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  1. Floyd Ryan

    77047 Goldar, Male Barbarian

    Great muscle tone! One can see, that Goldar takes his work-outs and diet serious!
  2. Floyd Ryan

    Stonehaven Human Female Squire

    The expression is great! Stuff can look sometimes weird in extreme close-ups, in the end one exaggerates to create a certain look when viewed from the right distance.
  3. Floyd Ryan

    Alena Frostblade · Barbarian · 03931

    By Crom! This is awesome!
  4. Floyd Ryan

    60205 Barzillai Thrune

    This is Barzillai Thrune, the major villain from the Pathfinder Hell's Rebels campaign. I painted him as a service to my DM because we are currently playing that campaign and my intuition tells me that it will be needed some day. The mini is extremely faithful to the original Wayne Reynolds art and I also used the same colour scheme, but I regret using my standard unimaginative "block of acryl paste" base. With the burning mace the mini would be excellent for OSL experiments and there are two fine versions of it on the forum with lighting effects, but I thought to late about the idea and was reluctant to add it to the almost finished mini.
  5. Floyd Ryan

    03506: Egyptian Priestess (Secret Sophie for Tricksay)

    Beautiful. Especially the detail of the egyptian make-up.
  6. Floyd Ryan

    Resilient Priest - So much magic OSL

    Great. It really looks as if the red glowing rune below is illuminating him.
  7. Floyd Ryan

    60034 Seoni

    So here is my take on the famous Pathfinder Sorceress Seoni. I mostly kept to the original color scheme but wanted to find out how a green dress would look.
  8. Floyd Ryan

    Bombshell Mythga

    I am impressed by the water
  9. Floyd Ryan


    This was very speedy paint. I wanted to go for a very rugged and dirty look.
  10. Floyd Ryan

    Bones 4 Chibi Sorcerer

    Who looks at the crystal when there are these eyes?
  11. Floyd Ryan

    Bones 4 Chibi Sophie

    Wow! I love the eyes!
  12. Floyd Ryan

    Maledrakh's rule 63 Drizzt, 77217 Mi-Sher

    I like the one piercing eye! Especially since I recently messed up a project when painting under a hood.
  13. Floyd Ryan

    Loka Air Queen from Mantic

    Nice! I am big fan of winged warriors. +1 for the wash!
  14. Floyd Ryan

    77430 Orc Slayer (Reapercon Class Paint)

    The rust is great!
  15. Floyd Ryan

    03506 Egyptian Pristess

    Thanks for the praise. I often shy away from being to ambitious with facial expressions, due to how easly one can wreck a good mini at the last moment. It worked out quite well in this case.