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  1. I would echo the call for more halflings. I love them, but I much prefer that Reaper stick with the bare-hairy-footed halfling that Reaper does so well.
  2. Joshua, Glad to know that someone else is on the "Igor" kick with me. I have made up several characters in different game systems that fall into this archetype. I'd like to echo your sentiments about an easily convertible mode...and having at least three (yeah three would probably be enough) varieties to choose from. Long live the Igor. Chad PS I need to check out this Quasimarti.
  3. I have a similar post elsewhere, but I would like to see a female mad scientist and some 'Igors', shabbily dressed, clubfooted hunchbacks to serve all these mad scientists.
  4. To go along with all of these mad scientists (well two of them, that I count, anyway), we need... a) a female mad scientist b) some 'Igor'-like figures, you know some shabbily dressed, clubfooted, hunchbacks (preferably onemale, one female)
  5. A bald, barefoot, dwarven wizardess with interchangeable hands containing each of the 4E D&D implements (wand, staff, and orb- and maybe rod, pactblade, and holy symbol if you wanted to be able to also use her as a warlock or cleric)
  6. A female pirate who doesn't look overly self-important, no captain's hat, sabre, or thigh-high boots; more along the lines of short hair (or a bandana), knife/cutlass/belaying pin/etc. (maybe interchangeable), and bare feet.
  7. Female Druid with Leather Armor (and/or flowing skirts) and a Sickle
  8. Female Monk- eastern style; bald; Buddhist-style robes, sandals or bare feet. Drudgethrall- a fantasy race that has recently been cropping up in my games, male and/or female, think Quasimodo or Hunchback of Notre Dame, previously students at a wizarding academy who were transformed for cheating/failure/etc., shabby clothes, hunchback, clubbed foot, +/- distorted face. More Halflings- someone mentioned a halfling in heavier (plate) armore. I really like this idea. Mounted on a pony would be awesome too.
  9. Hi all. New to the boards. The mini that I would most like to see made next would be for the L5R line, specifically a female pirate from the Mantis Clan...simple trousers and shirt, sash, kama either in each hand or tucked in her sash, barefeet, long hair. Chad
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