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  1. My friend is saying he's on the waiting list for room block rooms. Seems like they could be out already? @rubegon - I wasn't on the forums then either (joined after ReaperCon), I just got lucky.
  2. If you were being charged rates like that, you wouldn't have been in the Reaper room block. The block rates are locked in as long as there's still room. I booked in June (lucky timing on my part as they had just added a few more rooms to the block) and still got the $123 price for being in the block. But, before they added those new rooms, the block was previously sold out in March.
  3. Got mine booked early this year! Bringing friends too. Also, regarding rooms selling out. I got really lucky last year. From what I gathered, they had sold out the block in March or so. Then, were able to negotiate new rooms in June, which I snagged. But they sold out within a week or so of the new addition being added. They weren't able to add any more rooms after that. ReaperCon is growing every year. I would not expect rooms to be available for long.
  4. @Kangaroorex It's black asbestos mastic tar that's underneath the floor screeds. Yay for the 1950s. Edit: It's mostly safe as long as we leave it alone. Don't sand it or disturb it or release the fibers into the air. Covering it up will make it safest. There is no good/safe way to remove the tar.
  5. It was only a few inches. The exact amount is fuzzy, but it was throughout the whole house. Our friends in Harvey who flooded went through way, way worse. We helped them gut their houses, but it's different when its your own. Our 1958 hardwoods were on screeds and it was the absolute right call to take them out. Still breaks my heart, but seeing the water still pooled underneath in places 6 days after the flood when they were being ripped out, even with dehumidifiers and fans running for days, was a wake-up call. They might have flattened out eventually (they were cupped quite badly), but who knows what would have been growing in that space. Mold remediation is way more expensive than replacing floors.
  6. Thanks, @Kuroneko. If we had a general contractor ready to move fast and start today (which we don't) we were told it would probably be 30 to 45 days to get back into the house. Right now, I'm just hoping to be back in my own house by Thanksgiving. Living with the in-laws (even though they're currently out of the country for the next 2 weeks) is hard. It will be harder when they're actually here. But, we're close to the house and have space and storage.
  7. I've been away for a while. So much going on, all pretty much sucky. On the 19th, my home got flooded by the rains from Imelda. It was as pretty isolated thing but 5 houses on our street flooded and there were some others in the neighborhood also. Although we've had two 1000-year flood events and two 500-year flood events in the past 5 years, we hadn't flooded in any of them. Not even Harvey. Our neighbors did, but not us. Until now. Thursday was a blur. The water came in so fast. I saved all our board games from the flood waters. We have so many now, they don't fit on our current shelving, and so sit on the floor. Dangerous when you flood unexpectedly. I spent the next several hours trying to save anything and everything, while one dog followed me around forlornly and the other claimed a thick foam dog bed as her island and refused to move. My husband got stranded by high water trying to get home, locked his keys in the truck when checking the water level to see if it was passable, and then walked to the house in thigh-deep water and then back to the truck with spare keys. We grabbed all our most important treasures and moved out for the night, going to my in-laws house a few miles away. Friday we spent waiting on the FEMA insurance adjuster to call us, spinning our wheels mostly. Saturday and Sunday we packed all our belongings, storing the ones that were ruined for cataloging. Dehumidifiers were moved in and 30 air movers were set on standby for when the walls were opened. We moved our furniture to the center of all the rooms and we moved all our stuff out. So much stuff. All in all, we got really lucky with the sentimental, irreplaceable things that you hope you don't forget about but inevitably do. Nearly all of that was saved. Monday the adjuster came and the meeting went well. We finished up our moving and packing and the cataloging and photographing of lost items began. Tuesday, the walls came out. 4 ft of drywall throughout. On Wednesday, the furniture was moved and the flooring came out. This hurt the most. These floors were original to our house, which had never flooded. 1958 narrow plank white oak hardwood floors. Now they're in a heap in our yard along with bags of wet drywall and insulation. By Friday, I had completed the photographing and initial catalog of slimy, rotting, and molding items and the house was declared dry enough to remove the fans. Saturday, we took my dad to look at the house since he was in town. It's empty. It's a sad place now. It will take a long time to put it back together. We spent this weekend sorting through our clothes and putting aside a lot of them to donate, which we did. We're determined to downsize on the stuff, which is hard for me as I'm a bit of a packrat. Perhaps by giving stuff away more good can come out of this that might have otherwise remained packed away and forgotten in a guest closet. And this week it's been back to work and back to "normal". Emotionally, it's been hard. We're ahead of the game because some others on our street either have not started or only started the water remediation this past weekend. We're extremely fortunate. None of us were hurt. Our dogs are safe. Our tortoise is safe. We have a place to go. We didn't lose anything irreplaceable. I have a lot to be thankful for. We may even come out of the insurance claim ahead, thanks to having no prior claims and our expensive, beautiful, hardwood floors. But, I'm also at a loss. I feel loss. I don't know what to do now and it's hard to just be normal. I don't really know what the purpose is in sharing all this. We're okay and we're moving forward. That's the main thing. I'm trying very hard to be grateful and positive. We're very lucky despite everything. And yet, there is so much of this that just sucks.
