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  1. very cool job. great bone work.
  2. Nice job with such a limited palette. That is a tough task. looks great.
  3. great job on the eyes. I really like the "pattern" on the coat. its a great weathered look.
  4. wow! nice transitions. That base is incredible. I love it. great job!
  5. Dark Haven Legends Borley, Male ghost. I had a lot of fun this this one, On top of making him fly, I really wanted to make it look like he was from a black and white movie. Doing that but keeping everything distinct with such a limited color palette was challenging. I really enjoyed this project. I hope you like it.
  6. Lardgulp I painted for my FLGS's painting club.
  7. very nice. you had a unique vision for this. good job.
  8. Beautiful! Nice vertigre work. bandages are nice also
  9. Woah! this is stunning. the blending is awesome. That floor is incredible!
  10. Simple paint job for the Mushroom King. I wanted it to be all white, like a typical mushroom from your refrigerator, but that was way too boring. But I do like the small pops of color here and there. As always comments and critiques welcomed and encouraged!
  11. The latest from my bench, Reaper Minis Sir Conlan. This is a character for my D&D game. Player requested muted colors but a contrasting blue cloak. What do you think? Did I succeed? As always C&C welcomed and encouraged.
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