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  1. I'm not sure if there was, but perhaps he won points in the Dreadmere games for accomplishing things. I know that he ultimately failed in his goal for the RPG as well. I never saw a board for him either, so I figured it might have to do with something in-game.
  2. It was the Duskwardens that won the day. It broke down like this: - Duskwardens - 11,700 - River Widows - 10,080? (I'm not sure I wrote this number correctly) - Bonehenge - 9,400 - Murkillor - 6,400 - Lights Hand - 5,550 - Maggotcrown - 5,530 - Blood Wolves - 5,430 - C'Thon - 4,220
  3. I sat near you in the Sculpting Details in Putty class on Friday. I'm glad I was able to find this thread in the forums as I was interested in seeing your progress. It's looking good to me!
  4. Dicey

    Names and Faces

    So, I'm a little late to the forum party, but I am so glad to see some faces I feel like I somewhat know now. I'm doing things backwards by seeing you all in person first and joining the forum after, but oh well. I've never been one for normal. And you all deserve to put my face to the new forum name, so even though I'm late, here I am. Note: I didn't wear my usual "ears" this year, but it is habitual convention headwear for me and I can't believe I left it at home this year.
  5. I hate to say it, because I very much enjoyed this part of my first ReaperCon, but if the manufacturer awards were conducted as efficiently as the MSP Open general awards, it wouldn't take nearly as long. The manufacturer and other special awards probably take equally as long as the main group of awards even though there are much fewer of them. I personally love hearing the background on some of the special award categories, but if you need to cut something, this extra talking could be significantly reduced. That said, I didn't have a problem with the length of the awards ceremony this year.
  6. I remember seeing this one in passing, but I didn't look closely at it. (So thank you for sharing so I can better appreciate it!) That said, I agree with @leolson79. When I walked by slowly, taking in the entries on the table, I did not realize that there was a creature on the base. Even seeing the photo of it on the screen during awards, I still did not realize there was a creature on the base. It's obvious looking at it now, but I completely missed it at a glance. I agree it shouldn't be the focus of the miniature, though, and judges clearly look at everything much more closely than just at
  7. My husband and I both had Monday off, but we were glad (and sad) to leave on Sunday. We had a 4-5 hour drive ahead of us to get home and another local event to attend on Monday that he would have been sad to miss. I also tend to like having a day to recuperate after a multi-day convention. As it was, we left before the auction was over and still didn't get back home until after 11 PM. I couldn't image it going later on Sunday without us having to leave early and miss out.
  8. @Guindyloo - You bring up a good point. We were searching for hands-on classes and I really wish the class descriptions were super clear about this. So often we were searching for clues in the class description on whether or not we would be in a lecture or actually doing things. Not that either way is better or worse than another. For our first ReaperCon we just wanted to be doing a lot. My husband also learns better by doing, though I can go either way. These reviews are great for learning things like that too.
  9. @ironman1231 - I'm glad I'm not alone with my impression of the class with Lyn Stahl. I was so disappointed. I'm sure she's a nice person, but I don't want to take any classes from her again ever. It is never a nice feeling when it's clear the instructor wants you to leave so that she can go on to more important things. My husband also took Dragons in the Details and Monster Under Your Bed. He had good things to say about these, but I can't remember all the specifics. I think that David Cecil ended up being his favorite instructor of the weekend and he wants to take many more class
  10. We definitely did. I did the Bingo and several Hobby Hijinks as well. I turned my bingo card in on Sunday after deciding a Blackout was out of reach and I did a Speed Paint on Saturday afternoon with @Sylverthorne and @Kangaroorex sat down late to join us. It was the lich looking model. Everyone was super helpful trying to point out the forumites on my bingo card. I'm sure all the Hijinks blend together, though, so I'm not sure that really helps. I'm still learning the forum features too, so I'm at a loss on how to help more.
  11. My husband (not on forums) took this class, also at the same time as you. He had a similar impression of it. It was hard to both see and practice and he said that it was frustrating to spend most of the class watching instead of doing. He felt like the class could have really benefitted from a projector screen or from some other type of visual aid to keep the standing and watching while doing nothing to a minimum. He did learn good things, like the technique for lines, but felt like he didn't get as much out of the class as he had hoped. I think he thought the material was promising, but the f
  12. I got the last Kraken: Released! I'm happy to be here on the forums (finally!). It's odd that I'm putting screennames to faces rather than the other way around, but I don't care. Still loving it.
  13. There are lots of issues with GrowTix and it's hard to put into words. But, the biggest issue to me is the scheduling. I put things into the "schedule" as a wishlist and of course didn't get into all of them when I actually got to purchase. The trouble becomes, the "Schedule" shown when you click to view it are the ones you added to the "wishlist", so you can have things in your schedule that were full when you purchased tickets and are therefore not in and you can have tickets purchased for classes you didn't initially place in your Schedule. But, of course, once these classes are full, you c
  14. I borrowed the sharpie near registration to write my name on my Swag Bag. I thought it was helpful to tell from the outside that it was mine. I'm a knitter, so I might come up with something fun to attach next year.
  15. I took 5 classes and am happy to provide reviews and feedback on all. For a little background on my skillset, I have been painted about 3 years, mostly to "tabletop" standard and not very seriously. I have previous experience with watercolor painting (before painting miniatures), and I think that helps me with blending, even though I don't have formal "training" on how to blend. I've done minimal work with milliput, handled green stuff about half a dozen times in my life, and enjoy building terrain sets from foam. #1 - Skin Deep with Erin Hartwell - Thursday, 10 AM This was h
  16. It was the first ReaperCon for my husband and I and we had the most fun of any convention we've ever attended. So much so that I joined the forums just to be around you wonderful people more. We really, really want to go back. Now, if I could just convince my mother-in-law to stop planning family activities for Labor Day weekend... We blew her off this year, but I'm not sure if we could get away with it every year. That said, we're already talking about next year like we're going, so... We got in to the Saturday morning Bones Mashup! It was the best! I hope that they are
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