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  1. Very cool! Contrast colors really play well together. The group shot is amazing! I now sort of regret not picking them up... 🤔
  2. Finally got some time to reply properly. I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to everyone here 🙂 Coming back and reading warm comments like this really draws a lot of inspiration for the future projects. I'm not a pro by any means 🙂 just paint more minis?! 🙂 It wasn't like a total crap broccoli. It had some grass texture to it as well as some rocks. I glued it as it was onto the base and then put green stuff around it. I sculpted the green stuff in a way so that it blends in with the original base. I then put a few tiny rocks on the green stuff, so again to blend it all together with the original base. I checked if I took any pictures of that, but unfortunately I did not. Hope that was a good enough description. Here you go! 🙂
  3. Today's update lists the figures that will be 3D printed and gives more insights into the matter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/reaperbones5/bones-6-tales-from-the-green-griffin/posts/3748078
  4. I bet that's exactly the reason for 'close in' is the fact that it's 3D printed. I thought the last month's mini was too primitive when I first saw it. Then later, I found out it was 3D printed and then it made sense. This month's mini isn't bad though. Definitely got more character to it than the last month's.
  5. Always wanted to paint these two as a pair and finally got to do that 😃 Let me know what you think! Tara the Silent 44005 Warg 77202
  6. With the update this night, he said he will honor the stretch goal even if we don't get there. That's cool. I'm in for the 6 new black brushes set. Which means I'll be getting 2 sets for the same price.
  7. I think the filament comment was meant as a joke. But, yes, it is resin. I would actually be interested to know what resin it is and if I can get my hands on some to try it out.
  8. As far as I understand from doing a little research after getting my home 3D printer - the uncured resin is somewhat toxic. How to make it non-toxic? Cure it. Cured resin is not toxic. How to get rid of used/unnecessary resin? Cure it, and throw it into garbage. Correct me if I'm wrong, please! But that's as far as I understand. Also, breathing in any kind of dust is not very good... be it a wooden dust, a metal dust, a plastic dust, fiberglass, etc. Not trying to defend Reaper's decision, nor voicing a point against it, just stating what my understanding is.
  9. Yeah, the white ones do. But the new black ones look more like Citadel to me. 6 for $30 - too good to be true? 😄
  10. Awesome looking dragon! I bet you did spend a while on him. If you're tired from working on him, just move on, paint another one 😊
  11. Has anyone gotten these brushes before? Any thoughts/feedback/advice? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/redbeardboss/ghost-maxton-black-miniature-paint-brush-set-and-rpg-dice/rewards
  12. Cool idea with different colors!
  13. I agree 100%. That spot, as far as I understand, is like a channel a small whole into which they pour the resin. Lots of the recent guys have that on their bases. so kind of like this 😆😆😆
  14. This is an old failed print of mine. I use Chitubox. I played around with its supports and got them to a pretty solid point (at least in my opinion then). Don't remember if that print was before or after... I need to upgrade to a new 3D printer overall, but no time and kind of less interested in it at the moment 🙂 EDIT: Thanks for suggesting Lychee. It looks nice and clean. It doesn't have my printer in the list, which I'm not surprised at all. So I'll be stuck with Chitubox for now. I'll definitely give it another try when I get a new printer.
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