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  1. heh yeh, sorry bout the mis posted area... coulda swore i posted it right, but i obviously didnt.
  2. ive never been a big fan of SENMM... just never looked realistic to me.. looks good, but not realistic
  3. ok heres the idea here, i bought some woodlands scenic stuff, and i also have about 29 swag points, for right now (i dont know how long) im going to have to call it quits on painting minis... i just dont have the time, or energy right now.. so, im having a mini sell a thon for some of my stuff (but only some): 1 fairly full shaker of blended turf (green.. ive only used it once) 1 barely used bag of Flowering Foilage (Yellow, only 2 pinches gone) and 3 bags of Talus ( 1 fine buff talus, 1 course brown talus, and one fine gray talus) if anyone should be interested, please PM me and i can quote you prices (at the very least it'll be 2 bucks cheaper than woodland scenics prices)
  4. whats up with the oddly white skin?
  5. which is the error of all tuts, they dont stand up well in real world applications take your aged red brick, find a red darker, and a red lighter than it i personally usually use GW colors, using an MSP sample i have of red as my midtone, then red gore as the dark, and blood red as the light... however lately ive also been using a homemade black wash (its filtered water and a drop of two of GW chaos black... could use whatever brand you prefer), i keep it thinned... its almost a dropper bottle full of water, and about 2 drops of paint, i wash that into the crevices, that allows for a darker richer red (since the black is thin enough to technically be a glaze (?) for your situation, id suggest Red Aged brick (is this different than 09001 red brick?) then possibly using phoenix red (09005) as your highlight... might be a bit too orangy for dear old dad though, so try fire red (09004) if need be have that as your middle color, then take some of the fire red and add a smidge of white to it, then use that as your highlight
  6. as in kung fu.. photo fu, paint fu... just them trying to be cool
  7. variety?... in such a small segment of music?... no such thing
  8. that character is already holding the precursor to the rapier..lol but yeh, rapiers dont cast well im sure
  9. reminds me of the 4 armed dudes from mortal kombat...cept this guy has 5 fingers on each hand..lol
  10. lol, i want the earth tones and the american civil war pack... but all would be awesome..lol
  11. im very torn... i want just a few of the paint sets that vallejo has... but id really love to just outright get one of the suitcases too..lol
  12. well, if you are referring to the VGC paint suitcase... the link i gave is better than yours........well ok, yours is better because of free shipping, i dont know if the one i gave does that..haha
  13. try these guys http://www.colossalgames.com/supplies/vall...llejo_packs.htm i know, takes you straight to the vallejo, its from my bookmarks, and im too nyquiled up right now..
  14. on me next order, im probably going to be buying alot of pro paint bottles and transferring some paints... starting to not like the new GW bottle
  15. seems pretty split so far..lol dark to light midtone first we can sum up everyones style in those 2..lol though, if you mean dark to light as in darker toned colors to lighter, then... well you could in theory be working flip flopped sometimes..lol
  16. the numbers are all in numerical order go back and look at the list in CW 17...
  17. thats why i was curious... not because i doubt it, but because people just assume..lol
  18. and... what lead you to beleive it was reven?
  19. now course.. my question is this... what is there on this product to make me wanna buy it?.. when i could probably go down to walmart and pick up a tacklebox.... thats all this looks like to me.
  20. well yeh (to both posts) i sent a PM to him bout em..lol
  21. personally... once you get the techniques down (basics you can learn on GW"s site) theres no point for a book... just google for pictures of landscape features
  22. well yeh, right now (thanks to that dude who painted that griffin) im checking out tube acrylics..lol
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