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  1. Half of my order showed up today, Sophie's Revenge scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Can't wait to start the inventory. I was in Wave 2 for those keeping track.
  2. What really sucks is we're still waiting for our order and items from this kickstarter are already for sale on eBay.
  3. So this was my first kickstarter and I had no idea what to expect. What gets me is the shipping. I can understand wanting to wait on shipping until all the items in an order were in house. I can also understand since they didn't know when the last container was going to be delivered they started picking and shipping the complete orders they had. Assuming let's say the first five or six waves were bigger orders or contained items in the last container, it's understandable that smaller orders in the later waves would get shipped first. Which makes sense and frees up space in the warehouse.
  4. Thanks. Shavynra and the rune wights held up my order.
  5. Just curious, what items were in the "last" container?
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