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  1. I think the crosshatching would have been pretty cool, but I didn't have the patience. I opted to do something different.
  2. He's new, he's blue. He's here to help you. Friar Stone is modelling the traditional blue robes of the Firschnean Order. I see in these photos more opportunities for highlighting that blue robe. Maybe I'll use some Brown Liner on those holes to bring them out a bit more.
  3. My quest to complete all of my Bones Kickstarter minis continues. Here we have "Fly Demon" -- pretty spry for a fly guy. I've done the base colors, most of the highlighting, and now I need to do something more with these giant yellow eyes. Suggestions? On photo review, I'll go clean up the veins in the wing a bit more. I am considering adding a metallic glaze to the chitin and the wings.
  4. Everyone is painting Mumlak! I just posted in Show Off. :) I think I'm the only one who didn't shave the mold lines off his tusks. :(
  5. I just painted this guy, too! I was going to start a new topic, but since you just posted this two weeks ago... I'd like to have had a gloss black for the adz, but a new paint job is only a bath in Simple Green away. Cheers!
  6. I went out to Jabberwocky's blog and saw that this tutorial and photos are there. http://jabberwockyminiatures.blogspot.com/p/short-shaded-metallics-tutorial.html Thanks @Jabberwocky this tutorial is guiding my next project.
  7. I just tried to follow a link to Painting Armor and Weapons on Miniatures and I got: http: // www . fantasypartystore . com / scripts / openExtra . asp ? extra = 98 (I added in the spaces so you wouldn't get hit with a script, too.) Which is an "available" domain who's home page shows a young woman in her underwear. Good morning! I think these links are long gone, and I'm a bit sad. That said, many of the links and photos I've looked for in the forums that are over about 3 years old seems to be missing, dead or redirected to something .... unsav
  8. More pictures! I like what I see so far.
  9. I wanted a little break from fantasy, so I opted for these Space Mouslings. They are clearly an homage to GW Space Marines, and so I chose some colors that I thought would best represent the mice from Hitchhiker's Guide if they had some kind of "tactical response" team. I chose the Dark Angels as my reference. They seemed suitably shady and mysterious. I started these guys on Jan 14th, and I decided I was done last night. Here we go! For this project, I opted for minimal mini prep. I did no Xacto work, no putty. I didn't even wash them. I took them out of their little plast
  10. I have a fair number of minis. Some old, some new. Until recently, the idea of selling any of them was abhorrent. But now I find myself at a point where I don't know that I need to have a bunch (like hundreds) of random Ral Partha and Grenadier stuff from the early-to-mid 1980s, so I'm beginning to organize it into lots for sale on eBay as I see there is now a rather robust collectors market for it. Has anyone else done this? I'm experimenting right now and any stories or memorable experiences would be helpful. Thanks for your input!
  11. I'm just not ready for an airbrush. I don't have the space and the expense is difficult to justify. I've heard a lot of good things about Stynylrez, but haven't spent yet more money on another attempt at getting some kind of basecoat on these things so I can paint them. Thanks for the tips on basecoating for reds and yellows. I'll try that going forward.
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