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  1. This three a going to be one of my next projects.I like the idea of using a different color for the feathering of each one. I will definitely get inspiration from this.
  2. Beautiful! I like the how the colors a separated.
  3. This miniature originally is supposed to be a Dark Elf. I plan to use her as one of my player characters and thus painted her as a Human. I did cut off the ears quite sloppy, but luckily its not too visible.
  4. This Karzoug, Runelord of Greed and the Big Bad Evil Guy of the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. I am currently a player in that campaign and one day we will meet in one of these dungeons. This is the first time I tried my hand at an OSL effect. To make things simple I imagined him to float in a dark room with illumination only coming from his burning glaive, which kind of allowed me to limit myself to shades of two colors.
  5. Great muscle tone! One can see, that Goldar takes his work-outs and diet serious!
  6. The expression is great! Stuff can look sometimes weird in extreme close-ups, in the end one exaggerates to create a certain look when viewed from the right distance.
  7. This is Barzillai Thrune, the major villain from the Pathfinder Hell's Rebels campaign. I painted him as a service to my DM because we are currently playing that campaign and my intuition tells me that it will be needed some day. The mini is extremely faithful to the original Wayne Reynolds art and I also used the same colour scheme, but I regret using my standard unimaginative "block of acryl paste" base. With the burning mace the mini would be excellent for OSL experiments and there are two fine versions of it on the forum with lighting effects, but I thought to late about the idea and was r
  8. Great. It really looks as if the red glowing rune below is illuminating him.
  9. So here is my take on the famous Pathfinder Sorceress Seoni. I mostly kept to the original color scheme but wanted to find out how a green dress would look.
  10. This was very speedy paint. I wanted to go for a very rugged and dirty look.
  11. Who looks at the crystal when there are these eyes?
  12. I like the one piercing eye! Especially since I recently messed up a project when painting under a hood.
  13. Nice! I am big fan of winged warriors. +1 for the wash!
  14. Thanks for the praise. I often shy away from being to ambitious with facial expressions, due to how easly one can wreck a good mini at the last moment. It worked out quite well in this case.
  15. Dark Heaven Legends 03813 Female Hobgoblin Archer 03506 Egyptian Priestess 03698 Tengu Rogue 03774 Tengu Warrior 03775 Tengu Wizard Warlord 14005 Lord Ironraven Pathfinder 60034 Seoni 60205 Barzillai Thrune 60022 Karzoug Runelord of Greed 60054 Depora Azinrae, Dark Elf 89007 Valeros, Iconic Fighter
  16. Thank you guys! The whole Hobgoblin set is great, makes me want to do red hand of doom again.
  17. And another one I recently finished. She comes with a cute little baboon that I was yet too lazy to paint. I originally intended to give her black hair, matching the dusky skin. But since I always paint face and hair last, my white/grey basecoat was still standing until the very end and it looked as if lighter hair would also fit, so I worked it into the colour on the pictures.
  18. Hello everybody, first time posting here. Normally I only paint one or two minis a year for my pen and paper games, but since my skills would never improve that way I decided to embark on a quest to paint my entire stack of minis that accumulated over the years. The mini below is going to be one of my characters. I was looking for a female half-orc with a more roguish and sassy appearance than usual, since she will be raised in civilization. I found myself out of luck; most half-orc minis seem to look stereotypically brutish. So I gave this hobgoblin archer a half-orc makeover. Sin
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