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  1. Wow! Nice work, the head is my favorite part, nice detail especially the mouth. I see an ominous toothy grin w a hint of disdain
  2. Crissair

    Finished Reaper's Learn To Paint Kit

    Ha! Brings back memories of when I was in the same spot about two years ago. Finished those three and have bought and painted many more. One of these days I will take some decent pictures and post something. Welcome to the hobby and nice work!
  3. Crissair

    paint-n-take show off -- Recruits 2019

    I visit this forum regularly for about two years now after getting into mini painting. This post was the first time I have ever felt compelled to reply. Never knew you needed a separate forum account, so just created one for this. I am truly impressed with this! All volunteer time, bringing art to kids (and big kids too) in a entertaining way to keep them engaged. I wonder how many people have become passionate about gaming or mini painting because of this event. Well done!