting all the ribbons, but clearly not qualifying to get that one. Oh well. Can't get them all. I do love it, though. It's a great ribbon.
  2. My husband and I have 2 ribbons this year, our first time having them. I'll have both, he will only have one. True to my namesake and obsession, show me some of your favorite dice and you'll earn mine. For the other, I'll be a bit more vague. There's a reason we both have the other ribbon. And it's better when we're together.
  3. I believe that unless you have a Saturday- only badge, all entries are due on Friday. They need to get started judging as soon as possible to get it all done.
  4. I only remember "feeling it" once on a cruise ship. A little wobbly down the hallway, curtains swaying during dinner, and they did have to drain the pools because water was being sloshed out. The rest of our days were quite mild on the rocking, just that one night. I do not generally do well (seasick-wise) on smaller vessels. Even in 1 ft seas. I learned the hard way, despite loving roller coasters and carnival rides and being able to do things like read in the car with no issues. I wasn't expecting to have a problem offshore on a 30 ft boat.
  5. I'm very excited but also very stressed that ReaperCon is only (less than) 1 month away. So many entries started, none finished.
  6. We (husband and I) got our ribbons yesterday. First time we'll have our own ReaperCon ribbons. It should be fun.
  7. I have a whole long ambitious list of potential entries (different categories/manufacturer awards). I've put paint on about 6 of them and only 1 is in that fiddly "almost done" stage. I started it in March. Another is nearly done paint wise but needs a lot of basing work. My main entry has not been started yet. Several others too haven't been started. We'll see what I get done. Unfortunately, I've had a lot of time diverted to projects asked of us by our FLGS. And we'll be doing a charity thing in August that will take some more time. Oh well. It is what it is. My husband has not started any. Speaking of husband, I think he's in one of your Shadowdeep games @Corsair.
  8. I thought that Sophie awards were for Reaper Miniatures only.
  9. Sounds good to me. I'll send a message when I have a moment with my contact details and such for us to arrange things (or feel free to reach out yourself if I take too long/ forget). I've got a lot going on right now so it may happen. If so, apologies in advance.
  10. This isn't roomshare, so maybe not appropriate here, but I do have an extra reservation for a 1 King Studio for August 30 to September 3rd. I made a reservation early just in case I didn't get a room in the block. It is at an average rate of $267.52 per night across 4 nights and has a total price of $1,225.56 after taxes and fees. Considering current room rates are over $500 per night on average, it's still a good deal even if not the room block rate. It is a Hilton Rewards rate, so you may need to provide a rewards account number when transferring. A 3-way phone call with the hotel makes this fairly easy as I authorize the transfer and the new name and payment information is updated all at once. If no takers I'll cancel before the deadline. I'll delete or move from this thread if needed.
  11. After thinking I was done with class sign-ups, I couldn't help myself and added one of @Corporea's new classes. Skin Deep was my very first ReaperCon class early on a Thursday morning in 2019. It was formative to the way I paint and I still use what I learned there every time I paint anything, not just skin. I can't say enough about her classes. So, if you have room in your schedule and any interest in her class topics, I give them my wholehearted and highest recommendation. She's an amazing and encouraging instructor and worth chatting with even if you don't take a class. Late comers might be extremely lucky with being able to get into her classes.
  12. Please count me in for the first time! It will be my 4th ReaperCon and I always love the Bingo. I meant to come do this days ago (immediately after posted), but... life. 1) Dicey 2) Forum Profile Picture is fine. The current one of the dice. 3) I'll be at ReaperCon all days, beginning Wednesday night and staying through the Sunday auction (or at least most of it), so definitely fit the Thurs-Saturday you're targeting.
  13. This is not exactly true this year. They have 40 total seats for Hobby Hijinks. 30 are available to reserve in advance via Tabletop Events (for free) and only 10 are available for walkup. Some of the more popular events already don't have much/any room (Sophie Says After Dark).
  14. I seem to remember the dates being for Wednesday through Sunday last year by default.
  15. I know I heard from several that finding @Corsair was difficult, but he was the first person to sign my Bingo card! I tried to point him out to people looking for him if I knew. We both happened to be hanging around the Magical Girl Assault demo table on Thursday morning, right after I got my card. I had a lot of fun with the Bingo this year. I didn't do it last year and attempted it (and failed) in 2019.
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