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  1. quick google search reveals this http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....ng_a_device.asp
  2. they already have them in the reaper store.
  3. well, i would have tried to make it this year, but i only really found out about it bout a month or so before it..lol and had saved up absolutely no money for it..
  4. would be nice to see it, since im switching over to pro paints..lol they better have plenty of pictures when it comes out!
  5. Both painting classes at ReaperCon (Derek Schubert and Marika Reimer) taught that you should start with your mid-tone. I'd you're right and everyone else is wrong! J/K Both Derek and Marika made a point that there were many ways to get to the same effect, but that they preferred to start with the midtone. The way they explained it made sense to me, so I'll be trying that approach and see how it works out. doing the midtone first just seems so right, ya know?... especially since i might not always get the shadow coat right if i start with it first..lol
  6. yeh, i kind of figured that was the preferred concept..lol its just that some people i know offline look at me weirdly when i start with the midtone...lol
  7. im definately going next year..lol
  8. id call it realistic... lol. ive started to use a black wash on most of my silver armor... it adds a bit of.. grime?... reality? hah, whatever it is, its fun
  9. with the triad approach of the MSP, ive kind of quickly realized i may be painting "incorrectly" most people i have talked to, will take their shadow color, and paint with that, then build up their mid tone, then use their highlight.. i on the other hand most always start with my midtone, then add in my shadows (probably touch up midtone bout now) then add in my high lights.. whats the consensus here? (this "technique" of mine is used alot on greens, browns, reds and blues.)
  10. well, not for total portability of paints, but for a small amount of paints, and minis, im using the Battle Hive by Crystal Caste works out nicely, though im only taking about 20-30 paints with me and most are pro paints, or GW paints.. however i do have some master series in there, all i did was remove one of the layers of foam..lol
  11. ya know, i could put that oberfrosch line on a shirt..lol
  12. well, DHL is nice, i just prefer the scale of warlord..lol
  13. i find myself having more fun painting warlord stuff, than DHL..lol
  14. Again, since the nesting is basically the primary entrance/exit and play area(s), I really think that they have to go. If they were nesting on the north side of the house (where I only go to mow and kill weeds), I wouldn't care so much - I'd spray this year to keep it under control, remove the nests come winter, and build bait traps next spring. But, they pose a clear and imminent threat to my infant son, and a possible one to my wife and I - therefore, they die. i totally agree with you..lol, ive got wasps round my house... i hate em, and kill em on site
  15. stippling is a drawing technique, where you basically draw with dots... lots of dots
  16. i spilled an entire GW pot of bad moon yellow on my kitchen floor... still finding some of that stuff around... it was the old twist tops, and i was painting out of the lid, i went to grab the pot to put the lid back on, and somehow managed to basically throw it off the table..
  17. yellow jacket n. Any of several small wasps of the family Vespidae that have yellow and black markings and usually nest in the ground. Here's a pic: you missed one small detail... they are friggin MEAN!
  18. ya know, i wouldnt mind if the wasps around my house were nesting... like when i lived in florida, at least i knew where not to go... but here in huntsville, all i have around my house are solitary wasps.... what a dumb term... theres like 10-20 a day... i hate em!
  19. lucky you..lol though not so lucky that they are doing an inventory redux sale... that usually indicates poor sales.
  20. yeh, hill giant looks nice.. the high elf mage.. as per klockeian fun as alot of little fiddly bits on it..lol
  21. meanwhile they scare the crap out of everyone... yeh some good service.
  22. well, grocery stores like to screw over their employees... i worked for one, i have friends who worked for them... same story, every friggin time
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