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  1. ok, i think i found some at lowes, but can someone give me a link to make sure i got the right stuff...


    the stuff i found was a stiff blue board (not pink like i keep seeing), its bout 1/2 inch or so thick, and the sections are bout maybe 4 feet long, and maybe 2 feet wide


    id really love to get into more complex basing... so that maybe i can make some good money (supplemental cash..lol) on this stuff



    i think this is the stuff i saw in the store (i hate look at lowes.com, its so disorganized)




    they also have this stuff http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=prod...-LOW&lpage=none

  2. you first say stick with one brand, then say not to...lmao


    which is it?


    by the way, no matter what reaper might say, or GW or vallejo, there is not a single brand of paints that can please everyone, or that can do everything..


    which is why we all pick and choose

  3. alot of people underpaint


    meaning they do all their black lining, then paint over it but lewave some gaps... me personally?... i use washes applied with a 20/0 brush..lol


    but only to specific places

  4. I still use a lot of my GW paints, but I'm not sure I'll be replacing them when they dry out.


    I don't think they are bad; they're just expensive, and there are better paints out there.

    see, now thats what i find is interesting.. on GW's site, their paints are 2.50 for normal paint and 3.25 for metallics


    where as on reaper the pro paints normal cost 2.49 (same with metallcs) the MSP stuff normal paints are 2.99 with metallics again being the same 2.99 price



    so far with pro paints, reaper has em beat by $.01 on normal paints, and obviously beat on metals... but the MSP stuff actually costs more..lol


    now im not one for bashing a company, or bashing people bashing a company, i just think people do need to understand that the price difference isnt what they think it is.


    just an info smash.

  5. cav are just plain hard to paint for me... not physically hard.... but its hard for me to think of a simplistic color scheme...


    now now now, dont flame me here... lol


    in most cases, you'd be useing maybe 2-3 colors on a cav.... you'd use more on a fantasy mini, especially anything by werner (fiddly bits)


    theres buckles and bags and boots and skin and hair and eyes and... phew..lol

  6. They are not that thick.


    Prophet were you referring to Reaper paints or GW paints?


    If you were referring to GW paints all of the ones I have used or bought have been very thick and not good to work with. That is my own experience. Maybe you got some better pots of GW paint . . . I dunno.

    GW paints.


    my first set of GW paints were thick, but they hadnt been used for 3 years.


    the replacement pots i bought were in much better shape, and so were the paints themselves..


    GW paints are fine for beginners, they CAN get a bit gloppy, but you'll notice that if you take the shaker out of the MSP/PP reaper paints it'll do the same..


    GW paints dont have a shaker, i suggest either buying a sprue of the skulls reaper sells, or just buying a bunch of pro paint bottles..lol

  7. thats why i use quick steel, it comes in a premixed tube, you cut up a bit, mix it up, then start working it... course, be careful, because in its curing process it gets fairly hot to the touch (not hot enough to melt minis though)


    it bonds extremely well to the warlord bases, and everything else ive used it for..lol

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