  8. No meds currently. I was on Benedryl earlier in the week for an allergy thing or head cold, but I haven't taken any since Tuesday night. Stress is normal for me, just work deadlines and the like. No extreme spikes. I drink water and sometimes tea, but mostly water. No soda, no energy drinks, and I hate coffee. I had two cups of tea yesterday afternoon, which is more than normal (I normally have 1 cup of hot tea with milk and sugar 3-4 days a week), but that was at 2 PM and shouldn't hold over so long. Caffeine hasn't really ever affected me strongly anyway, probably because I don't drink a lot of it. I also had a beer with dinner, so if anything that should have the opposite effect. So, no ideas from me. I just got in bed last night and no matter how hard I tried or how long I laid there, I just could not shut off. My brain kept wandering from one thing to another. Apparently, it still won't shut off. My eyes are like sandpaper, but my brain and body seem wide awake.
  9. So, not only could I not sleep last night (lying in bed awake for 6 hours before giving up), I'm still awake! It's going on 24+ hours. I've tried to take a quick nap but nope. Nothing. Still no signs of falling asleep. I don't understand it. Apparently, I will be an insomniac for the foreseeable future.
  10. I don't have any good photos of my in-progress Troupes, but I did find one that's somewhat okay. It's from a while ago, but it sort of shows my theme for them. Harlequins typically wear bright colors of diamond-patterned motley with flowing ribbons to enhance their deadly dance. Some people call them "space clowns", but I prefer to think of them as acrobatic performance artist assassins.
  11. Technically, I think they belong to "Xenos", which encompasses almost all alien things, including Orks, T'au, Tyranids, Genestealers, Necrons, and all kinds of Aeldari. Harlequins are their own army, but are a subset of the Aeldari (Eldar) races, like Drukhari (Dark Eldar), Asuryani (Craftworlds Eldar), and Ynnari. The Harlequins are their own race, separate from these, but since it has so few unit choices (8 unique units), it is often taken as an ally to other Eldar armies rather than as a stand-alone. I, personally, don't like this and prefer to keep my Harlequins pure. They serve the "Laughing God" Cegorach, believed to be the only one of the Aeldari gods to survive the Fall into Chaos. All Harlequins stand against the forces of Slaanesh and are more protected from the forces of Chaos than their other Aeldari kin.
  12. My idea is basically to put them in an old fashioned opera house type setting featuring iconography from Harlequin lore. Harlequins are the troupers, players, and performers of 40k. The whole universe is their stage and they live to put on a grand performance of grace and death. I couldn't exactly build half a stage for this idea, I don't think. I'd either build it full scale or size it down. The size maximum is 2'x2', but there is no minimum. There technically doesn't even need to be a board at all for Armies on Parade, but most people create elaborate themed pieces for their armies. The only rule is that the models are 100% GW and that they are painted. The army does not even have to be "legal" so any GW models will suffice, even if it is a smaller-sized force. In all my searching, I didn't find a minimum number of models required by GW for this contest, but each individual store has their own latitude over what they will and won't allow. That in itself is irritating since GW often advertises these "worldwide" events and then leaves the fine details up to the local stores, which aren't exactly organized/managed well in my experience and information is slim to none unless you bother the manager to actually provide an answer. Normally, when I do this the manager just shrugs and offers something like "I don't know" or "we'll see".
  13. So, after lying in bed since 9:30 PM, unable to sleep, I decided to get up. It's 3:14 AM here, for reference. My brain would not turn off and I kept thinking about things, including a possible insane display board build for my (unbuilt) Harlequins 40k army. Is it crazy that I kind of want to see if I can not only build, sculpt, paint and otherwise pull together a display board in a month, but also build, magnetize, and paint the army that goes with it (including tiny diamonds)? I must be insane, but I think I want to try. I may scale it down from a full 2'x2' display board to something a little smaller with fewer miniatures. However, I could see myself using the display board for tournaments and such (if I ever develop an interest in such things, since I've yet to actually play the game at all) if I built it at full size. I really should be using this sleepless time to catch up on work or something useful, but no... that wouldn't be true to my nature. Edit: I should add that the month deadline is for potentially entering said display board into the Armies on Parade event on October 19th.
  14. Ok. I guess there's too many moving parts for me..... I couldn't get it to work on mobile at the ReaperCon ReaperLive. I could see the stream, and see the chat, but not comment. I had a free Prime subscription waiting, so I subscribed thinking that would unlock the chat. It didn't. I already follow ReaperMiniatures on Twitch. So, for me, it could have just been mobile. I tried to download the app to see if that would help, but I don't have enough space on my cheap generic phone. It works on my computer, though. Not sure if that provides any insight.
  15. I know it is a thing with online orders. I did not know, however, that it translated to in-person orders during ReaperCon.
  16. That's really sad. I didn't know it was a thing! It was my first ReaperCon. How was I to know? I would have loved to have those minis! Sad face. (and woah, that's a lot of paint) Edit: This apparently makes me more sad than is probably rational.
