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  1. Bones 5 Core Set x1 Elves x1 Gem Dragon x1 Mounted Wraiths x1 Loot Golem x1 The Overgourd x2 Mammoth x2 Arakoth the Ancient x1 Dungeon Dwellers x1 Demonic Temptation x1 Yog-Sothoth x1 Valfuryx x1 Aganzarax x1 Shavynra the Slayer x1 Ildraedis the Devourer x1 Kalanzar the Wicked x1 Dark Depths Expansion x1 Fan Favorites x1 Finally got all the necessities paid off, If I am lucky I'll be grabbing 1-2 of each of the giants, the Dwarf Crypt, those power ups are looking nice too. And the ship would just be nice to have... reaper my wallet hates me.
  2. Bones 5 Core Set x1 Elves x1 Gem Dragon x1 Mounted Wraiths x1 Loot Golem x1 The Overgourd x2 Mammoth x1 Arakoth the Ancient x1 Dungeon Dwellers x1 Demonic Temptation x1 Yog-Sothoth x1 My first order, Next few months will come Dark Dwellers, Fan Favorites, another Mammoth, the 5 Dragons, Goroloth, The Dwarf King's Crypt. Possibly the Ship, Busts, Sirens, Shadows of Ravenhome, and 1-2 of the 2 giants. But we will see down the line about those...
  3. Awesome thank you so much! I'll get my initial bit in!
  4. This question may have already been answered and I apologize for it, but if I place an order with my kickstarter balance now, and want to come back and get more down the line, does me confirming an order now make it so I cannot make future purchases?
  5. This mad dash at the end is driving me insane! Still so much I would like to see, of things teased at reaper con! I saw in an above spreadsheet the dragons are gargantuan sized (4 inch base), is that the case? Could have sworn they were on 3 inch bases... This alone may make me need to collect the set of Chromatics in PM...
  6. So I placed my order this month and I got my package, not only did they throw in an extra paint or two outside of the nice ghoulie bag bonus, and the dark dwarf pounder, but whoever processed my order left a lovely note on my receipt! I cannot say I have ever needed to interact with reaper customer service as I don't live in the same timezone as they are, and I have never had a problem with my purchases, but the fact that someone took the time out of their busy day to leave a kind note really struck me as unique. They didn't have to, they certainly didn't have to give me extra free stuff, but they did. I have always loved Reapers minis since I first started painting (which has only been a few months), but I can confidently say I will recommend them to every new painter. Not only do they have lots of cool stuff, but the little things like this really show they care. Hell, they had no idea I would post this, whoever it was really went the extra mile, and I know bad things are 100x more likely to be talked about (not necessarily here but in general), so I thought I would leave this hopefully for someone to find send to the people in charge, or the amazing person who did this, it is so very much appreciated.
  7. Super excited to be getting dark elves in core, not that I thought it was "weak" but its super nice to get a nice little squad of them, especially since they seem to not be the typical dagger/staff dark elves for different types of encounters. ...Unfortunately I have to lower my pledge just a hair, but I would rather know everything is going through and still save a little bit for the holidays (Santa can't only come for me after all), but I am very thrilled that the pledge manager is rumored to stay around for a year as this is my first reaper kickstarter, considering the time of year, that really does add flexibility and a chance to get all you could need. All the same, I am excited to see just how far this can go, even if I can't toss any more in until after its over. ...Wonder if we are going to get a complete set of Chromatic Dragons? So far I have seen Blue, Green, Black, and a Shadow (not necessarily a Chromatic but evil so it can share a shelf if I can convince the wife early 2020). Very much looking forward to seeing a Red and White. I'm hoping the Greek 2/3 really have some cool things in them, they started off really good with the bronze golem, and cyclops but with the giant being an add on I don't know what is going to follow it up.. Also, as I am new here, does anyone know on average these minis will take to hit retail once all waves of the kickstarter go out and are received? Or even ones from the previous kickstarters if they haven't hit the market yet?
  8. Doing the same, I know I want the Core, Dungeon delvers, Mammoth, I wouldn't mind the Greek (Mainly wanting that bronze golem & cyclops but maybe once we see more it'll be a NEED), and depending on the underwater set, I will have to choose between a couple of dragon add ons and the underwater set. ...Might have to add a bit more for shipping by the end of it, but hell. I am 50 over my budget anyways..
  9. This was me, my uncle got me into CR like 3 years ago, which got me into d&d, we play over skype so no real need for minis, but we have a session once a year in person if we are lucky, and eventually kid will grow up and hopefully want to play, so maybe by the time he is old enough to I will have a substantial array of creatures and terrain to show off and throw at him. I have been slowly buying reaper figures as they're fun to paint even though I am not great at it, and I have found it really helps with giving me a "happy space". Learned of Bones 4 just after everything wrapped up and couldn't get involved (too late to even the after-after party) and watched like a hawk for bones 5.
  10. Yep, I am guessing the next map will be the Greek Expansion which from what I have seen has cool minis to get everyone through the low point in the kickstarter, followed by an oceanic one ending with a pirate ship to get everything over the finishline. As we finish this map, we are at +50k per goal. I would guess we will get through a goal of that high in about 2 days each then the last map in a mad dash.
  11. That's how its been going, working night shift and spent the first two night refreshing kickstarter and this page all night. I'm curious if we are going to unlock goroloth tonight. I hope so, its always nice to go to bed right as something unlocks so I know there will be some new update when I wake up.
  12. So we know kickstarters tend to settle down a bit after the first 2 days, typically, then pick up in the last two. As this is my first reaper kickstarter (or any for minis) how likely are we to going to unlock another expansion do you all think?
  13. Another fun stat is average donation has gone up about 3 dollars over the course of the campaign. Up to an average of $117.12 currently.
  14. Daimyo Expansion part 2 just unlocked! Next is Narthalyssk at 1.33M, then Grim Reaper and 2" bases at 1.375M for the core set! Surprised there was an update tonight at this hour but very happy for it!
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