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  1. Good question. My husband hobbies more than I do. It's his zen time. I enjoy it, but don't make time for it as religiously. And, truth be told, even though I understand I do often feel ignored. I try to get over it, though, because I know it's his happy time and he needs it.
  2. I already picked up most of the ones I wanted from alternative vendors. I didn't think Reaper was going to do this, based on the first information release. So, I suppose I spent that money with someone else in the week or so between announcements. Oh well. I'm glad they backtracked a bit. It's really a lot better way to handle it.
  3. This was different though. This was not "we're not going to make this anymore and when it hits 0 it's gone". This was over 40 paints suddenly disappearing from a website overnight. You know there is likely still some stock of each of these. But, they're just gone. I have to admit, I'm quite angry at the handling of all this.
  4. As someone who knows someone part of a team working on a vaccine, she's really hoping that the headline is not true, because that would mean that the proper testing procedures were not followed. Those are put in place for safety purposes and ignoring them is likely only to our detriment. She says that releasing an unproven vaccine to the public would be nothing but bad. I want to be back to normal just as much as the next person, but... I don't know. Trying not to get into beekeepers territory.
  5. I'm a loan officer. So, part of my job is to complete that kind of analysis to ensure that my borrowers have enough cash coming in to not only pay their loan back, but also do the other things they need to do during the loan period (like pay their bills) so they don't come back to us in 6 months or 2 years needing to repeat the process. More loans are good, but I'd rather my borrowers be financially stable because that makes them good loans. Many of my borrowers generally don't plan adequately for the future. If they did, they wouldn't need me. It's like you and your house, if you own one. You know in a certain number of years you're probably going to need a new roof. If you save little by little every year, you can pay for that new roof no problem. If you don't save and wait until you need a new roof, that bill is going to hurt or you might not be able to do it on your own. Occasionally, I'll have a borrower that had an unexpected emergency come up, but in general, its the ones that don't save that need me. So, the seminar was talking about services that help them budget how much to save, how to save it, and plan for those expenditures. It's very interesting to see how industries can overlap in these basic concepts.
  6. Yay for work Zoom meetings. This one I'm just a passive observer in a continuing education program. I actually find stuff for my job quite interesting, but in reality, we're talking about building components, deferred maintenance, and financial analysis for saving to replace those components as they wear out.
  7. Jon said on Discord that Ron is aware and is working on getting the picture up for Barnabus Frost.
  8. I've heard the same as @OneBoot. Anne talked about it on one of her painting streams on Reaper's Twitch. Can't remember each episode. Many of these painting instructors rely on classes like this, which they put time and effort into creating, to make money. Some even offer classes at cost via other platforms, locations, or in person during different times. They are doing these classes for free for Reaper, but I can understand why some wouldn't want a course that they've designed "out there" for free forever. It might dilute their own course offerings in the future. Why would someone pay for something if it's out there for free? So, while Reaper did initially want to make them all available, they came to a different compromise after talking to the artists. Those that are doing classes on Twitch know and understand that the material will be available later. I've heard Mocha's "Painting with all the colors of the skin" class on Twitch is just a small part of her usual "Multicultural Skintones" class. I completely understand the reasons for this, even if it does mean that I have to be watching live for every class and can't go back and review them later. The artists who take the time to put on these classes are the core of ReaperCon. Without them and their willingness to do things like this, ReaperCon wouldn't be what it is. So, if it's important to them that the classes aren't recorded for one reason or another, I'm okay with that.
  9. Personally, I'd prefer them not performing at all (which is the current plan anyway) to changing up all the style and tradition they're known for. Military marching is only "flashy" when you view it as a group, not as individual components. I think that's true for most marching styles, but more so for military.
  10. @ManvsMini - There are many that think that the Ohio State band rivals A&M's for the "best college band". I think Ohio State is possibly more popular because the style is "more accessible". But, the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band is special. Not perfect, but certainly special. I did not know that Ohio State was a brass/percussion-only band. Learn something new every day. I played clarinet (no way I was heard over all that brass), but I was glad to have the opportunity. The amount of women in the Band was still fairly small when I was there. In my class year and my outfit there were 3 of us girls. And 24 boys. I say that to mean that even a decade earlier and I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to join at all.
