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  1. Their rep has been really helpful, but I don't really want to wait to send my brush to New Jersey when I can get a refund from Amazon and go get something now. She did tell me that they are actively discouraging mini painters from using them because the acrylic damages the hairs.
  2. Oh, okay. I haven't even painted with the replacement, though, and it's doing the same thing. I have just rinsed it in cool, clean water. Thanks for the reply!
  3. So, I have used the basic Reaper brushes and some cheap ones from Target. I bought a slightly better set from Amazon. I finally decided to buy a Winsor and Newton #7 now that I feel like I semi know what I am doing. I got it from Amazon. It came in a Winsor tube with a clear cover. I started using it and now I am getting a lot of errant hairs and a split tip. I ordered a replacement, just got it. It's doing the same thing. Does Amazon not sell real Winsor and Newton brushes or am I doing something wrong? The reason I bought one was to get better control and longevity out of my brushes, but both of these are the opposite of quality so far. I have attached a picture for reference. Any help would be appreciated.
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