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  1. those colors are great. i like that they are muted. nice job.
  2. such a great set! beautiful and clean!! really nice work.
  3. yikes! i would not like to "meat" him.
  4. This is stunning. easily one of the best paint jobs i have ever seen. that skin tone is flawless. This is beyond a good job. Im in awe.
  5. That purple and green is just stunning. i love this.
  6. wonderful job on the scales. nice job. like the shield too.
  7. he kicked my butt in the adventure
  8. this is a great job, the cloth is fantastic. i love it.
  9. oh that's disgusting.....and that's good! nice job
  10. oh damm. that is beautiful. Those colors are so crisp and clean. wonderful job!
  11. really nice. that color palette is wonderful for her.
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