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  1. Games were definitely different. As I understand it, each person needed to register with their own email. One person's game schedule also couldn't overlap with itself, so purchasing multiple tickets for the same game on a single account wouldn't work. I don't know why the system was different between classes and games, but it definitely is. Just another of the "joys" of Growtix.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, WolfLord said:

    My one complaint would be not being able to register for games and/or classes for people that I bought admission tickets for.

    I know it didn't work the same for games as classes, but I wanted to mention that I bought both my and my husband's tickets and I registered for all our classes. So, I was definitely able to register for both his classes and mine. It was easy to change the name on the ticket, though it didn't print. Registration pulled up all tickets associated with my email and printed them all. I sorted through them after we got to our room.

  3. We stayed until around 2 PM on Sunday. One of my judges was leaving before I got to talk to him and we just didn't have anything left to do. It was really hard to know what the streaming/main hall events were. I thought I read through the program and was always surprised to get notifications on my phone (edit: from Twitch) that something else was going on. Sometimes the schedule was up on the screen for what was coming next, but often, I had never heard of those things and I had no idea they were even happening. I also looked through Sunday's schedule and we had classes until 12:30, picked up our MSP entries, and got feedback in Artist Alley (mostly as they were trying to get lunch and disappearing), but besides having the vendors and MSP area closing at 2 and everything overall closing at 4, we didn't really see much going on after 2 PM and elected to leave, and apparently missed closing remarks because of it. Plus, it feels like you're supposed to be leaving when everything is starting to be torn down before it's "closed".

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  4. The current schedule works best for us I think too. I loved and needed having yesterday off. So, for me, if everything was pushed back a day, I'd have to take another day off work anyway or (more likely) just be miserable and suffer through work that day. I've been to large Cons not on a holiday weekend and gone straight to work afterwards. It's not fun. I much prefer the current schedule. Though, I do have to constantly remind family not to plan anything on Labor Day weekend. Despite 2 whole years of telling them this, they keep forgetting and always ask us to do something with them a week or two before on that weekend. This weekend is completely blocked off in our plans for as long as ReaperCon occurs on those dates.

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  5. I think this idea is cute. 

    Regarding HIPAA, you can disclose whatever of your own personal medical information you wish to do so. There is no rule that you can't talk about your own health or medical treatments. What is illegal is for OTHER people, like your doctor or insurance company, to discuss your medical information without permission. This law specifically applies to health-related entities, though. Your friend can talk about your private medical information if they know it and not get into any trouble. And there's nothing prohibiting individuals or businesses from asking you questions, and you have a choice whether or not to answer. But none of that falls under HIPAA. Only health-related entities and only without your permission. 

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  6. I can't answer the youth question, but I know all the judges try to be available (pending other obligations) after the awards to discuss and give feedback. In 2019, it was fairly crowded and we had to wait a few minutes for our turn, but we did get feedback from at least one judge on each of our judged pieces. If you can't find them immediately afterwards, but do later in artist's alley or something, I know they're happy to provide feedback if you bring your mini to refresh their memory (they've looked at a lot of pieces). It was fairly easy for us to figure out our score, though I'm not sure if we got all the numbers from all the judges. We were middle of the road Bronze.

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  7. Just now, Skallabjorn said:

    I think the Fire Marshall situation had a hand in that as well.

    I disagree. The wave order issue seemed to start on Tuesday and only became clearer as time went on and later and larger waves kept getting notices but not earlier waves. They had 3 fulfillment days where this was likely going on before the Fire Marshall came in.

    2 minutes ago, Skallabjorn said:

    you are only 5 hours out from Denton. Road trip time, maybe? I know I would.

    You realize that they do not allow people to pick up kickstarter orders, right? Everyone has to wait for shipment, even if they lived next door.

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  8. I'm not upset that they skipped my order to get the ones they could fulfill out the door while waiting on the container. I'm not really even upset at all. It's just that they've stated that they were going to start over at the beginning with Wave 1 outstanding orders when the container arrived and go in Wave order for everything that was left... except, that's not what's happening. If they had done been able to accomplish what they intended, I would have no problems at all with how anything has gone.

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  9. 15 minutes ago, Mckenna35 said:


    It WAS addressed last night. Guindyloo summed it up on page 888:


    No, it actually doesn't address anything that's currently happening. Ed went back and explained things that happened 2 weeks+ ago. I listened to it, and Ed's explanation from last night has no bearing on the issues currently being experienced by many early wave backers that are seemingly being skipped for no reason. He said many times that everything from the container forward should be in wave order. It's not happening that way.

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  10. 12 minutes ago, DragonWyrm said:

    Long ago, in the past, when we were young. I remember, in these very forums someone mentioning how the time of locking in will have just as much, if not more, of an impact as the wave when it comes to shipping order. So that may be the cause. I remember this information being hard to find, and since it really didn't affect me, I did not look more into it.


    Everything I've ever heard regarding lock-in time is that it was secondary to Waves. Wave order first, then locking time. So, I should still be a Wave 1 order, just one at the end. But, there are also plenty of Wave 1 orders (including one that locked in asap) that are waiting. It really seems like the earlier waves are stuck somehow.