  17. See, this didn't happen for us! We were in line early on Friday to get Murkillor (and we did) but we didn't get any free mini when we bought Murkillor, Ma'al Drakar Deluxe, and a Pokey Tool. I didn't know it was a thing, but it was definitely missed. We got the Big Spender ribbon, but no extra mini!
  18. We didn't buy any after-con bags this year (I did last year) since we each got one when we went. My husband was a VIP and got both bags. I was just a regular attendee and got the one swag bag. Curiously, I was the only one to receive the Stynylrez Metal tone primer. I think our regular bags matched otherwise. We arrived early on Thursday to get our bags, before 9 AM.
  19. Thanks, @Glitterwolf. I can sense the end is near for this head cold/allergy attack. I've felt better today than I have since Monday. It's just been the annoying, irritating sinus congestion, watery eyes, leaking nose, sneezing, sniffling, light sensitivity going on. No fever, so I've just been toughing it out. But, even non-drowsy Benedryl knocks me out, so there's also been lots of accidental naps. Just minor sniffling going on today, so I'm hopeful.
  20. So, I was directed to the previous Randomness post on Sunday, more than 10 pages from the end. I made my first post declaring my newness, then stayed up all night doing responsible things I had previously procrastinated doing. Then I worked that Monday morning and did my property tax protest thing in the afternoon, all while developing a terrible head cold or allergies or something. So, when I got back from the tax protest (another reduction, yay! just not as much as I had hoped), I took some Benedryl and passed out. Several Benedryl-hazed days later, I come back to find I missed the death of the old thread and now the new one is going on 13 pages! Whew!
  21. Hello! I joined the forums after ReaperCon and meeting so many wonderful people. I can't guarantee that I met anyone in particular, but I do remember meeting several of you. Bingo definitely helped with that. I added my picture to the thread in ReaperCon for the recognition photos (I can't remember what it's called) so that people have a face for next year. I feel like I'm introducing myself in a lot of different threads, but this one is for saying hi, so I don't feel too bad.
  22. I'm actively avoiding finishing a report for work that was technically due on Friday and has to be compiled first thing for a meeting on Tuesday with the Board of Directors. It is the least favorite part of my job, preparing this report each month. Hence the avoidance. I also have the pleasant task of protesting my property taxes tomorrow afternoon so I also need to do research for that. Because I put that off too (and still am). Despite having previously worked in real estate appraisal for nearly 5 years and more or less enjoying it, I still hate the chore of compiling data for myself and talking to some peon at the county for my informal hearing who will tell me his "hands are tied" and he can't do anything with my data anyway. I really don't want to take this to the formal hearing level this year. I'll probably just give up and accept it if they don't do what I want this year, that's how much I don't want to do it anymore. But, I have saved us several thousand in property taxes through the effort. Sleep is overrated. At least I only have myself and my procrastination to blame when I have trouble paying attention at Monday night D&D.
  23. Please be cautious. abdominal wounds lead to hernias if not taken care of properly. Those are a mess to deal with. These can show up years after the surgery. You can also wind up with adhesions where the scar tissue connects your organs to your muscles and all sorts of other fun. Take the time given to you. Sleep lots and rest. There will be plenty of time later to do all the activities you want. So, I'm new and was told to come over here and check out the off-topic madness. So, hi everyone! I have zero context (haven't read back that far) but want to echo @Kangaroorex and others regarding taking it easy. My mother-in-law had her gallbladder removed many years ago. In the process, the surgeon accidentally nicked an abdominal muscle, which is apparently not that uncommon. Because of this, the muscle was weakened and she got a hernia. Another surgery, hernia mesh added. Then, 4 years later, she has some abdominal issues, extreme pain, etc. She goes to the hospital and they think her intestine is twisted and that she needs emergency surgery to cut out the twisted part (it would die without blood flow) and put it back together. Turns out that her hernia mesh (now more or less wadded in a ball) had caused some scar tissue. Scar tissue is "sticky" and can grab on to other things, like an intestine. It was grabbing on so much that it was cutting off her intestinal flow. Luckily, it is an easier surgery to remove the scar tissue than actually cutting the intestine apart and putting it back together. So, that part was good. But, the point is, listen to the doctors and take it easy because you never know when something like that can come back and cause more serious medical issues. The surgeon said that it's unpredictable and there's nothing to prevent scar tissue from doing weird things sometimes, so it could even happen again, or it could not. But the best practice is to avoid more trouble (like a hernia) if you can. My mother-in-law is also the type to do "too much too soon" after stuff like this. P.S. They treated her like a VIP once she finally (after 6 hours of waiting in the ER with her autoimmune disease) got to see a doctor, likely afraid they'd be sued, which she's definitely considered.
  24. Thank you for the welcome, @Green Eyed Monster! I saw you all over the place, but never got the chance to say hi and introduce myself. You were on my Bingo card! I plan to set that right next year, bingo card or not.
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