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  1. very cool.... you um... think we could get second picture, of what it'd look like with pro paints in it? the MSP's look nice, but for us pro people who havent converted to the dark side yet...lol
  2. i just think that by reaper doing this, they will allow for more variations in armies.. i myself plan on playing crusaders, who i hear dont have all that good of archers anyway..lol however, i can see this change as allowing more variations... how many people can really and truely say they had fun facing down a force of archers?... think back to the middle ages when that stuff really did happen... a good volley from a well armed and support sqaud of archers was enough to end most advances form the enemy.. is warlord historical?... no, obviously, and thats a good thing. if im able to field 18 archers well first off i will find myself over extended into missile, and the first person to get in on me will likely kill me, but lets say for instance you are going against a person whos army is specifically melee... is it a fair match?... no... not really... remember again, this is not a historically accurate game, in a real life war, who cares about being fair... but this game has rules for things like that.
  3. as for alternative jungle planets... try some of the floral arrangements at walmart or hobby lobby... they arent plastic like you'd get from a pet store also, try for something different from jungle all together, id love to see like CAV attacking savannah... all spanish mossy and all..lol
  4. i would expect better of them, will i be disappointed?... yes... but i tend to expect more out of a company..lol
  5. well, i am "down south" north alabama the stuff i found at lowes wasnt reallly thick... bout 1/2 inch, and home depot didnt seem to have any at all on their website... wallmart obviously doesnt... so i may be stuck with getting like 2 sheets of the thinner stuff from lowes (i know a little can go along way)
  6. but um... is that the one reaper is making?..lol
  7. heh yeh, i didnt remove enough of the blue... though it looked close to this new one before i saved it.. weird..
  8. LOL, I don't think it's horrible. I just don't want to pay more for lower quality I'm with Jenova on this one. There are a few colors that I continue to buy because I've been using them so long, I like to maintain a unified look amongst my models (Ie.. I started doing skeletons one way, I'm going to keep doing them that way). I also haven't found any reds that I like as much as the GW reds - but that is just personal preference - and is also not to say I don't like any other reds.. just personal preference. I also really like the Graveyard Earth, Desert Yellow and Kommando Khaki. And I like to use scorched brown and dark flesh, with a highlight for a reddish leather color. But I have found for the most part that I first reach for the Reaper Master Series of Vallejo model colors - depending on what I'm painting. I've also taken to painting my Imperial Guardsmen with the Muddy Olive and the olive highlight (which in my personal opinion is a bit too extreme of a change without being really thinned out, but works beautifully for armor and hard edges) A good way to get people to switch is simply show someone the pricetag on a reaper bottle and a GW bottle, and then pour the GW paint into a dropper bottle. When people actually see it only fills half the bottle, and the prices are comperable - then they further understand the value. (Plus, they don't dry out as quickly in dropper bottles - and you can add a little bit of flow improver as you pour) To me, the best paint to use is the one you like. I started out with craft paints, and I was happy (although a lousy painter.. also noone told me to prime the figures)... as I adapt and use new techniques, I find different paints fit my need and make me happy. I won't win any demons, but thats not why I paint.. I'm a gamer first and a painter second. I want to paint quickly to get my troops on the field and occasionally take some time to really do something nice as a change of pace. Right now the Reaper Master Series suit my needs perfectly because they are arranged in a triad and I don't need to think about mixing colors or what should I use as a highlight. The foundry paints are the same way - except they are hard for me to get, and I like supporting Reaper. Thats just my rather lengthy $.02 if reaper could offer those specific colors that i keep buying, in the exact tint i need, then id probably switch... but you cant really fault them i suppose
  9. does make one wonder how they can get away with 40 bucks...lol
  10. nice look!.. what'd you use to make the walls?
  11. so... lemme get this straight, reaper is making a rule that will make people not able to field an all archer army............ wheres the problem?... i havent even started playing warlord yet, but just from a D&D perspective, too many archers means that someone isnt going to have a fun game.
  12. wonder if this helps any tried to clear it up some in colors.. but since i dont know what the minotaur look slike in real life, i just had to kind of guess
  13. i pick one area, and usually work up like a cloak, get it up to highlight, then move to another area.. before im done, i typically go back and touch up areas
  14. my mother is on the lookout for a geek painters dream... shes gonna find me a head set magnifier thingy.... i wanted her halo lamp, but she wont let me have it... haha
  15. access has its uses... having said that, when my wife does database work, she refuses to use access..lol
  16. im with ya there... i just found out that my 20/0 brush was still loaded with a bit of red, and my paint cup still had water in it... the last time i painted was wednesday plus, i cant seem to do much more thna a few touch ups before i get bored with what im doing. im totally feeling the painting blahs right now
  17. ive just found midtone first as an easier approach... it gives me more control over my direction..lol and gives almost immediate gratification when you highlight..lol
  18. cool... ive heard of people using spackle... which was what i thought it might be
  19. ive tried white (granted it was GW) but i didnt like the brightness of it..lmao thats why i chose grey, a happy medium between black and white
  20. im enjoying my grey primer, because it allows me to see more details than black did.. now i went in knowing that i had never heard of the company (the only one i had heard of was, krylon) but i figured it only cost me like $1.50, so if it didnt work, i wasnt out that much money
  21. i had no trouble with the stuff i have (spray on)... GW black its stinky, and hides details, GW white is too dusty go down to your local walmart, you are looking specifially for this stuff http://chaseproducts.com/products/paint/cc_cs_enamel.cfm (its the grey primer that i use) it works amazingly well, covers fairly decent, and you dont really have to worry about brushing it on (though i have to touch up some stuff..lol)
  22. what'd you use on the base? i like the technique..lol
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