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  1. well green stuff specifically, the sculptors of the greens do use different rations, or so ive heard on a variety of sites... something like more of one color makes the cure taker longer, and more of the other one makes it go faster... i dont know which is which though
  2. lol... one could almost say the same of fantasy, since alot of games are well known for certain things... reaper has had to rename some things... they sell an illithid, but not named that... ya know?
  3. we had no problems with natural birth..lol... i mean sure, im the guy, so i can be all macho and say it was a breeze... i know my wife labored... thats the point of it..lol but in her own words it really wasnt that bad
  4. well, its not hard really, just take any sci fi genre..lol
  5. my daughter was born naturally, no drugs, no hospital, worked out great!
  6. dave just doesnt fit the sound...lol
  7. ive got the tape laying round somewhere..lol
  8. hmm...my daughter was born on a monday (5:50 am) and the waiting longer thing... i can see that, me and my wife have almost been married 5 years (5 in august)... our daughter was born th is past september (yes another statistic from that thing)
  9. ya know, if the finger doesnt fit.... nevermind
  10. actually temple of the dog wasnt just cornel +pearl jam it was chris cornel, , the drummer from soundgarden, eddie vedder (only on hunger strike if i remember correctly), and i do beleive one of the guitarists (Stone) from pearl jam, plus i think the bassist from pearl jam.. its was more of a thing by Chris, than by pearl jam, they just all happened to care about the guy that originally founded the band (Andy Wood, i think.) he died. as for pearl jam, man... you've been missing some awesome albums. as for metallica, i like everything up until st anger.. too differ, too much like limp bizkit or some other eqaully dumb band.
  11. well... eyelids are damn difficult on a mini..lol
  12. looks like a nice start question, have you thought about making sci fi minis?... just generic ole sci fi minis..lol
  13. im enjoying boris, and the ranger, cant wait!
  14. thats pretty funny im a fan of this one http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=marioguitar.wmv
  15. This might work, I can't believe I haven't thought of this. The way it looks... It almost looks like they took the metal base, polished it, and then applied very thin washes to the raw metal. I think I might try the sponge technique. Stipling could work, but I'm thinking that would create very distinct and visible dots and brush marks, where the base in the pictures is more fluid. Might be worth a try though. well, the stipling idea only works if you go back and smudge it..lmao
  16. you can pull off the effect without it, just use a stipling technique... take an old bristley brush, add in your mid color, stiple it on (meaning dab the bristles on directly above your surface)... works best with a dry brush mentally then while its still wet, take whatever you used as your base color (thiin it alot more than you might normally) and smudge it across the stipling.. i suppose the sponge might be more consistant, but i prefer to find ways to do techniques with the supplies i have..lol
  17. thought if follow franks example..lol http://www.deviantart.com/view/17363018/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/17363022/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/17363033/
  18. his desk looks comfy with the bowl, and box of stuff in his chair..lol
  19. well, i didnt say i achieved it..lol, i was going for it..lol
  20. i agree..lol, i managed to get some moderately colored lining around the eyes, but only on accident on this one..lol i lined some of the lions facial features with the chestnut ink, so darken up areas around the nose and such
  21. ok, i based this hefty cuddly kitty on the standard warlord base that came with it, but since all i had at the time for material was Quick Steel, i used that to cover the base. using my handy dandy pocket knife, and a paperclip end, i managed to muck up and mar up the quick steel before it cured. this went unprimered, simply because to prime it would have meant spraying the kitty.... and since i had already painted it, that was a no no... so i base coated the ... heh base, with scorched brown, i went back with some desert yellow (which is more a brown khaki) i used it in a dry brush like manner, paying attention to the upper sections of it. i then went back and applied some ehavily watered down chestnut ink, then went back this time with desert yellow, with a small amount of sun yellow (cant recall exact name), that was added, then a second watered down wash of chestnut ink was applied again ... and voila, the base is done..... oh, i did toss a second desert yellow on it, this time with a small tid bit of a dark olivy green from reaper tossed in, barely touched sections of it. the lion actually was done in a similiar fashion, though starting with snakebite leather for everything but the mane and tail fluff, that was scorched brown.. (all my colors so far are GW with only 3 colors being reaper, and i dont know the names, since they were samples... all i know is that i have a nice triad of pro paint greens, like elf green, pine green and some other... basically 3 versions of OD green) PICTURES! http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17312788/ (side) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17312780/ (front)
  22. ok guys, the goal here was to make a suitable water camo color, but has it kind of corroded by saltwater and use.... yeh, im sure the CAV stuff doesnt include water combat, but i thought it'd be really cool... got a whole back story in my head..lol so without further rambling by me, heres links to the mini http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17312802/ (close up) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17312799/ (side shot) http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17312796/ (front) on each picture, you'll see a smaller preview, click on the picture to see the larger version
  23. well, right now im on a basing spree with it..lol.. ive stopped putting the mini together for now... aol kindly provided the base :P so im using a few techniques from what ive gathered around, and a few of my own ideas, then im going to get back to the mini in a few days..lol... then put it all together and work on the paint..lol
  24. ive got it close..lol i like thw swod on the reaper praying paladin... not nearly this much trouble..lol plus this dude comes with all sorts of bits and bobs (glueable of course)
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