  11. The most frustrating thing about Ed's explanation of the shipping stuff last night was that it didn't address the most recent concerns at all. I understand all of the things that happened and why they did what they did when the container was missing. I think it was the right thing. No problem there. My concern is that, even though they state that they were going to go back and start from Wave 1 after the container's arrival (and I understand some exceptions to fill pallets with smaller orders), this is not happening. From everything Reaper has said, it seems like they should and fully intended to go back to the beginning of waves. However, that is clearly not happening. I've seen posts of people in later waves and larger orders than mine going out. Several posts. And yet, there are more and more reports from people in Wave 1 and other earlier waves that just aren't going out. I've checked email, My Choice, and the Pledge Manager. My order just hasn't been pulled. I know I was one of the later locked orders in Wave 1, but why is my order still waiting? I'm not upset by the wait, I just want to know why what they're saying they're doing isn't matching up with what is actually happening. Something is going on. And that concern wasn't addressed at all. 

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  12. On 9/29/2020 at 1:33 PM, SamuraiJack said:

    it's no different than how they just quietly stop restocking bones and minis that don't sell.. it just hits harder when a color you use a lot is one of the low sellers.. 

    This was different though. This was not "we're not going to make this anymore and when it hits 0 it's gone". This was over 40 paints suddenly disappearing from a website overnight. You know there is likely still some stock of each of these. But, they're just gone. I have to admit, I'm quite angry at the handling of all this.

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  13. 19 hours ago, haldir said:

    I seen a headline that there may be a vaccine by the end of October.

    As someone who knows someone part of a team working on a vaccine, she's really hoping that the headline is not true, because that would mean that the proper testing procedures were not followed. Those are put in place for safety purposes and ignoring them is likely only to our detriment. She says that releasing an unproven vaccine to the public would be nothing but bad. I want to be back to normal just as much as the next person, but... I don't know. Trying not to get into beekeepers territory.

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  14. I'm a loan officer. So, part of my job is to complete that kind of analysis to ensure that my borrowers have enough cash coming in to not only pay their loan back, but also do the other things they need to do during the loan period (like pay their bills) so they don't come back to us in 6 months or 2 years needing to repeat the process. More loans are good, but I'd rather my borrowers be financially stable because that makes them good loans. Many of my borrowers generally don't plan adequately for the future. If they did, they wouldn't need me. It's like you and your house, if you own one. You know in a certain number of years you're probably going to need a new roof. If you save little by little every year, you can pay for that new roof no problem. If you don't save and wait until you need a new roof, that bill is going to hurt or you might not be able to do it on your own. Occasionally, I'll have a borrower that had an unexpected emergency come up, but in general, its the ones that don't save that need me. So, the seminar was talking about services that help them budget how much to save, how to save it, and plan for those expenditures. 

    It's very interesting to see how industries can overlap in these basic concepts.

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  15. Yay for work Zoom meetings. This one I'm just a passive observer in a continuing education program. I actually find stuff for my job quite interesting, but in reality, we're talking about building components, deferred maintenance, and financial analysis for saving to replace those components as they wear out. 

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  16. I've heard the same as @OneBoot.


    Anne talked about it on one of her painting streams on Reaper's Twitch. Can't remember each episode. Many of these painting instructors rely on classes like this, which they put time and effort into creating, to make money. Some even offer classes at cost via other platforms, locations, or in person during different times. They are doing these classes for free for Reaper, but I can understand why some wouldn't want a course that they've designed "out there" for free forever. It might dilute their own course offerings in the future. Why would someone pay for something if it's out there for free? So, while Reaper did initially want to make them all available, they came to a different compromise after talking to the artists. Those that are doing classes on Twitch know and understand that the material will be available later. I've heard Mocha's "Painting with all the colors of the skin" class on Twitch is just a small part of her usual "Multicultural Skintones" class. 


    I completely understand the reasons for this, even if it does mean that I have to be watching live for every class and can't go back and review them later. The artists who take the time to put on these classes are the core of ReaperCon. Without them and their willingness to do things like this, ReaperCon wouldn't be what it is. So, if it's important to them that the classes aren't recorded for one reason or another, I'm okay with that.

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  17. 44 minutes ago, TGP said:

    Close order marching — gone, replaced by 2 meter intervals

    Personally, I'd prefer them not performing at all (which is the current plan anyway) to changing up all the style and tradition they're known for. Military marching is only "flashy" when you view it as a group, not as individual components. I think that's true for most marching styles, but more so for military.

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  18. @ManvsMini - There are many that think that the Ohio State band rivals A&M's for the "best college band". I think Ohio State is possibly more popular because the style is "more accessible". But, the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band is special. Not perfect, but certainly special. I did not know that Ohio State was a brass/percussion-only band. Learn something new every day. I played clarinet (no way I was heard over all that brass), but I was glad to have the opportunity. The amount of women in the Band was still fairly small when I was there. In my class year and my outfit there were 3 of us girls. And 24 boys. I say that to mean that even a decade earlier and I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to join at all.

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  19. @kristof65 - Honestly, one of the hardest things about the 4-way cross (besides not getting your mouthpiece knocked into your teeth by an errant shoulder) was staying on beat. The band is spread so far apart, it's hard to stay together sound wise. That's why the head drum major stands in the exact middle and the two side drum majors stand on each end zone. All 4 quadrants can see. Can't play by what you hear, only what you see. 


    Also, fun fact (since I'm being nostalgic today): the Aggie Band very rarely if ever practices on Kyle Field. Kyle Field is a real turf grass field. Even after one halftime show, the grass shows the wear of hundreds of footfalls in the same place for 8-12 minutes. You can see it even in that short video of the 4-way cross. 

    The drill field they use now is fake turf. The one they had when I was there was real grass, but the divots could sometimes be several inches below the rest of the field. The field had to be graded and sodded a couple of times while I was there. And a drainage system installed because it turned into a muddy mire when it rained.

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