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  1. well, bully for them..lol id never spend that much..lol
  2. well, ive only painted 3, but i liked painting Sir Conlan alot..lol
  3. course, i dont use black primer anymore..lol ive switched to a grey primer i bought from walmart, covers good, makes details stand out very clearly.
  4. yeh, i just dont like the term "clear" it gives the wrong impression
  5. shadows on a cape... like in the crevices? well, i do weird things personally, so id just use my watered down pure black, its pretty darn thin.. its about 1 drop black to about almost a half bottle of water (MSP bottle size) i keep it thinned that way on purpose... in effect its a glaze, because if i use it to wash over a surface, you can still see the underlying color, but it darkens it.. for instance if i were to have a red cape, id use a dark red for the crevices, but id probably add the thinned black over that to give an even dark area for instance, the red cape on Arrius the black here http://www.deviantart.com/view/17709901/ also, on the front, his armor was bolt gun metal (or whatever its called), its a dark silver GW color, but i added the thinned black over that, because hes an undead warrior, he should look dirty or aged.. http://www.deviantart.com/view/17709910/ hope that helps some
  6. i had to do something similiar on a warlord figure i was working on, i wanted that tabacco yellowed color on leather... i dont know where i had seen that effect, but i can plainly see it in my head... what i did to acheive it (though i only managed to get barely there) you'd probably start off with a pretty light brown.. leather brown, or snake bite leather from GW, then add in your white color, i tend to like using GW rotting flesh on bone instead white, preferring to keep white solely as my highlight, and only in small amounts. after you applied that color in, take a wash any good brown wash will work the way you want, but id suggest chestnut color, you want brown, not brown red (ox blood) add in some yellow (bright yellow) to the wash mixture itself (bear with me). once you have a milky yellowish brown start slowing adding that in, crevices mostly.. then add ina bit more of your rotting flesh mid tone, then high light white that should get you somewhere close if you dont want to use a premade wash (i didnt the first time through) for my wash, i used snakebite leather thinned down with filtered water as a base. i added to this a smidge of red gore, then sunny yellow, adding in more water as i tried to keep it thin i didnt use any sort of paint extender though..lol, so it pooled badly, but that was the effected i needed on the cape..lol, it was supposed to appear heavily weathered
  7. well, ever time i look at it, i see the painting pooling on the nose area of the horses... lol
  8. id really prefer to get reaper minis... lol if i only buy from reaper when a mini fits my ideas, but buy from someone else when reapers dont fit my ideals, how is that benefiting reaper sure, its keeping up the "only sexy ones sell"
  9. .... yeh, i cant count the number of times ive played either style of game.........literally, i cant... well i could, it'd be 0
  10. indeed, i cant really stand those either..lol
  11. out of all of those.... hehe... and reaper has how many minis!? notice a problem?
  12. well, this is fantasy as many have said, we arent trying to be totally accurate.. im just sick of bikini clad women.... unless you go with specific figures, you've usually got 3 choices.. 1.) ugly evil badass (also wearing very little) 2.) sexy, but scantily clad hero type female 3.) wizardess... thats the 3 choices we get... which is usually why im pretty picky, i ordered the 2 female paladins from hasslefree, because they dont fit into any of those 3 categories, they look awesome... but its a needle in the haystack.. after all, hasslefree has plenty of near naked, and naked figures.
  13. that is to say... i would have finished earlier, but it wouldnt have looked as good..lol
  14. 4 hour speed paint?.... wow... i must be doing something wrong... i think i might have to stretch my time to spend that much on something.. but then... i am a painting noob..lol
  15. that was really fun actually..lol i bookmarked it too..lol
  16. definately..lol i sent that email off, got my reply and all, they are sending me a replacement pure black, works out for me..lol i'll probably end up thinning down the stuff i do have now for a wash or something..lol ive yet to run into any other issue with blogs (except the white)... little paperclip work, and it flows fine now
  17. it'll be fun to see what survives the casting..lol
  18. well, sure fantasy as a whole is unbeleiveable, but for those people who are looking for specific kinds of minis, especially females, looking for female characters.. its a rather hard search to find something not slutty.
  19. im just tired of seeing bikini clad minis... unless of course the point is to be swimming no, this costume is not beleivable
  20. mine doesnt cover as well as i think it should either...lol.. plus it rubs off uber easy so i'll definately shoot off an email [email protected] is that the one?
  21. well... im liking the female barbarian, and the female viking... they still fall prone to the cultural stero type of female minis... IE barely any clothes... which would suck for a female viking... BRRRR
  22. where do you get those rounded edge bases?
  23. My blacks is like that too, it seems like the paint is too watered down compared to the others, is that what you mean? i think so..lol, its really hard to tell
  24. i noticed that the MSP pure white was a bit blocked, but the black i bought flowed out too quickly.. the nozzles dont really have flow consistancy at all (from bottle to bottle) i took a paper clip to the one on my white... course the black flows way too quick, i need to block that one up some..lol
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