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  1. I may be mistaken then. It came w 3 lenses and I use the strongest. I’ll have to check to see if there are markings on the lens and get back to y’all.
  2. I got a pair of mageyes for Christmas 2 years ago and love them. It came with 3 lenses. When doing tiny detail work I use the 5x lens, never used the other ones. For reg painting I just use a cheap pair of eyeglasses that are a bit more than what I use for reading. The nice thing about mageyes is that I use them while wearing the eyeglasses and flip them down when needed. Otherwise I flip the lens up out of the way. I don’t have any issues with them being uncomfortable on my head.
  3. This is what I use as well, but I fill the bottle w sand. I like the weight in my hand and it’s not as easy to accidentally knock over
  4. Wow, I have yet to pant mine but I think I’ve found some inspiration :)
  5. Love the basing! What did you use for the fallen?
  6. You are getting better and better. Kudos for continuing to grow your skills @Mini_Wizard_Studios
  7. Wonderful creativity. Definitely one of the most unique minis I’ve seen in these forums (or anywhere for that matter)
  8. Gorgeous paint job. Love the diorama setting as well
  9. You definitely have one of the best looking mini holders out there! As someone who started a couple years ago on the LTPK as well, just set your own goals, don’t judge your paint jobs compared to others (there are some fantastic artists in here) Most importantly, have fun. Paint the way you want to paint, challenge yourself in your own way on your own timeline. Welcome to the most supportive forum I’ve ever seen
  10. I have one as well, not only is the arm an anatomically train wreck, the male part is all misshapen and doesn’t fit into the female part. I just put it aside after messing w it and it will sit in my “not really interested” pile. Probably my least favorite reaper mini even though I was looking forward to doing my first Calvary mini When I got it. Huge reaper fan but they missed the boat on this one.
  11. Nice work! I would do a loud gulp if you plopped that war band down
  12. Absolutely gorgeous! I really like the orange cape
  13. Always love the Nagendra, still have a few left to paint myself. Nice work on the variation of coloring, it does make them more interesting
  14. I thinks it’s awesome that you have hand built these. I’m not into the starships much, but knowing these are handcrafted makes them even more impressive.Well done!
  15. Nice job @Mini_Wizard_Studios I agree the skin tones look great. Also really like his face, you captured that low IQ look
  16. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback @Inarah and @Doug Sundseth. As far as the bone, I agree. I was going to finish the armor before finishing the weathering on hands, skull and feet. Plus, I’m not sure if I’m going to leave the hands as bone color yet. They look a little too thick to be bone, might make them into some old rotten gloves instead. Much appreciated
  17. So I saw https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/profile/17619-maciej/ and really liked the effect and it was one I haven’t tried in my relatively short time painting. I also have an idea to use this guy with the obsidian crypt, so here is my first attempt at the rust effect. I think I went a bit overboard w the rust so I went back through and tried adding a bit more metal showing. Before I go any further I would love some tips/advice/feedback from anyone in the community that would be willing to share their knowledge. Not looking to create a competition piece by any means, just want it to look better than it stands. Thanks in advance
  18. That actually may work. I still think that if you own one or more of those minis already, it wouldn’t be that attractive. Right now if I’m not super stoked to order off the website, I throw some of my disposable $ and get a few more things from the Kickstarter. With many people on budgets, having a reoccurring charge for something you may or may not want seems like it could flop. The current bundle system for Miniature Monday I think would be the closest thing that could be successful. Just one persons opinion though. Good topic for folks to weigh in on
  19. I got mine from Reaper and it came in several pieces
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