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  1. very nice. you had a unique vision for this. good job.
  2. Beautiful! Nice vertigre work. bandages are nice also
  3. Woah! this is stunning. the blending is awesome. That floor is incredible!
  4. Simple paint job for the Mushroom King. I wanted it to be all white, like a typical mushroom from your refrigerator, but that was way too boring. But I do like the small pops of color here and there. As always comments and critiques welcomed and encouraged!
  5. The latest from my bench, Reaper Minis Sir Conlan. This is a character for my D&D game. Player requested muted colors but a contrasting blue cloak. What do you think? Did I succeed? As always C&C welcomed and encouraged.
  6. Here is my latest. LORD OF THE JUNGLE. I really enjoyed this one. Great sculpt and fun to paint As always C&C welcomed
  7. it's alternating color patterns. I did use more chromashifting paint on the engine but the wings are blocking it. Its not as cool.
  8. I decided to try the new hotness of the color shifting paints. I am really impressed. I hope you all enjoy my version of the clockwork dragon.
  9. that is absolutely stunning. that detail is almost unbelievable.
  10. Nagendra Warrior from Bones 2 (I think) Patterned after a Coral snake I'm really disappointed that the shading got washed out in the photo. Im a better painter than photographer I guess. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks, Gantrell
  11. thanks all. The "glow" is actually really simple. I painted the sockets pure white then i cracked some jewelry beads in half and inserted them. Wish I could take credit for a fantastic paint job there, but not in this case.
  12. Been wanting to paint this one for awhile. Love the dynamic pose! Really happy with this one.
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