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  1. Also, I feel like sharing this video of the Aggie Band during marching practice. I hope it doesn't break any rules or anything. Those wearing the maroon shirts (instead of the white ones with the Aggie Band eagle on them) are incoming freshman. Video from a couple weeks ago. The counter march (where the band turns back in on itself, going in the opposite direction) I think is probably the worst thing for the current times, people passing shoulder to shoulder into the faces of those playing instruments. Nightmare. Plenty of high schools who march military style will be doing similar kinds of
  2. Well, since it's a safety thing, I'm not sure what they would do. But, from my experience, all members of the Aggie Band must match, at least during performances. I remember games where it was very, very cold and since woodwinds (clarinets) could not play with the uniform's thick black leather gloves, no one could wear gloves for the performance. Brass players had to put cold hands on cold keys for no other reason than so everyone could match. But, there's also not going to be any halftime performances this football season, so... Who knows.
  3. I worry deeply for the students on university campuses this year. I went to Texas A&M University and I was in the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band. The whole Corps has issued masks for their uniforms now, but I think about the Band... Marching so close together... and you can't wear a mask and play an instrument. I worry. I don't know anyone in the Band this year and I still worry. Per SEC rules, no halftime performances will be taking place this year. And no away game travel for bands, cheer, pep, etc. But the Band is over 300 people and (also according to SEC guidelines) have to fit in a ce
  4. That's what I was told. So since I haven't been getting email updates I've been checking back periodically for updates to things. So, I posted about this in the ReaperCon forum this morning. We discovered on the Discord that even though Reaper has their Zoom settings set up to email attendees about changes to the class, Zoom does not seem to be doing so. Most of the classes have been updated with google drive or dropbox links to pdfs, but who would know since those emails aren't going out? So, basically, you have to go like you're going to register again. When you get to t
  5. So, I bit the bullet and joined the Discord. I learned something there. Apparently, many of the class descriptions have been updated and even though the settings are such that they should be sending out emails to those registered when the description is changed, Zoom is not doing that. Reaper is already aware of the issue. In order to check to see if your class now has a google drive link for a handout, you need to go to the class, open the description and click the "Register" button, just like you were going to register for it again. When the Zoom page opens to register, you can see the up
  6. It seems like every time I take some time away from these forums (because life), 150 pages of this topic go by. Heat advisory today. Again. I'm not sure if the weather channel website is nuts or not, but it says it's 87* F but feels like 102*F outside right now. Ugh. And humidity is 77%. Gotta love Houston in the summer.
  7. Is there any other way to find information about the Water Effects class than Discord? I've been avoiding Discord like I avoid Twitter. Looks like I may not be able to avoid it for ReaperCon, but I wish information was readily available on multiple platforms. I really hope you have a better experience with her class online than I did last year in person. Hands down the worst class of the Con for me and it felt like a waste of money. But, since it's free online this year, what have you got to lose? And there's a good chance it may be better than my experience too. Just a cautionary tale,
  8. I growl with you. It feels sort of like they split them into smaller bundles and charged more for each of them. It doesn't sit quite right with me. I am on twitch, but I dislike that it's the primary source of information these days.
  9. @Morihalda - So many people were impacted by Harvey. Truly a terrible storm. We helped our good friends clean their house after Harvey. They had 42" of water in their house and couldn't get to it except by boat for over a week. They had enough notice to move most valuables upstairs and drive out before it got too bad. They never moved back in after we cleaned it out about a month after Harvey. Sold it for a loss, moved in with her grandma, and there they've stayed for over 3.5 years. They are building a house now. We had a little idea of what to do because of their experience, though. And, aft
  10. @TGP - You're exactly right. Basements don't exist here. The waterline won't support them. My house is not in a high-risk 100 year flood plain, though it is close to one. My concrete slab is 4" above grade, so there is a "step up" into the house. It's worked for 62 years, just not this time. Our garage partially floods fairly often, since it's lower than the living area by that 4". The city actually improved the drainage in my neighborhood since Hurricane Harvey (no flood then, but it was close), and stopped just around the corner from my street. I can see the new curb-and-gutter a
  11. Staying up late to get more work done for what feels like the 10th night in a row. And then procrastinating and not getting as much done as I should. Which might have something to do with binge-watching Gilmore Girls and Cardcaptor Sakura in turns. Also, sort of staying awake in order to watch the weather. I am slowly starting to realize, after months of denial, that I may be a little traumatized by our house flood last September. I work from home, so I was there when the water started coming inside. I think it was easier to deny before we moved back in. We're in a flood watch currently and I
  12. I'm not a huge fan of cherries, but I love Rainier Cherries. Those look so good!
  13. So, these are most of my picks (better late than never). At least I (mostly) beat Pineapple posting his picks after me. I still haven't gotten my husband to pull his selections back out yet to take photos of those. Some things aren't in the group picture, but I'll try again later when we can get the rest out. I think my for-now favorite is the Were Armadillo with the missing ear. I also took out a set of Pizza Dungeon dice (blue), which should not be much of a surprise.
  14. @NebulousMissy - My husband worked with quail for one of his past jobs. He often complained that they were the dumbest, most difficult birds to raise. Apart from ducks. He said that the babies would often drown themselves in their water for no reason, would get sick and die with the slightest draft, and if you put a thermal bulb near the cage, they would stand there until they burned and died rather than move away when they got warm enough. They were only slightly more intelligent/sturdy as adults. I wish your mom all the luck and patience in the world for her quail if even half of the stories
  15. You know, I gathered them all together to write them down and then didn't take a photo. I think my husband already sorted and put his picks away. He's excited about his new hobby desk space. I'll see what I can do.
  16. Yay! May the teenage girl scout throwback days be banished for a good long while.
  17. Our house flooded a while back. We moved everything out that we didn't throw out as ruined in 3 days. We had some help or we wouldn't have made it. It went to my in-laws where it stayed mostly packed except for the things we needed to live. Then, things happened (it was the most miserable living experience of my whole life) and we got kicked out. We had 3 days to move back into our house (which wasn't finished and didn't have a kitchen or bathrooms at the time we started moving). By ourselves. It really sucked. And things are still in boxes a week later. I wish I could snap my fingers and be d
  18. I once participated in a similar concept with dice that uses a Small USPS Flat Rate Box. One person decided to put a handmade dice lamp in the box. Naturally, a lamp wouldn't fit, so he just changed the box size. He didn't see what the big deal was, but people were freaking out. They only signed up to pay for shipping for the Small Flat Rate Box and now all of a sudden someone had tripled their shipping obligation. So, we had to go through the list, give people a chance to say yes or no to the lamp in order and we agreed to ship the lamp separately to that person to be able to reduce the box s
  19. My husband had parents that acted similarly. He was pushed in a direction based on an early aptitude test and he really struggled to succeed at higher levels of education in that field (science). But, it was what he was "supposed" to do and never really got to explore his own interests. He has a passion for history and I learn more just from listening to him talk passionately about it than I ever did in high school. He also loves tinkering and building and painting. But, he never got to explore much of those things and is kind of stuck in a dead-end career that just gets him by. *shrug* They m
  20. Chaoswolf box has been sent! On its way to @Pineapple.
  21. My husband is out running errands and one of those is taking our box to the post office! Get ready, @Pineapple!
  22. A little sad I missed seeing this in time, but it may turn out to be for the best due to other things I have going on. I look forward to stalking and seeing how it works so I can hopefully catch the next one.
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