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    Warlord, Warhammer, Warmaster, Bloodbowl, Crucible (still lamenting), Clan Wars. OK that covers Mini games.<br><br>RPG's: L5R, 7th Sea, Feng Shui, Hero<br>CCG's: CoC, Shadowfist<br><br>Life in general: Dogs, Cats, interesting music, laughing, wierd movies, reading, writing, and weapons.<br><br>Yep that's me.
  1. Well Stubby, having seen all other lines increase the number of models as books come out, I'm pretty positive there will be more models for the Lupine line (probably wolves will be added as well). And as far as certain mercs not playing well with other Mercs. Or different Merc companies, I can see that without batting an eye. The cost of the Lupines, especially if they start adding things like Sgts, cpts, other elites and solo's, means that force will be small regardless, so you won't have quitel the variety, but you'll have tough models. I'd almost like to see this, in bigger games, that you can start combining Merc groups as small Merc compainies gather into a larger force, while retaining the faction ability. Oh, and just so ya know, I just don't care about freelance companies, you want to do it, cool. Most of the folks in our neck of the woods I don't think would bring the all archer army you speak of. Guess we just have good guys.
  2. Gus, this is a thing of beauty. Thank you for creating it.
  3. Frog Swarm, where are those located?? Also I though Tariq changed slightly.
  4. Oh, and stubby, if you don't want the Lupine box. It's cool, I'll just pay you for Razig's. If'n you want to go the whole Orba route. No real skin off my nose. I personally, appreciate, all the work and tweaking going into Warlord, they aren't just leaving it with lackluster mechanics, and troops that don't add up. So, kudo's to the Reaper crew.
  5. Duh, I guess I should have signed into the HQ. Sorry, it's late, and I've had a rough day. Thanks bunches, as a group is begining to grow here abouts, it'll help.
  6. And I've been back and forth all day looking at about every angle of the site I can think of and I can't seem to find this thing. Can someone help me out, provide a link? Rythian
  7. That's what I figured, just checking, I got tons of 1.5x1.5 (or 40x40) laying about, I was just confirming which was correct, 'cause every Avatar blister I've seen in my parts have 1x1's. Mini diorama here I come. Time to buy some Crusaders and Necropolis to cut up and make "scenery!" Thank you much Rythian
  8. OK, I've been playing more ofter recently. And when I originally put together my army (Nefsokar), I based the Walking Avatar on the base sent with him. Recently I noticed on his Data Card that in fact he's supposed to have a Large base (1.5"x1.5), not a standard (1x1), which is what came with him, and what I believe that model seems to be built for. My question is should I rebase my old Avatar's? Just wondering if this has been addressed. Thanks, Rythian
  9. Sweet, Sweet Poison, How I love thee. Unfortunately one of my primary enemies is the Damnable Crypt Legion. Ah well I'll just have to pummel them to dust.
  10. I looked into it a bit ago, but I don't know of an official store in my area, and I have to finish painting the Nefsokar and Elves up, to have the two painted forces. I'm also going to talk to two stores in my area about the whole thing. So hopefully.
  11. So me and one buddy have been playing Warlord since last Christmas, we've had a lot of fun. Not a lot of variety. I also play Warhammer, and am part of a group of close to 60 Warhammer players throughout WI, I head up the Milwaukee Region. Anyhow, so over the last year, I've talked about Warlord, explained how much I liked it and why. But I was never pushy of overbearing, this guys are good guys, and know good product, they'll catch on. So last weekend, I introduced Warlord to one of the other big guys in the Milwaukee area, and thus far, 3 other people in Milwaukee want a taste. And my buddy up in Steven's Point would like me to demo it at Pointcon. Ah, patience is a virtue. Warlord looks like it's going to take off well here in Milwaukee.
  12. Good in what way? As an army it good, I've won with it I've lost with. Fluff wise I think it's great and characterful. Mini's great. I like 'em. But what are you looking for? Generic Answer to Generic Question Yes, they are
  13. I agree getting away from IGO/UGO init system is great. I really do dig intresting option the card system gives you. I've only played a few games thus far, but more people are springing up in my area. I believe we have expanded to 6-8 player base. So I have to say sweet about that. I do think the smaller scale tourney games doesn't really allow you to showcase the Init system they way it should be.
  14. Warlord, is a fast and furious skirmish style game. You and any other players in your are are looking at low entry cost, skies the limit type game. You can play huge battles. Also it lends itseld to multiplayer far easier then a lot of games. The die conventions are easy to learn and teach, the combat is easy to follow. The mini's are awesome.
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