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  1. Nice popping colors!
  2. Great abs! Both are serious abour their workouts and you managed to highlight that!
  3. Great fur! I also like their evil smirking expressions.
  4. Wow! Those two could be characters straight out of a discworld novel.
  5. Finally my Tengu Trio is complete! I like the staff of the wizard, it looks as if it has a life of its own.
  6. I really love this mini and this is another great version of her. The eyes stand out!
  7. Here is the second member of the Tengu Trio: The Warrior, plus a picture of the brothers (sisters?!) adventuring together. To give me an idea of the colors I could use, I looked at pictures of the four heavenly kings often depicted in temples, who always have fierce expressions but are dressed quite colorful.
  8. The muscle tone on the Valkyrie is outstanding!
  9. Truly breathtaking! Those 40 hours paid off!
  10. Wow, thank you so much Derek! Your kind feedback is very inspiring and motivating to me. I will try my best on the other two members of this awesome trio.
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