  11. @kristof65 - Honestly, one of the hardest things about the 4-way cross (besides not getting your mouthpiece knocked into your teeth by an errant shoulder) was staying on beat. The band is spread so far apart, it's hard to stay together sound wise. That's why the head drum major stands in the exact middle and the two side drum majors stand on each end zone. All 4 quadrants can see. Can't play by what you hear, only what you see. Also, fun fact (since I'm being nostalgic today): the Aggie Band very rarely if ever practices on Kyle Field. Kyle Field is a real turf grass field. Even after one halftime show, the grass shows the wear of hundreds of footfalls in the same place for 8-12 minutes. You can see it even in that short video of the 4-way cross. The drill field they use now is fake turf. The one they had when I was there was real grass, but the divots could sometimes be several inches below the rest of the field. The field had to be graded and sodded a couple of times while I was there. And a drainage system installed because it turned into a muddy mire when it rained.
  12. Also, I feel like sharing this video of the Aggie Band during marching practice. I hope it doesn't break any rules or anything. Those wearing the maroon shirts (instead of the white ones with the Aggie Band eagle on them) are incoming freshman. Video from a couple weeks ago. The counter march (where the band turns back in on itself, going in the opposite direction) I think is probably the worst thing for the current times, people passing shoulder to shoulder into the faces of those playing instruments. Nightmare. Plenty of high schools who march military style will be doing similar kinds of things too. The only thing worse would probably be the 4-way cross, which normally takes an entire season to perfect, in which two people cross taking up the same "grid" space within the march with someone's toe against the other person's heel as they pass rubbing shoulder to shoulder with bodies turned to slide past each other. Man, it takes me back. My days in the Band were probably some of the toughest days of my life, but I look back on it now with extreme fondness and pride. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @ManvsMini - Playing in the stands is not the same kind of performance from a uniformity standpoint. People were allowed to wear jackets or not, use music stand or not, etc while in the stands. But, once on the field, everyone is in the same uniform and there are no music stands. So, because there are no halftime performances, it's probably not going to be an issue. The SEC rules limit those who can be on the field or sidelines to very specific people. There will be no awards ceremonies, no performances, no recognition of alumni on the field, etc. And yes, Aggies normally "march in" to the stands pre-game, then get to their section of seating. Then, they would play from the stands for the entire Corps of Cadets as it passes for Review (on the sidelines) prior to every home football game at Kyle Field. The National Anthem and such are normally played from the stands since the Band is already there. The Corps would typically exit Kyle Field in formation and then re-enter via the normal gates to attend the game. This is all done at least an hour prior to kick-off.
  13. Well, since it's a safety thing, I'm not sure what they would do. But, from my experience, all members of the Aggie Band must match, at least during performances. I remember games where it was very, very cold and since woodwinds (clarinets) could not play with the uniform's thick black leather gloves, no one could wear gloves for the performance. Brass players had to put cold hands on cold keys for no other reason than so everyone could match. But, there's also not going to be any halftime performances this football season, so... Who knows.
  14. I worry deeply for the students on university campuses this year. I went to Texas A&M University and I was in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band. The whole Corps has issued masks for their uniforms now, but I think about the Band... Marching so close together... and you can't wear a mask and play an instrument. I worry. I don't know anyone in the Band this year and I still worry. Per SEC rules, no halftime performances will be taking place this year. And no away game travel for bands, cheer, pep, etc. But the Band is over 300 people and (also according to SEC guidelines) have to fit in a certain section of space within the stadium to be fair. So, close. And all the high school bands. I just can't get over how anyone can do marching band right now and be safe. Maybe I worry overmuch, but I can't help it. I worry for all the musicians this year in schools. Well, and everyone else too.
  15. That's what I was told. So since I haven't been getting email updates I've been checking back periodically for updates to things. So, I posted about this in the ReaperCon forum this morning. We discovered on the Discord that even though Reaper has their Zoom settings set up to email attendees about changes to the class, Zoom does not seem to be doing so. Most of the classes have been updated with google drive or dropbox links to pdfs, but who would know since those emails aren't going out? So, basically, you have to go like you're going to register again. When you get to the Zoom landing page to enter your email like you did when you first registered, the updated class description with text links (not hyperlinks) to the class handouts should be there if there is one.
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