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  1. It was in the block. And it makes sense about the rate. However, everyone at Reaper has been specifically telling us that they would not cancel our reservations automatically. It seems this information may be false.
  2. It was always refundable until the week prior, but with the virus the current cancellation policy is only 24 hours in advance, so that makes no sense. There were months before my reservation wouldn't be refundable.
  3. So, the Embassy just canceled my room all on their own. I did not call them and ask. They did not call me and ask if that's what I wanted. Room just poof, canceled. This is actually pretty upsetting to me, even though I was going to cancel anyway. What if I was going to also be visiting family that weekend and my reservation was partly for that too? (It's not, but it could happen) Plus, folks at Reaper keep telling us we have to do it when apparently, that isn't true.
  4. I just had the Embassy email me to tell me my room was canceled without my request or consent. You're telling us one thing and they're doing another. I was going to cancel anyway, but I'm actually really upset that they would just do it on their own without any confirmation of if that's what I wanted or not. Especially after being told they would not be doing this.
  5. I would like to sign up! This would be my first box and @Dr Bob recommended we try it! It would be my husband and I participating as a household (he's not on forums). Location: Houston, TX International? No Starter? Not for our first time, but maybe in the future! I hope we make it in! Thanks so much for organizing this. I participated in some similar things for another hobby of mine and I know it's a lot of work and coordination.
  6. He has very little online presence. This might have been a red flag, but he came with a good review from a professional colleague. He says his reputation matters to him, but I just can't see it in his actions. I definitely plan to share my experience anywhere I can, regardless of what happens.
  7. Thank you, @Glitterwolf and @Kangaroorex and everyone else. It does help to feel heard. It's complicated. While we did have flood insurance, the mortgage company is being a pain regarding us having any access to the claim proceeds. Texas is a non-licensing state for contractors, so the hoops the contractors have to jump through to please them are significant. I haven't found one yet that is willing to do it. I understand they have to protect their investment, but it is a bit absurd to me. (Edit: in hindsight, if we had been able to jump through those hoops, we'd be in a much better spot regarding recourse than we are now). This has left us trying to pay all of our repairs out of pocket and seek reimbursement after everything is finished. The required paperwork for reimbursement is much less strenuous. We decided to try this to avoid delays and get back into the house as quickly as possible. We thought it would be for the best, and it might have been if our contractor had been honest. However, this means that we've spent nearly all of our money from savings, not an insignificant amount, to pay this contractor, and buy the supplies we were responsible for. I'm thankful that I'm a "money hoarder" and that I've worked so hard to save so much in our 5 years of marriage. I'm sure there are many families that wouldn't even have the option to pay for repairs out of pocket. The problem is, we've paid our contractor for much of this work that he's not doing already. Not all of the bill, but a significant amount. We have very little recourse to "force" him to do the work, and he's threatened to walk out on the job already. He might do it all eventually, but he's already 1.5 months behind on his original timeline and the house is only about 1/3 done or less. He seems in no hurry to come back and the quality of his work is proving to be poor. If we are too harsh with him, he'll walk away with our money (I'm 95% sure he's already spent it all anyway). If we fire him, we definitely say goodbye to all that we've paid him. Even though it's relatively easy to get judgements against contractors, it's notoriously hard to collect. They hardly ever have money or assets on hand. We would get nothing back. And I'm sure he knows this. He's not afraid of us or what we can do to him. It is hard to know what to do when you know you'll probably lose that much money. We're just in a hard place. We can't hire another contractor unless they are willing to work with our mortgage company because we don't have enough savings left. We've been looking and I hope we'll find one. Add to that all the other unexpected costs (dog surgery/stitches, foot x-rays, towing bills, ongoing storage costs for our furniture, on top of all our normal bills for a house we can't live in), and we're just hemorrhaging money. For someone who likes to feel very financially secure, it makes me so, so nervous. Natural disasters are among the worst things ever. I would not wish this on anyone.
  8. Dicey


    How do you know this?
