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  1. Hikikomori

    Bear McBearson, including progress pictures

    Nice work with the green stuff. The best part of the post was hidden in that spoiler.
  2. Hikikomori

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I hope they have a plan to at least 4 million.
  3. Hikikomori

    A lot of Bones 4

    That's an impressive chunk of the core set. Nice work.
  4. Hikikomori

    Kev!'s Fenryll - Les Villageoises #3

    Like her bucket.
  5. Hikikomori

    Kev!'s Bones IV Cart

    I'd fill it with turnips and take it for a lap around the block if you know what I mean.
  6. Hikikomori

    77222: Aaron The Conjuror

    This is one of my favorite wizard sculpts because of the lighting potential which you did great justice to.
  7. Hikikomori

    Rock Troll

    Much improved. Nice rehabilitation work.
  8. Hikikomori

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    They gave a preview of part 3 of Greek Odyssey on Twitch today. An exciting new minotaur and a huge Cerberus. Didn't see them here yet.
  9. Hikikomori

    GOAT Dice: Changing the way we Roll

    This thing blew up! The producer is already in serious danger of scale fail. This looks so neat I hope he is able to refactor his manufacturing and fulfill all the demand. I want two.
  10. Hikikomori


    A stunner.
  11. Hikikomori

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    The tallest average species in 5e are Storm Giants at 26' tall. At 28mm scale that works out to about 4.25". All the giants under discussion here are giant enough to qualify, and the licensed D&D giants are heroic examples of their species. As far as utility for gaming goes it's mostly about the base, but Reaper's designs are closer to the 5e Monster Manual height. I'm already pledged for Greek Odyssey and the Storm Giant add-on, so that's the side I'm on. If they are too small for you clever basing can make your giants more imposing. Maybe platform shoes for these pipsqueaks.
  12. Hikikomori

    Finished Reaper's Learn To Paint Kit

    Looks you already knew how to paint. It will be cool to see where you're at twenty or fifty minis from now. Nice trio.
  13. Great work. I really like the way you made the wings/arms loom over everything. The focal points immediately grab the viewer's attention - the extra set of limbs helps with the dynamism. What a menacing and imposing dragon. It has a distinct facial and body style from other dragons I've seen. I don't know how much of this is your own visualisation and how much is from the source description, but dragons can start to look the same after a while and yours breaks out of that. I don't want to say anything negative about such an impressive piece, but since you asked for suggestions I admit I find it top heavy. The bottom legs are noticeably skinnier than the other two sets, and the tail is not much mass compared to the body either. This helps exaggerate the effect I like about the model, but I think if you make something similar again you could still change the balance and give more heft to the legs and/or perch. Thank you for sharing this; it's inspiring.
  14. Hikikomori

    Variety of Bones figs!!

    Everything's great you know that, but I especially adore the tentacles on the Hive Warden. I can't stop thinking about how much I don't want them to touch me.
  15. Hikikomori

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I still have nightmares about the harpy mobs from the Icewind Dale expansion Trials of the Luremaster. They messed me up worse than the beholders.