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  1. actually, on the one i had, it had round slots, anjd in between each slot, i was able to put a msp..lol
  2. Agreed. MM (no, not "Metallic Metal") has a lot of specialist goodies for the mini freak enthusiast, but the e-store navigation could use some polishing. I didn't find a caddy there, however, so I'm going to nab one from this site instead: http://www.thewarstore.com/paintierpaintstorage.html -Tom that looks precisely like the one i got from matt.... ok heres the details then the slots or spacers whatever, will hold GW paint pots and pro series pots with no trouble (80 of em) but realistically, double that number, and thats about how many msp's you can get in there
  3. i loved mine..lol, bought it off of digital matt, i beleive.. alas, it has since fallen apart and been trashed, i will buy anew! (if you find a link to it, please post it, that site is uber rough to navigate)
  4. actually, id say fix ya lighting first... there seems to be a harsh amount of lighting on it
  5. ive done 2 golems... i think i did ok on em..lol my main idea for the clay golem was actually to use him in a super heroes game i was running (brave new world actually)
  6. m not endorsing one product over another... the qaulity of paint doesnt matter to me, not in this situation, should reaper start releasing packs like ive seen vallejo, then i'll be happy.. lets say: adventurer packs - City: 2-3 blues, greys, brown or two, reds adventurer pack - woodland: browns, greys, greens, blacks (earth tones) race pack - elf: few elf skin tones... etc basically im looking to buy some of the master series, but im not going to shell out the money for the entire set just yet, and the triads?... they dont cut it for me, i want to be able to buy a single back and be set for a certain styling... the triad system is nice, from a painting standpoint, but not from a logical perspective... im just not going to buy 4-5 triads and only end up with 3-4 colors i wanted in the first place... what i had been doing was ordering minis and letting reaper just send me samples..or ordering specific bottles to replace GW paints, or pro paints.... im looking to replace specific colors, and sets, when i bought my paints in the first place i knew what i was going for, if you looked at my paints you'd see 4-5 greens, about 6 different metals (a few of my own) and browns... with a few other colors thrown in, like a blue or two, a red or two.. i didnt need to have 8 different reds. like i said, i dont really care who makes the paint, so long as its a color i need, or want.. if reaper released an adventurers pack style set, id probably snatch it up, because research would hopefully be done to show what colors are being used the most for what.. meaning im not likely to find tentacle pink or some color id never use.. base colors are important to me, having 8 shades of a color isnt, and thats what would happen if i bought the master series base set, id end up with colors id never use... we gotta keep the paints happy by using them... unused paints get depressed
  7. yeh the trias system im pretty familiar with, the extra stuff is ok, i suppose... i was still hoping for more of a vallejo style pack... might end up supplementing with those vallejo packs
  8. i t hink i like this one, i'll have to look around... has reaper started releasing packs like vallejo has?... id love to buy the full set and all, but at this time, it might not be feasible...vallejo had some really awesome concepts releasing earth tones, civil war colors, and such all packed in small plastic cases..
  9. nice set up... my old desk looked like this http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17363022/ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17363018/ for my new set up im not sure what im going to do, someone on the boards here showed off a tackle box like system for the master series paints, i may end up doing that.... my idea for them wouild be to get some sort of clear tackle box thats tall enough for the msp's and im gonna put a drop of paint on the cape so i can see em.... my desk has been deconstructed for a year or so now, so if i can get it all set back up, i'll take some new pictures
  10. personally, i think they are very nice... id never paint a building (too much like CAV's... color scheme usually is monochromatic) you've done nicely
  11. this is solely as a starting ground of things that ive done in the past (suggestions always apppreciated) i dont want to overwhelm, at any rate, these were a few of the peices i did before i stopped painting, the ones im most proud of, for whatever reason (painting techniques, things learned, etc) all were primed with grey primer (as i found it easier to paiunt over than white or black) all were done using a mixture of GW. reaper pro and reaper master series paints i left alot of minitures in my bqttle hive unfinished, i hope to get to them soon
  12. at this point... phew who knows, i'll be lucky if i can find a place to set up my work bench again... lol
  13. well, im back into painting minis again, though slowly this time, and probably only D&D'ish minis (or just whatever strikes my fancy) i took a short (bout a year i guess) break from painting, had some good times with my family, my daughter is now almost 20 months old! at any rate, i'll probably order the master series set sometimes soon, as the paints were kinda fun to use, i still have my old paints, it'll be interesting to see what held up and what didnt.. im also going to be scanning over the site soon, see what changes have come in the last year or so, should be fascinating. anyways.
  14. yeh, shes sitting on my computer desk, next to the ral partha ghost dragon i slapped some paint on.... thats th eonly thing i can describe it as after seeing this dwarf...lol
  15. yeh, i took like a big healthy bit of glue and some eqaully healthy bits of glue mixed with a popsicle stick, smeared on... when it dried it was kinda ridgy, but i was gonna use it for a desert base anyway..lol
  16. well of course i like it.. its awesome..lol makes me realize another reason i have to step away from painting, i suck..lol its not your fault bout the damage, heck you put fragile, and a hand written fragile thing on it..lol its all on the usps
  17. personally, i used baking soda and some normal glue... mixed em together.. i didnt get much past this stage, sorry..lol
  18. uploading what should be the newly resized images... old links will still work though
  19. rissin frissin frassin... i resized em honest! photoshop action is getting messed up, gonna have to do each individually... grr
  20. phew... lemme tell ya... the post office wasnt nice to this one... but thanks to bleujennas stuffing of a plastic deck box (im not sure what else it was in a previous life... ultra pro card protector, bout 2 inches high... anyways) see the case was cracked, as as i was taking it from the mail box i heard this light rattling coming from the package... and got worried..lol turns out that yes, the case was cracked, and the peice that broke off of the case was just rattling around... the lid wasnt on very well, but the sheer power of the stuffing she used kept the mini in the box..lol i tried to get a variety of shots.... some came out fuzzy, but i did manage to do better lighting..lol peice of unused toilet better over a flashlight... gave a nice difussion i thought... if i had a more powerful flashlight than the one i picked up while waiting in line at walmart (for 2 bucks) then it'd been better im sure. ok, im not going to post img links, im gonna post normal links... that way i dont flood down this thread http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170020.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170021.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170022.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170023.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170024.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170025.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170026.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170027.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170028.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170029.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170030.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170031.JPG http://www.jamesandjennifer.net/minis/exchange/P6170033.JPG im not sure which mini it is, i know its a warlord mini, i know if from the dwarf faction, and i know its a girl (the boobies kinda gave that away :P )
  21. i got mine today... from bluejenna... will post pics... though i suspect her pics will be about 20 million times better than mine
  22. well, ok then, see ya when i have more time then.
  23. a billion huh?... thats like... oo... way a way lol
  24. Have to echo this. I'm also not a fan of NNM, to me it looks good in a photo but not in person. Saying that though, the actual work is top notch. Looks good. William yeh... i mean most stuff ive seen by jester does look good, i just cant stand NMM/SENMM.... lol both assume you'll only be looking at the mini from one angle
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