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  1. Latest tormentor for my D&D group. Legs were a bit wonky to put together but I got them in the end. What do you think?
  2. I saw these on Black Magic Craft. So I took a look at them, not my aesthetic, but I wish them luck.
  3. pretty neat! I like it.
  4. nice job. I like the face. Very metropolis vibe to it.
  5. absolutely, the composition is beautiful and well balanced.
  6. Simple conversion painted to tabletop quality for the big bad for my D&D group.
  7. Very nice. Love the flesh work. I'm not a huge fan of drool effects, but that's just me. Love the paint job.
  8. I have been wanting to try some Objective Source Lighting for awhile now and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Down a torch lit alleyway leading to a door with no handle, Chivane hears something from the street behind them. I present my mini diorama entitled "What was that?"
  9. this is a great diorama, refreshingly different. great job. thanks for letting us see it.
  10. very cool! that shirt is so nice and clean. great job on it.
  11. Yeah she is wearing the stereotypical seashell bra.
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