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  1. Unfortunately I puttied the model into a base over a year ago, I'd have to risk the paint job to get in to the what I believe is a broccoli base.
  2. As the title says, got it froma lot a while back. A friend is curious as to what the model is. The overall look leads me to believe it's either reaper or one of the sculptors reaper often uses.
  3. I've got to play in part of the Treasures from the Heart of the Razor module(5e). It's great stuff in there.
  4. I like brinewood for sure. Every Dreadmere humanoid I've painted up so far has been really enjoyable to work on. I'm excited for a plethora of things that aren't big 2 or 3 tone monsters.
  5. already about 5k up from unlocking Dark Depths 3, pirate ship by 6pm is looking easy
  6. Yar har deedly dee, being a pirate is alright with me
  7. I'm really enjoying the encounters other than the Yeti one, and only because it lacks versatility. happy to hear there are a few more in the works, I'm excited for brinewind expansions, hopefully some large/huge models coming up in it.
  8. I'd be willing to bet my disappointment is due to getting my Mythic Battles Pantheon 1.5 this year. I already all the greek I could want except a hippogriff. As for the Giant, I think it's just the Odd skin color giant, plus painting what looks to be 90% of a boat, plus a shark. It's a lot of techniques and full color schemes.
  9. Dark Depths 3 is very satisfying, I was pretty disappointed in part 3 of the Greek Odyssey expansion. But that Sea Giant looks like it will be a pain to paint.
  10. Have to tried it with contrast paints because their cost is kind of crazy, but it's great with glazes
  11. Zenithal priming has become my best friend. No white dots in the recesses and nice bright colors on my higher surfaces
  12. Gotta love the desert weather. My girlfriend and I always joke about the Mojave and Death Valley when we drive through Beatty.
  13. I was organizing my unpainted/ half-painted minis the other night and well. 6 repurposed board game boxes, 3 plastic trays and 2 plastic tote boxes. Full. It'd be almost impressive if it wasn't so stressful.
  14. Paints up nicely too. It might look a little too beat up though.
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