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  1. well, yeh i know it cross over the body..lmao... my problem is getting the arms pinned and glued in the body into the right position so that i can get the sword on..lol
  2. my trouble right now is getting the arms in the right position with the sword... im probably just gonna put em near position, then pin the sword, and make a slightly longer forearm..lol
  3. well, the mini is fairly large..lol
  4. this was the guy i got http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefr...&ItemNav=301019 didnt pay 25 + tax either, paid about 21 total (with tax)
  5. sure can... see its hard to find... hehe, since its not a main line game http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefr...&GameNav=300808 the other link to the game info itself doesnt seem to be working..lol
  6. definately.,.lol my wife got me started... sort of.. we had some minis that we had purchased a while back, but we didnt really want this one guy we know to paint them, my wife wanted to do them herself... well, she bought paints and stuff, and after 3 months it went the way of her Bass Guitar, her Short Bow, and her painting (canvas stuff)... in other words, it went into the gaming room never to be heard from again... i got into painting because i was tired of people not painting what i wanted... i couldnt express what i wanted to them to paint though, so its all my fault.. back to your mini, looks great, "shake shake shake senora, shake your body line!"
  7. man he just screams "im better than you!" looks nice
  8. well yeh, ive got no intention of trying to game with this mini... lol.. its a really nice one though, but because of all the pinning, and glueing and stuff, one is probably enough for me..lol
  9. hmm... well, whats currently being worked on: http://store.us.games-workshop.com/storefr...ze=D&Img=213380 just got this guy, putting him together. also 02440 : Quinn Rowan, Highlander 02637 : Marcus Starsong, Young Wizard 02909 : Nienna, Female Elf Ranger 02835 : Jolie, Female Scribe 14133 : Celestial Lion so thats it.... man though, that lion was a friggin joy to paint..lol... hes based up on the normal warlord base he came with, i may do some base work on him, im not sure... but man he was fun to paint.. (havent painted animals before, i loved it) the other minis with the exception of the inquisitor guy are in various stages of finish.. quinn for example has most of his base colors on, as does marcus, although i took off the staff, im going to put a spear in his right hand, as soon as i find one i like.. jolie has her base colors on, and im slowly working on her... nienna.... wow... man shes hard to nail a scheme down for... hah
  10. yeh... they do tend to be a bit expensive, but i'll probably only buy this one..lol... maybe one or two others, they are definately taller than standard DHL or warlord sizes... its about as tall, or a little taller, then the BS Mantis from CAV
  11. has anyone else been bitten by the urge to buy one? lemme first say that the mini is pretty well made, and the one i bought, is totally metal, except the base (which is plastic). so far im enjoying it, its a very advanced model though (for me) as the majority of the "mini" is going to need pinning and glueing, and i may use some quick steel is small parts to sure up some sections any one got any experience with these minis... when i finish mine, i will post it, and hopefully my photo fu will be strong..lol
  12. i use quick steel... the working time isnt that long, because it turns scalding hot after a minute or so... howver it hardens up after a few hours and completely sets in a day... it shouldnt damage a base
  13. well, if its melting your paint, stop using it..lol... i mean seriously..lol
  14. duh...lol... been talking to him bout it, i just didnt want to go full into detail... of course we'd pay.
  15. i wouldnt mind some sci fi minis, and sci fi like ones... but i wouldnt use em for a wargame, id probably use em in specific games (Feng Shui, Star Wars, Stargate etc)
  16. well, casketworks is only useful every so often.... everytime ive ordered online ive gotten one...so im pretty set til my next order..... the easiest thing if you prefer ordering at your FLGS would be to use the online store as the catalogue, then just write down the numbers and bring em to the store... lots easier.
  17. can you even get hasslefree from a local game shop?!..lol
  18. im just curious if they are going to update the "buy all the master series paints" kit.... same as you...
  19. by the way, this picture made me add this mini to my next order..lol
  20. looks similiar to rotting flesh from GW..lol
  21. thats not freehand on the clerics tabard, thats how the sculpt is... though i had trouble on mine, because it just didnt seem to be a well sculpted mini... meaning the sections werent raised enough, and seemed to just get all smooshed together detail wise...
  22. cool, very ripped and beefy ogre..lol
  23. i gave up on that cleric, yours looks nice
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