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  1. Thanks, I appreciate your objectivity! They're not for everyone, that's for sure.
  2. Thanks! So much fun, but also a challenge to try and get him looking like a friend's actual doggo.
  3. Last one for a bit, have some different stuff to work on for presents for a bit, enjoy!
  4. Ok, last picture done, probably on to the shepherd next, so enjoy!
  5. This really isn't a bad first, much better than mine, a very early Space marine painted with Testors enamels. So it's already been said, but definitely, thin your paints, and definitely move towards miniature specific paint brands. I like Army Painter (ducks) but others are good, Vallejo is super nice as well and in the same price range, and even Citadel is good, just too expensive for general use, for me at least, though I play around with a lot of their technical paints. Here's the bottom line, EVERY paint line has its own set of foibles, it's a matter of learning to work with what you've chosen, or if you really hate it, just switching. One other thing that's gotten even more important, especially as I get older, is good lighting. I can't stress that enough, and make sure if you're buying bulbs for your light source, you get the kind that say "daylight" or "full spectrum" on the box, since this will let you see the truest representation of your colors. No Joke, waaaaay back in the day, I got my Armor Cast Baneblade all painted up in what I thought was a cool desert brown camo scheme, went outside in the daylight that morning to seal it, only to discover what I thought was desert brown was actually a shade of...orange. Also, what kind of brushes are you using? If you're using the cheap brushes from where you got the paints at Walmart, that's not going to help with streaking. I'd suggest trying some of the better ones. Reaper makes some nice ones, I've only tried their super small 30/0 and 40/0 ones, but the quality is good, but there are others. If you're looking on Amazon, AIT Art and ZEM are where I'd start. A little more expensive but worth it. Well, didn't realize I was gonna write this much, but I hope it helps.
  6. The OSL on her is stunning, I can't wrap my head around it.
  7. Very interesting color choices, they really pop! One tip I'd offer, is for inset details, like the flames on the swords, try a black base coat inside the recesses, that adds a natural looking shade in the corners.
  8. For me it's 1. Brinewind and the Extras - I just love it, every bit of it. 2. Chronoscope, - Much to my surprise, I found myself really drawn to it when it was announced. 3. Daimyo - I don't have any Asian themed minis, so this is a good start, and I really like the minis. 4. Greek Odyssey - I'm still on the fence. There's enough that I like that I may add it after all. 5. Dungeon Dweller/Fan Favorites - Some really cool minis, but not near enough to justify the set. Definitely some retail purchases. 6. Darkest Depths - Absolutely zero interest.
  9. I think it looks great! I need to add one of these to my collection.
  10. Excellent work, especially on the townspeople!
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