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  1. I cant see this stuff on the facebook page. Is it the company or fan page. I've showered both but cant seem to find Jon's updates.
  2. They did say on the twitch stream that they are in the process of getting a dedicated Social Media person.
  3. Per reaper live, Ed said there will be Candy, 2 paints, a purple translucent sculpt that you can only get in the ghoully bag.
  4. Thank you all for the help. My main concern was the upfront costs. But as I can "pay as I go" helps calm the uncertainty of even joining the campaign. This just fortifies the views I had on this company and its clientele from going to my first ReaperCon this year. Very pleasant and helpful group of fine people. Thank you again. One more question. Can I order more then one core set as in my girlfriend is hooked on painting miniatures now as she is a longtime canvas artist and has found a new passion. And we dont share well when it comes to choosing who paints which miniature. Lol need doubles of everything.
  5. So on Nov. 2nd they charge the 120 and then pay for tha add ons as you select them. Again apologies if this is not the correct place for these questions.
  6. How much is a "good" amount to start with? How long will I have to pick any "extra" or stretch goals?How long does the campaign go on for? Dont qant to miss out on anything because I fouled up on the campain. Things like that. P.s. what's the ghoully bag I keep hearing about? Ty @Corsair
  7. Newbie here to the whole kickstarter thing. Is there a thread or any tips for a first time backer.
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