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  1. Have to tried it with contrast paints because their cost is kind of crazy, but it's great with glazes
  2. Zenithal priming has become my best friend. No white dots in the recesses and nice bright colors on my higher surfaces
  3. Gotta love the desert weather. My girlfriend and I always joke about the Mojave and Death Valley when we drive through Beatty.
  4. I was organizing my unpainted/ half-painted minis the other night and well. 6 repurposed board game boxes, 3 plastic trays and 2 plastic tote boxes. Full. It'd be almost impressive if it wasn't so stressful.
  5. Paints up nicely too. It might look a little too beat up though.
  6. Granted you never know how much they'll charge, wasn't the stygian barge only a $30 add on?
  7. Plus it means no chart for damage/attack bonuses for half a dozen different circumstances.
  8. Sharks are so versatile, grab people on the boat pull them into the water, breech the surface and scare the pants off of adventures.
  9. This is only true for creatures without a swimming speed in 5e.
  10. cosxcam

    First real attempt at OSL

    I appreciate it With painting I try to push past comfort levels to increase my own personal skill ceiling.
  11. Hmm, looks like it would be a good bit of work to cut out a secret entrance behind the relief.
  12. cosxcam

    First real attempt at OSL

    Thanks, it turned out really good. Planning in advanced and a little bit of fluorescent paint goes a long way.
  13. Great example of an underrepresented monster, there are literally dozens of us that want minis for them.
  14. stirges are a model that's needed really badly. Almost every module I've ran calls for them in one way or another at low level and I've yet to find a good affordable option.
  15. cosxcam

    First real attempt at OSL

    First real attempt at object source lighting. Model was zenithal primed and painted using glazes and inks