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  1. Alright! I'm glad you did! 😁 Also, glad to see the barrels and the brewing machine go. 2nd that! This box had lots of tiny broken 3D pieces on the last round. Was really sad.
  2. Not if you're brave enough to face him one on one without any Dragon Hunters around. Otherwise, you might want to give the Dragon Hunters a little cheer... 😉
  3. This project was inspired by https://www.thingiverse.com/ecaroth/designs. The dragon hunters line. As I was looking for some interesting things to print for the box of good will, I came across this designer at thingiverse. I liked the dragon hunters line a lot. Interestingly enough, when the box came, there they were the three bandits... the dragon hunters, just a few good men willing to put their lives on the line for the sake of the safety of the realm! ALRIGHT! ENOUGH OF THIS SHOW OFF! IT'S PARTY TIME! 3 2 1 ACTION!
  4. It really depends. Zip lock full of potion bottles could be bent in different ways. Some flat things, etc.
  5. In terms of minis, I have mixed feelings. They don't always turn out great. However, the dungeon dressing stuff I think is awesome. Thanks for sharing an honest opinion.
  6. I remember, I started on the Mangu, then stripped him, got more paints from reaper site and just went all freestyle 😁 You did great on all of them!
  7. He's got that cartoony look to it that I love. Pure inspiration! Makes me want to paint more 🙂
  8. Very cool. Who's the captain mini?
  9. The saliva is an excellent detail! What's the trick, if you don't mind sharing?
  10. Interesting. Never heard of that before. Mine are soft enough after the alcohol part. Or at least I thought so before 🙂 I suppose the same way you dispose of spilled resin and the alcobol - put it outside in the sun until it's dry and overcured. Then just throw it out. At least, that's how I do it.
  11. Why do you use water on resin printed stuff?
  12. It's Krampus time! 🙂 So, the challenge here was to use the Holiday Paint Set as the main/core palette. Which turned out to be a no challenge at all. This figure is pretty much calling for a certain palette to be used on it. Never the less, the fun has been had with this one 🙂 All sorts of comments are always welcomed!
  13. ПРИПЯТЬ There's no A, it's Я (ya). It's the city next to Chernobyl nuclear plant that blew up in 1986. Still a ghost town at present time. The Stalker game does take place around there (I believe, never played). Trying to read your sign in Russian, it says PTRiCHO Where i looks more like a broken off letter with its pieces missing, because there is no such letter in the present day Russian language. There used to be about a 100 years ago, but that's a different story 😊
  14. Nice job! I'm almost done with mine (just struggling with snow on the base). I think this figure pretty much calls for a certain color palette. I used very similar colors all around. Your horns are lighter than mine and I actually like that a lot! What color did you use for the horns? I'll post mine maybe tomorrow or as soon as I figure out the snow situation on the base 🙂
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