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  1. well, i dont know exact colors... but i got a 3 shades of green (all 3 are varying shades of OD green basically) the oldest one i got at christmas, i use it fairly regularly, though lately i havent had as much time to paint as id like, so i could go sometimes a week or two without doing anything. the 2 newer ones of that green set are fine, as are the 2 beige-ish colors i got... you guys seriously need to label those samples, so i can tell you names instead of "beige-ish"
  2. ive never stopped to look..lol i'll do it in the morning to check it out..lol
  3. yup, thats what i was thinking of..lol as for paint drying up... the local game store in town actually carries some reaper pro stuff, however its all dried out, because of a few reasons 1.) its the same paint they've had in there since i can remember 2.) its sitting under a heat vent 3.) everyone buys GW stuff.. since its more popular in town that being said, i also dont order reaper stuff from that store, it tends to take longer for them to get it, they dont order directly from reaper, so they cant get any discontinued stuff (apparantly), and they dont give me any samples like reaper does.. having said that too, some of my pro sample stuff has started to get a bit clumpy, i just shake really hard.
  4. man.... hes kinda freaky...lol did you add the hat yourself?
  5. well, for candy apple red one could in theory use GW's Blood Red however im in the process of checking out some of my wifes old nail polish colors... some of them are real bright shades of red and blue im sure im going to have to thin them to make them workable at all... but it is worth a shot.. though as a side note, i wouldnt really call the master series a "new line" of paints, they've been out for a little while now dealing simply with reaper pro paints, Dragon red is probably as close as you'll get... just add in a touch or two of a metal color.
  6. gonna have to make sure oberfrosch sees these..lol
  7. i saw the mini when they showed off the new necropolis and dark spawn stuff (i scrolled back) i wanted it then, and i still do..lol... your greens look a bit washed out (probably due to lighting or the camera.... or both) still looks nice though
  8. a silver tone could easily be accomplished by just using grey colors.. if you put actually metallics in it, its going to look like the person has real metal hair you may not want that so, start with your lowest color (maybe something like a dark grey) then work up higher, until the final layer is white.. use small brushes!..lol
  9. yay for pictures... they look cool
  10. perhaps tabis?... ninja shoes..
  11. i was gonna suggest those... did you use those big long plastic droppers you see in chemistry classes?
  12. i always get the "user posted image" text... ugh.
  13. sheesh man... cant we get away from bikini clad chicks? i mean... not that i have anything against it, but its so 80's.
  14. i pour very carefully...lol i still get some on the lip though... they do make small funnels, gunsmiths have been using em to make bullets for years... a teflon funnel would work too... course, i dont transfer very often... just when im mixxing up some new color.
  15. ive not gotten mine yet..lol thats why i asked..lol, im greedy the one i painted has already been sent and received
  16. dude im used to that, i get the email confirmation, the the stuff gets there that day... but then i live in huntsville alabama, its not far, and im on major highways to denton
  17. i tried doing a few different colors on it, it just ended up being big blur.. i ended up clipping it off and making my own out of green stuff.. lol
  18. the problem is that marcus starsongs staff is also pretty small, the staff is going to come out like a blur..lol
  19. hah.. i finished mine a while back..lol i didnt want to run into the issues im having now... i have like 18 minis in various states of paint.. all are primed, but only a few have any paint on them! i made a bit order... lol
  20. well, so hows things going with the exchange?... any other painters finished?
  21. thanks... i just wanted something a bit more down to earth than the bold blues (and other bold colors ive seen on them) i did end up doing some touch ups to the mini after i did those pictures, but nothing really major, just clearing up some minor errors in the paint job
  22. well, i cant say ive painted for the entire crusaders line, but when (and if i do) get into warlord, i do intend on playing crusaders, and i do intend to do a similiar paint scheme to how i painted Sir Conlan http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15743540/ http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15743577/ obviously, i want to smooth out my problems, gonna pick up some reaper pro paints, and switch to them instead of GW paints
  23. Black Mage is my favorite. hehe yeh... hes funny too.. i havent read it in a long time, but "Fighter Hadoken" still pops up every so often as does "chuck chucks, sword chucks" and a few others
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