  9. I hate to come on here and be all "woe-is-me". Sometimes, though, you just need to vent. I know someone always has it worse and that we are fortunate in many things, but it feels like one thing after another piling up on us. Trying my best to pull myself out of the negativity. Our flooded house is still not fixed after nearly 6 months. It has walls, but not much else. We think our contractor (who has completed less than half of the work we've paid him for and we haven't even paid the whole bill) is going to cut and run on us. He hasn't been to our house for a single minute in over 2 weeks and he's barely finished any work in over a month. Fun. Everyone has a bad contractor story, so I'm afraid we're just another one of those. I *hate* living with my in-laws. I yelled at my father-in-law on Friday over the thermostat. I try to be fairly agreeable and understanding, but this time I just lost it. We had all come to an agreement on how the air was going to be treated, as a livable compromise for everyone (because he's a huge control freak). We agreed on a schedule and temperature setting that everyone could live with and agreed that no one would touch it or change it from that schedule. We kept that promise, despite being uncomfortable when it got to be 76 upstairs (because that's the temperature at which the A/C is allowed to kick on during the day). However, he repeatedly broke this agreement by turning on the heat in the mornings and I just had enough. It seems like such a small thing, but in the ever-increasing annoyances of living with people you don't mesh with, there comes a breaking point. Instead of putting on a sweater when he got cold (as he was told to do by his wife instead of touching the thermostat), he cranked the heat up to 74! Of course, conversely we're not allowed to turn the air down if we get hot and can't sleep at night. We can't turn the air down colder than 70 ever, even though the airflow to the bedroom is not the greatest and it's always 2-3 degrees warmer than the hallway where the thermostat is. That's totally fair. Not. I just "love" waking up in a pool of my own sweat on mornings where we don't have a cold front blow through. We're expected to make sacrifices and accommodations (like not sleeping well when it's so hot outside), but he can't be bothered to put on a sweater after we had a cold night for once (and we finally slept well with the room in the 60s). He and I just do not get along. If I could never see him for the rest of my life, it would be too soon. Unfortunately, we live in the same house right now. And he's married to my husband's mom. And we have no where else feasible to go while we have no home of our own. Aside from no discernable progress on house, living with my in-laws is the worst thing (which is only made worse by the lack of progress). I also fell down on Friday after tripping over my dog and my own feet and landed on my foot, thinking I broke it. Urgent care. X-rays. Etc. Took 3.5 hours. It was actually a bad sprain or something but I couldn't put any weight on it at all for 2 days. So much swelling and bruising. I'm just now starting to hobble around with one crutch. But, I'm glad to see improvement and have no broken bones. Silver lining. Speaking of the dog, he picked a fight with our other dog a few weeks ago (the other dog doesn't back down from anything, ever) and he got his face ripped open and had to go to the emergency vet and have him put under for multiple stitches. After getting his stitches out, he ended up opening his wound again and we had to go back. And of course he would do these things while our normal vet wasn't open, so we had to use the 24-hour emergency clinic instead. They were able to staple it this time, though, without sedation. So, his new "facial repair" cost less than the first one. Silver lining. Also, my car's engine locked up on the highway 3 weeks ago. I went from moving just fine to stranded with a dead car in seconds. No warning. Never had that happen before. Luckily, I was in an Express/HOV merging lane and more or less out of the way. After two huge towing bills (once to our family mechanic, then to the dealership), they are starting on fixing it, but it might take 3 months. At least it was under warranty and they gave me a rental car on their dime. Silver lining. Work is snow-balling on me right now and everything feels so out of control. I really need something to go right. And for this slow bleed on our remaining finances to stop. At least we have D&D tonight. I'm running Curse of Strahd every 2nd and 4th Monday. I had started running it for a group of close friends over 3 years ago, but the game fell apart before finishing and it was so sad. It's been over a year since I've run anything. I didn't realize how much I missed it until our first session two weeks ago. I'm trying desperately to hold on to that positive excitement for tonight's game.
  10. It was likely caused by a propylene gas leak of some sort. The facility was a grinding, fabricating, thermal coating, and metallurgical testing facility that has been around for 50 years. The investigation is ongoing and covering multiple agencies. It will likely take days, maybe even weeks, to determine the exact cause. It is being treated as a criminal investigation with full arson and other investigators looking into it. That said, they have no reason to believe that it was intentional at all. Just an abundance of caution to go above and beyond to investigate to the highest standards since people have lost their lives. Employees using the workout facilities were reported as saying they "smelt gas" shortly before getting caught in the explosion blast. One was likely the person confirmed as being transported to the hospital. Two confirmed fatalities.
  11. Happy birthday! Dr. Bob was so nice to us at our first ReaperCon last year. Couldn't ask for a better guy to run into at the bar and strike up a conversation with. Hope your day is the greatest!
  12. So, there was an explosion in Houston at 4:25 this morning at a manufacturing facility that woke me up, shaking the windows and roaring loud. My home is slightly less than 2 miles away from the explosion site. We're fine and I think the home is fine (well, as fine as it can be since it's still being put back together after our flood), but there are fatalities and possibly hundreds of homes with significant structural damage from the pressure shockwave. The closest have even been shifted from their foundations. The blast was heard for miles and miles. I feel for all those people impacted so horribly by this. All I lost was a little sleep, but I'm still shaken.
  13. Still holding out for more rooms at the Embassy. We have ours, but our friends (first-time potential attendee couple with a toddler) have decided that they will not go unless they have an on-site room. And they're not willing to pay hundreds extra for a room not in the block. It's really sad, because I would love to share the experience with them this year. But, I completely understand that having a toddler and all the accoutrement that entails, plus nap times, is just too difficult to have to deal with when you have to get on a shuttle to get to where you're staying. Their little girl is darling, but I don't blame them for wanting the convenience without the extra cost. Edited to add: They were ready and informed about time the block would go on sale. By the time he could call out of work to book, the rooms were gone.
  14. I hope, and I have no way of knowing either way, that the size of the room block at Embassy wasn't negatively impacted by the choice to also have a block at Fairfield for overflow. I know many would rather be on-site. My friends, who are trying to get a room, won't consider coming if they can't get a room in the block at Embassy. The Fairfield is not even an option they'll consider. It's on-site or nothing. It would just be awful if the block at Embassy was made smaller than normal in order to add the rooms at the Fairfield. But, I have no way of knowing and perhaps that's not the case.
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