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  1. or using photoshop CS, you can make it an automatically run thing, but i cant recall exactly how to do the auto stuff, since ive never done it... i know you record a set of actions, but thats as far as ive gotten before..lol

  2. yeh... sadly i broke the sword a few nights ago... the hilt broke off, so im left with one fist holding a sword handle, and the other fist and forearm holding the sword itself


    im probably going to pin, glue that in, then put some quick steel around that, to lengthen the sword hilt a bit , and give me the clearance i hopefully need to attach the hands to the figure



    just after the hilt breaking i got a little discouraged..lol

  3. just putting these all together, i dont wanna flood the boards..lmao




    Buck Ronan (Back)





    Tsuko Back





    Arrius The Black (Undead Warrior) Back




    Close up





    man out of all of those, id love to paint arrius again, he was fun!..lol


    anyways, on each of these pictures, just click on "zoom in" to see a larger picture

  4. You could easily (more easily, probably) build something like my paint rack out of foamcore for a total cost of less than $10. It wouldn't spin, but it could hold as many paints as you wanted.

    the only problem i have with yours ( and the rack that comes with the pro paints) is lack of room...


    i only have a card table to paint on..lol

  5. I've been considering the Paintier or creating something similar. I'm very space constrained and then have cats to add to the chaos factors.


    Prophet118: Any feedback, gripes, insights or ideas from your experience with the Paintier?

    my only complaint so far is that it sucks for MSP paints..lol, since i tend to spin it a bit harder than needed sometimes... my master series stuff tends to get knocked over..lol



    mines sitting on a card table though, which is my painting station... so it tends to be a bit more wobbly than i like..lol


    im planning on buying the pro series set, 108 paints, but the paintier thing only holds 80 paints..lol

  6. i use poster tac... i tac em to small boxes (bout 4X6 in size)...


    i also tac em down hard, then turn the box upside down for the second coat, since the firs misses folds and such, using this method ensures you dont overprime

  7. true... course, at this early date in my painting career, im trying to point out the flaws, so i know what to fix..lmao...



    course thats no excuse, since i did forget to resize em..lmao


    will fix that in a bit

  8. oh... see, but the base isnt finished just yet... gonna add more quick steel to the base, and mimic a street.. the base already looks like the robot has caused some weight damage, so im going to play that up..lol

  9. this one was an easy 2 color paint job, painted him up as a bad guy robot in a super hero game im looking to run..lol


    critique away, i know i did something wrong..lol


    the darker green is games workshop dark angels green, however the lighter greens are reaper pro.... anyone know a good replacement from reaper pro (i like their smoothness over MSP)


    im in the process of widdling out my GW stuff... its just a bit... well gloppy..lmao


    so yes, i need to find my primary colors in pro, then go from there... lol





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