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  1. Putting the final touches on our trades tonight. The Chaoswolf box will go out tomorrow. I hope I'm doing this right, but it's been a good time.
  2. Thank you, @Pineapple! It's slowly, but surely getting better.
  3. The box has arrived! A day earlier than predicted. @Dr Bob suggested participation to us and it's really neat that we were in the same box and we were right after him. We met Dr. Bob at ReaperCon last year (our first) and several others here too. It's really great what a nice community this is. My husband and I are doing this together and he has already lined out quite a few things that he might want to try to swap for, much of which is what Dr. Bob put in (was that planned?). This is our first box and we've only been painting/hobbying a few years, me less consistently than him. I have conside
  4. It was in the block. And it makes sense about the rate. However, everyone at Reaper has been specifically telling us that they would not cancel our reservations automatically. It seems this information may be false.
  5. It was always refundable until the week prior, but with the virus the current cancellation policy is only 24 hours in advance, so that makes no sense. There were months before my reservation wouldn't be refundable.
  6. So, the Embassy just canceled my room all on their own. I did not call them and ask. They did not call me and ask if that's what I wanted. Room just poof, canceled. This is actually pretty upsetting to me, even though I was going to cancel anyway. What if I was going to also be visiting family that weekend and my reservation was partly for that too? (It's not, but it could happen) Plus, folks at Reaper keep telling us we have to do it when apparently, that isn't true.
  7. I just had the Embassy email me to tell me my room was canceled without my request or consent. You're telling us one thing and they're doing another. I was going to cancel anyway, but I'm actually really upset that they would just do it on their own without any confirmation of if that's what I wanted or not. Especially after being told they would not be doing this.
  8. I would like to sign up! This would be my first box and @Dr Bob recommended we try it! It would be my husband and I participating as a household (he's not on forums). Location: Houston, TX International? No Starter? Not for our first time, but maybe in the future! I hope we make it in! Thanks so much for organizing this. I participated in some similar things for another hobby of mine and I know it's a lot of work and coordination.
  9. He has very little online presence. This might have been a red flag, but he came with a good review from a professional colleague. He says his reputation matters to him, but I just can't see it in his actions. I definitely plan to share my experience anywhere I can, regardless of what happens.
  10. Thank you, @Glitterwolf and @Kangaroorex and everyone else. It does help to feel heard. It's complicated. While we did have flood insurance, the mortgage company is being a pain regarding us having any access to the claim proceeds. Texas is a non-licensing state for contractors, so the hoops the contractors have to jump through to please them are significant. I haven't found one yet that is willing to do it. I understand they have to protect their investment, but it is a bit absurd to me. (Edit: in hindsight, if we had been able to jump through those hoops, we'd be in a much better
  11. Dicey


    How do you know this?
  12. I hate to come on here and be all "woe-is-me". Sometimes, though, you just need to vent. I know someone always has it worse and that we are fortunate in many things, but it feels like one thing after another piling up on us. Trying my best to pull myself out of the negativity. Our flooded house is still not fixed after nearly 6 months. It has walls, but not much else. We think our contractor (who has completed less than half of the work we've paid him for and we haven't even paid the whole bill) is going to cut and run on us. He hasn't been to our house for a single minute in over
  13. It was likely caused by a propylene gas leak of some sort. The facility was a grinding, fabricating, thermal coating, and metallurgical testing facility that has been around for 50 years. The investigation is ongoing and covering multiple agencies. It will likely take days, maybe even weeks, to determine the exact cause. It is being treated as a criminal investigation with full arson and other investigators looking into it. That said, they have no reason to believe that it was intentional at all. Just an abundance of caution to go above and beyond to investigate to the highest standards since
  14. Happy birthday! Dr. Bob was so nice to us at our first ReaperCon last year. Couldn't ask for a better guy to run into at the bar and strike up a conversation with. Hope your day is the greatest!
  15. So, there was an explosion in Houston at 4:25 this morning at a manufacturing facility that woke me up, shaking the windows and roaring loud. My home is slightly less than 2 miles away from the explosion site. We're fine and I think the home is fine (well, as fine as it can be since it's still being put back together after our flood), but there are fatalities and possibly hundreds of homes with significant structural damage from the pressure shockwave. The closest have even been shifted from their foundations. The blast was heard for miles and miles. I feel for all those people impacted so hor
  16. Still holding out for more rooms at the Embassy. We have ours, but our friends (first-time potential attendee couple with a toddler) have decided that they will not go unless they have an on-site room. And they're not willing to pay hundreds extra for a room not in the block. It's really sad, because I would love to share the experience with them this year. But, I completely understand that having a toddler and all the accoutrement that entails, plus nap times, is just too difficult to have to deal with when you have to get on a shuttle to get to where you're staying. Their little girl is darl
  17. I hope, and I have no way of knowing either way, that the size of the room block at Embassy wasn't negatively impacted by the choice to also have a block at Fairfield for overflow. I know many would rather be on-site. My friends, who are trying to get a room, won't consider coming if they can't get a room in the block at Embassy. The Fairfield is not even an option they'll consider. It's on-site or nothing. It would just be awful if the block at Embassy was made smaller than normal in order to add the rooms at the Fairfield. But, I have no way of knowing and perhaps that's not the case.
  18. My husband took your Dragons class last year. He said, of the 8 courses he took, yours was his favorite. He thought you approached the class as a teacher, not just a show and tell. I know he'd be interested in Water Effects, so I'm glad that's on the keep list. In general, I know he'll be looking for your instructor name on the class list again. Because he took it and enjoyed it so much, I'm a little sad to see that the Dragon class likely going away, but it's really okay. What's most important is that you keep your excitement for teaching this stuff and if that means cutting a class, do it. O
  19. I was able to get a room for myself and my husband. We've invited our good friends to go to ReaperCon this year. They have a 2-year-old and were excited about the idea of staying on-site because that makes nap time so easy. I had shared all the hotel details with them and they were expecting to be able to book today. They couldn't get a room an hour after the block opened. They're on the wait list after calling the hotel, but right now it's either pay regular rates and be outside the block or don't go. I hope that another block of rooms is added and that they can get in. I would really like my
  20. Once again, I haven't been around in a while. Basically since October (or pg 127, however you count the time). Short news is, still not back in our own house, but getting closer. Maybe by the end of the month or early next month. I'm surviving, but I've been quite sad for a while. I'm trying very hard to see the light at the end of it all. For previous details, click here to go back in time.
  21. For me (and I understand it already is for you too, just not your husband), it would be worth $123 a day not to have to sit in the car for an hour or more and not have to leave early or carry everything around all day every day. I hope you can get him to come around.
  22. They said on the ReaperCon facebook page 20ish minutes ago that they were working on getting more rooms opened up for booking. So, I think they're aware. @Sirithiliel - I'd just book it. It's so so easy to just drag yourself upstairs when you're "done" or to store things between classes. I loved having a room last year (even though our commute would have been 1.5 hours not 30 minutes). You can cancel if you don't go with no penalties up until the end of August, so I don't really see the downside to booking early. It feels weird to plan for something 8 months away, but if you're on
  23. Hopefully, this was an oversight and more rooms will be added shortly.
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