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  1. I had some of the Cowboy cards. They were even named the same - Emma Stone etc. Those are the ones I'm looking for. I have the Warlord cards.
  2. Back years ago Reaper had a great miniatures gaming system. The base rule set was called R.A.G.E. or something like that. They had different versions. Some I've seen discussed on this site. Warlords and C.A.V. to name 2. On my old computer I had the rules and data cards saved. My computer crashed and I no longer have those. I have the data cards and rules for Warlords. I'm looking for data cards for Western figs as well as the Chronoscope figures. Such as Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Werewolves (Gothic figures). Does anyone know where I can find those data cards? The Reaper Gaming site is no longer active.
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