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  1. rintintin

    My Zbrush sculpted models

    Hey Pegazus thanks for the feedback. I think you are correct. By the time I got to those small details I was running out of time and just wanted done with it so rushed the placement. I may do a re-work at some point to refine it.
  2. rintintin

    My Zbrush sculpted models

    HI, Thought I would create my own topic so I can share the models I create. Crits and comments welcome. This is my latest mini. Created just for fun. I think it should be called " The summoning" though I am open to ideas :) Got a few pictures of the 3d print of this guy. Not the best photos but you get the idea.
  3. rintintin

    Digital Sculpting Journeys, Views, Discussion

    Its a good place to start, I would also recommend... http://pixologic.com/zclassroom/ It's the official pixologic learning centre. It started life as Christopher Lee from the Devil Rides out but I couldn't get the likeness, but I will take the Vincent Price gladly!
  4. rintintin

    Digital Sculpting Journeys, Views, Discussion

    Hi, First time poster on the forums Please forgive if this isn't the right place to post my images. I created these after I recently got a 3d printer and was amazed at the quality it printed out. Since then I have been trying to master the art of 28mm minis. The over sizing of detail has been challenging to say the least but I shall keep trying. Crits and comments most welcome as its the only way to get better. hI