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  1. (I was advised to post here from the Kickstarter forum; please let me know if that's incorrect!) A number of months ago, I participated in a Kickstarter for paint; Friday I received the paint and took it out for a spin, including on some Bones models, and discovered something that surprised me - it works really, really well on Bones plastic! Since I've got a lot of Bones to paint (and no doubt more come October + many months later) I thought it'd be worth mentioning. My review is here: https://imgur.com/gallery/B47dd3h
  2. Mister_W

    Cuttlefish Colors: A hobby paint line.

    After a two month delay, they finally got their paints out the door. I received mine and tried it out and as it turns out, their paint works very well on Bones plastic - surprisingly well, in fact! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to an off-site review I've done of their paint or not, but if I am, let me know and I'll link it.