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  1. Sinfolmatt

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Was away for a bit and hard to keep up with all the posts. Has reaper given any update on where we are with the social media goal?
  2. Sinfolmatt

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Yeah I saw the numbers from a prior Bones KS and it seems like there will definitely be a surge at the end. Just driving me crazy to wait that long to see the other stuff.
  3. Sinfolmatt

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Yeah, I am not as excited about what is currently available as what will hopefully come and the drop in pace for unlocks is what is driving me crazy. Hah, I am not refreshing that often. More going crazy because I worry about the slow down in growth. What if I don't get to see what I really want.
  4. Sinfolmatt

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Is anyone else going crazy waiting for the other expansions? My favorite previews have been the Greek themed minis and giants and the underwater themed minis.
  5. Sinfolmatt

    Reaper Bones 5: Information Thread

    Will all of these models eventually be available for purchase on Reaper's website individually after the kickstarter is completed? I find that I am loving significantly more models in this kickstarter than I had planned on spending and more than I am capable of painting. I was planning to do the core set and if unlocked, both paint sets, but now find myself loving the dragons, the troll bridge encounter, the Daimyo expansion, and I cant wait to see what I think might be an underwater expansion and Greek mythology expansion. There is no way I can get everything I want now, but would be super happy to buy these later even if the price is higher.
  6. Sinfolmatt

    First mini without instructions. Blacktooth Savage

    Thanks everyone. The base was all me too. I just looked up images of "lava flow" on Google to try to get an idea of colors. I painted a small river with a bright yellow and then layered on a few red washes and then another yellow wash until I got that look. The whole thing was done with techniques I learned in the core skills learn to paint kit. Edit: I should add that this model was a great one for a beginner. There were not too many super small details on it, and they are separated from everything else enough to be able to get to them easily.
  7. This is a link to more shots. https://imgur.com/gallery/oCKQZua Prior to this I painted the skeleton and orc in the reaper learn to paint core skills set. The skeleton was over a year ago and I started the orc back then but finished last week when I decided to get back into this. So far I feel like I suck at dry brushing. I feel like either I dried the brush so much nothing goes on the figure or I didn't dry enough and the paint goes into crevices I wanted to keep darker. Example, the club was supposed to be a shade darker and highlighted with the color of the leather but ended up looking the same color as the leather.