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  1. Wow, I have yet to pant mine but I think I’ve found some inspiration :)
  2. Love the basing! What did you use for the fallen?
  3. You are getting better and better. Kudos for continuing to grow your skills @Mini_Wizard_Studios
  4. Wonderful creativity. Definitely one of the most unique minis I’ve seen in these forums (or anywhere for that matter)
  5. Gorgeous paint job. Love the diorama setting as well
  6. You definitely have one of the best looking mini holders out there! As someone who started a couple years ago on the LTPK as well, just set your own goals, don’t judge your paint jobs compared to others (there are some fantastic artists in here) Most importantly, have fun. Paint the way you want to paint, challenge yourself in your own way on your own timeline. Welcome to the most supportive forum I’ve ever seen
  7. I have one as well, not only is the arm an anatomically train wreck, the male part is all misshapen and doesn’t fit into the female part. I just put it aside after messing w it and it will sit in my “not really interested” pile. Probably my least favorite reaper mini even though I was looking forward to doing my first Calvary mini When I got it. Huge reaper fan but they missed the boat on this one.
  8. Nice work! I would do a loud gulp if you plopped that war band down
  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I really like the orange cape
  10. Always love the Nagendra, still have a few left to paint myself. Nice work on the variation of coloring, it does make them more interesting
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