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  1. Okay, I’m in! We’ll be there the full con. My forum pic is good (hint, I have it as a phone case as well) and my name is Ted. The mrs and boy aren’t really forumites, so I guess it’s just me! -t
  2. I got a response the other day: “There is not a way for a single account to sign up for multiple spots in the gaming module... I can, however, reduce the seat totals for the game you guys would like to play together and let the DM/GM know in advance. ” So, it sounds like going through the questions line is the workaround. Hopefully they’ll be enough games running to keep everyone involved! -t
  3. Thank you in advance, and definitely!
  4. I don't understand the 'assign it to a name' part? We have a single growtix account, and we used it to get 3 VIP tickets under different names. We were eventually able to reserve one slot for one game (Friday's Crypt session!) but we can't figure out how to reserve a second seat? It doesn't matter whose order confirmation we use, they all see the Countess as the only GrowTix account holder, so it keeps kicking us out and saying "you are already registered for this game." Very frustrating, as we weren't even able to get a single seat for the Thursday night session that Randy is running... Do we have to create multiple GrowTix accounts? Thanks! -t
  5. I’m a little confused on game registration… we only have one GrowTix account, but it doesn’t seem to allow for multiple reservations? Do we have to set up a growtix account for each of us, or is there something else I’m missing?
  6. Yeah, that ended up being our strategy as well. It worked, but now we have a bundle of emails and QR codes to reassemble. Still, we’re thrilled to have gotten most of our first choices…
  7. We had to click the “login to growtix” on the upper right and complete the email/password sign in. Then, we went to the tab that had the “buy tix to ReaperCon” page and refreshed. That brought us to the actual class purchase page. By the time we figured that out, a few classes we wanted sold out, so we just got what we could and checked out. I was disappointed to not see Imries class, but we found a few slots to Kim’s version. Really disappointed that advanced NMM sold out so quick, but I guess those are the breaks. -ted
  8. Yeah, I wanted in that as well!
  9. Only three Thursday classes are showing up?
  10. That is over-the-top wonderful! Just imagine that sweeping over a village on a moonless night...
  11. I rely on pretty much the exact same set of gear, and funny enough, a lot of it overlaps with my 'full sized' airbrush gear that I use for furniture. Full disclosure, I'm pretty good in putting waterborne finishes on furniture, and terrible at painting minis with it (I even miss spots when primering...). However, one thing that recently helped me out a bunch was using 1000grit wet/dry sandpaper to clean the needle of paint that was resistant to scrubbing/soaking with conventional materials. You can spin the needle while dragging it backwards (keeping everything flat so that you don't damage the tip) and basically completely restore like new performance. It's 10sec to show and about 1000 words to describe, but I could post some pix or video if anyone is interested. You can get cloth backed versions ('emery cloth') or soft pads (mirka, etc...), but I found the paper backed was the most controllable. I'm not sure of the 'perfect' grit, but generally the finer the better. You need some abrasiveness, however, to actually get the paint off, so 1000 - 2000 seems to be the sweet spot. Of course, you won't need this until after you've abused your tools for a while!
  12. Oh weird. I just figured out part of the confusion. For some reason, GrowTix launched me into the 2021 convention registration. That explains why the times/numbers of classes was at odds with our schedule! Still, my question on the above part still stands, i.e. is there anything more we can do in advance to associate each attendee's schedule with the 'master scheduler' (which, in this case, is the Countess) in advance of tickets going on sale? Best, -t
  13. Hi all: I saw a bunch of stuff updated on the Reaper Con schedule (Hobby Hijinks, new classes with pricing added, gaming, etc..), and I perhaps mistakenly thought tickets had gone on sale. However, it led to some confusion as this is our first pass with GrowTix. We have a single login account that has bought 3 passes for the three of us. We see the individual passes, and we've built schedules for each of the three. But, when we're logged into GrowTix (under our login account) and use the "My schedules" pulldown, no schedules show up? Will this change when classes actually go on sale? I can't find any option in GrowTix to define 'managed' accounts. Sorry to pester, I'd just hate to miss out on classes of interest because we're futzing around with stuff that could be done in advance. That said, the list of Hijinks and games has already triggered a wave of household enthusiasm! -t
  14. Super helpful! Thanks!
  15. Hi: More newbie questions! When we choose VIP passes, we're vaulted into a page that lists all of the classes that you can schedule. Is this just a planner tool? Do I need to fill it out to get access to the classes when registration opens? Thanks, and now we're officially looking forward to meeting a bunch of you! -t
  16. Thanks all! I guess the hard part is I don’t have a feel for whether we’re better off leaving Thursday, Friday or Saturday afternoon open, and whether that means no 9 am, 11 am, etc… classes. Have tours typically just been 1x/day, or more frequent?
  17. Myself, the Countess and the not-so-young master of the house are very close to pulling the trigger on attending. We’re excited, and have a million questions, but I’ll try to keep us focused. Right now, we’re trying to figure out how to plan for both classes and a factory tour. Are factory tours reservable? We’d like to plan 2 or 3 classes on Friday and Saturday, but it isn’t clear how to schedule the factory trips. Are they constantly running and easy to get into? Also, do the classes cost money? We’re likely to spring for VIP and plan to be there the duration, but I don’t know if that makes a difference. Thanks!
  18. That's great! I especially like the color transition at the base of the tentacles - it really sells the 'living rock' sensibility.
  19. I am just always so thrilled that Reapers shipping confirmation includes the line “you can reply to this message. It’s answered by a friendly human”. TBH, it’s sad that such little things are so exceptional, but it makes me appreciate them all the more!
  20. Oh wow, she is so crisp and vibrant!
  21. Wow! I’m also in awe of the shading. The little pops of white in the base are just the chef’s kiss!
  22. Ha! They’re great. Now my to-do list just got bigger: 1. watch Zombie Strippers 2. order the undead skin set
  23. Oh my, fold these right into a Stranger Things campaign…! Beautifully nightmarish!
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