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  1. Exactly! It integrates so well into the piece to make it look like it is coming alive.
  2. Very good point. I am pledging for a slightly higher proportion of the total models than in Bones 4 and 5 but my pledge total is lower. As far as the models go this looks like their best Kickstarter yet. More varied styles, improving use of the various Bones materials, and more cohesive themes all have me excited, but there is a limit to how many doubles I want. Even though it looks like this will be the smallest Bones campaign it still matches any of the others for me.
  3. I think this is the kind of model a lot of people were asking for. The pose is fun and dynamic and it will add good energy to any scene or tabletop. I'm pledging for this and hope we'll see more like it.
  4. I ask for Sir Forscale every time. Seeing him in every picture and not getting him is too much for my goblin brain. He's as iconic as Sophie at this point. Thankfully I've invested in a metal one, but I could use a few more to pepper throughout the collection. I'm very excited about the hundreds of other models I'll be backing though.
  5. Wonderful textures on the dog and fabrics. I want to pet that mastiff.
  6. Definitely not a Jem'Hadar soldier. Impressive and inspiring paint job like everything you post here. You make quotidian outfits striking without overstating them. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I have a lot of favorite models and this is one of them. He is righteous and glorious. Where did I put my Gate scroll?
  8. Orks are the best 40k faction and this model proves it. Brilliant conversion and topnotch paintjob.
  9. It's a neat effect. I am keeping my magical weapons far away. How many rounds to doff armor?
  10. A distinguished paint job for something that usually appears in mobs and is dispatched quickly. I second the compliment on the shield, and the lighting on everything works just right. I've never wanted to get to know a skeleton before.
  11. I thought this one would be the biggest Bones yet. I think Reaper offered enough models and value to get there, but maybe the timing or promotion was off. For periods they can't keep up like the first and last days I think they should be earlier and more prepared with the information that drives pledges like unlocks and graphics. I'm happy with what I ordered and saw and I'm impressed how much they juiced up the core set in the last 24 hours. I feel like everything that happened today should have been spread out starting from Reaper Live on Thursday night. I expect some hefty additions in the pledge manager. Congratulations Reaper on your campaign.
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