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  1. I'm from Tromsø, so I'm very limited when it comes to local shops. Got to order most things online, unfortunately. Though my idea to 'fix' it was to use low heat and melt it back on. Making even more fragile which would give even more problems later on.
  2. Thanks for these tips! I do have a primer which is for acrylic paint which says it works for metal and plastic, so I'm goodie there and it worked fine for my plastic test model which I tried painting on. But good to hear that they are not pre-primed, but some are ready to be painted on if one does not have a primer. I really do appreciate this help here and also how quick you all are at responding!
  3. Got mine within Europe and I had to pay 30 pound ish(Free shipping because it was over 45 EUR in total) Norway upped the toll due to people ordering a lot of cheap things from china. Though perhaps another question while this topic got some attention. Been hearing that reaper figures are pre-primed. Is that true or am I better off priming them all? Got some bone and some metal.
  4. Good to hear that it is not too problematic to fix it and that there is some service if that happens. Though living in Norway, it is rather pricy to send stuff in and out of that country, so I might just fix it myself if it so ever breaks. But thanks for the feedback! Got myself quite a few models, so I'll be enjoying myself with painting them. Not done it for years, so it shall be fun getting back to it.
  5. So today I got my very first order from the Reaper store. I'm quite happy with them, but looking closer it seems two of my metal models have bent, especially staffs and spears. Was able to correct one by risking it, however, I'm unsure on how durable they are in general and what sort of metal they are. And maybe if it is 'safe' to correct these faults without having a great risk at breaking their parts. Could have a great character story of why they wield such weapon, but that can be another thing for another time.
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