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  1. so far all attempts at getting better pictures through my digi cam has failed, back to the old camcorder trick..ugg
  2. ok... lemme first say that the qaulity of these pics suck, my digi cameras flash is dead, so i had to use my video camera to get some captures that way (through my video capture card) unfortunately, i forgot id need some light in front (daft me) so as soon as i can get some better lighting, i'll update these pictures (ack, i forgot to get his front!) as far as i can remember, all of them are reaper minis. the female cleric was the first mini i did, and it was mroe of a test run, its just so boring, since its basically all metal armor i followed that up with the archer, and the male and female wizards, i finished the archer first... but i didnt want to do the same thing i had done with the female cleric (IE silvery metal armor), so i took some bestial brown (gamesworkshop color) laid that down on the armor, then took some burnished gold (again GWS color), basically dry brushing it in... the cloak was done in 2 colors, a dark green, then a olivey green i got as a sample when i bought these minis (heh).. the male has a blue cloak, with red pants and a light blue (with gold trim jacket), the female has a red cloak, with a blue dress and yellowed brown rope on it.. i promise to get better lighted pictures as soon as possible the male and female wizards came next, each got their own treatment... but i tried to stay simple, and tried to take my time (the female cleric had to be stripped (wow) down to clean metal, because i tried to rush too quickly) as is this is as good as i can get for pictures.... im going to work on setting up some other shots, and hopefully i can get my digi cam to cooperate meanwhile, enjoy what you can see,..lol
  3. i think it looks very nice... im going to be buying that mini very soon for my wife... it gives me a few ideas of things to start with... that way i dont feel overwhelmed when i start..lol
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