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  1. Thank you. I tried to go not to go literally off the color wheel and wanted to try some different combos. Yellow for the wizard was predetermined as I wanted a challenge w that pesky yellow. Purple for the dwarf. A few others I just used some paints I hadn’t used for a primary color yet.
  2. Thank you @Grand Slam! Appreciate your thoughtful feedback you always give folks on this forum
  3. Got back onto my painting horse after a break and started to tackle some of my Bones 5 pile of shame. Pretty happy overall but always open to any feedback from folks here. So many PCs still left to paint from 5. Anyone else find them harder than monsters just from a creativity perspective? Unless of course it’s your PC😀
  4. Agreed, its unfortunate that many companies see servicing a customer after a sale as a negative and do everything they can to not be available or make you harass them before doing the right thing. Reaper sees it as it should be, an opportunity to keep their customers satisfied, coming back for more, and being promoters of the brand.
  5. I had that Specialist kit as a kid! Painted em up with Testors paint. Paladin was my favorite. Still remember the first time I played w some friends, was promptly killed by a carrion crawler (AD&D was unforgiving.)Always loved em since. Other low level monsters Gelatinous Cube owlbear undead (skeletons, zombies, ghouls) orcs, goblins, kobolds, gnolls, ogres Spiders, scorpions, snakes otyugh (another oldie but goodie) stirges, bats, rats maybe not low level, but still iconic: dragon, beholder, mind flayer, giant, yuan-ti, elementals i bet he will be stoked! Maybe throw in a set of dice if you’re able
  6. Thank you for the feedback and the suggestion of using gold, never thought of doing that w metallics.
  7. Thank you for the feedback! I agree w the highlights. However, every time I go w more highlighting I always don't like the way it looks and re-do it to tone it down. Its a hurdle I need to get over
  8. Recently started painting again after about a 18 month break due to just too much on my plate. Finished this guy up a few weeks ago. Tried to pick out as much unique treasure as I could. Really fun mini to paint. Not sure if the head fins work or if I should have gone with horns. Would love some critique on what I could do better...all opinions welcome 🙂
  9. As someone who has managed CS Depts for many years, I have been impressed each time I have contacted Reaper for an issue. One email and they just fix the issue. Each time they just sent me a whole mini vs the part that was lost or unusable. No 3rd degree, no "show me proof". Follow up email just confirming what they will do to solve the issue. And bonus... their CS staff is personable too! This is how you win life long customers. Every company has issues, mistakes or self inflicted errors. What separates the great companies from the rest is how they address the problem with their customers. 10 out of 10 for Reaper CS!
  10. I may be mistaken then. It came w 3 lenses and I use the strongest. I’ll have to check to see if there are markings on the lens and get back to y’all.
  11. I got a pair of mageyes for Christmas 2 years ago and love them. It came with 3 lenses. When doing tiny detail work I use the 5x lens, never used the other ones. For reg painting I just use a cheap pair of eyeglasses that are a bit more than what I use for reading. The nice thing about mageyes is that I use them while wearing the eyeglasses and flip them down when needed. Otherwise I flip the lens up out of the way. I don’t have any issues with them being uncomfortable on my head.
  12. This is what I use as well, but I fill the bottle w sand. I like the weight in my hand and it’s not as easy to accidentally knock over
  13. Wow, I have yet to pant mine but I think I’ve found some inspiration :)
  14. Love the basing! What did you use for the fallen?
  15. You are getting better and better. Kudos for continuing to grow your skills @Mini_Wizard_Studios
  16. Wonderful creativity. Definitely one of the most unique minis I’ve seen in these forums (or anywhere for that matter)
  17. Gorgeous paint job. Love the diorama setting as well
  18. You definitely have one of the best looking mini holders out there! As someone who started a couple years ago on the LTPK as well, just set your own goals, don’t judge your paint jobs compared to others (there are some fantastic artists in here) Most importantly, have fun. Paint the way you want to paint, challenge yourself in your own way on your own timeline. Welcome to the most supportive forum I’ve ever seen
  19. I have one as well, not only is the arm an anatomically train wreck, the male part is all misshapen and doesn’t fit into the female part. I just put it aside after messing w it and it will sit in my “not really interested” pile. Probably my least favorite reaper mini even though I was looking forward to doing my first Calvary mini When I got it. Huge reaper fan but they missed the boat on this one.
  20. Nice work! I would do a loud gulp if you plopped that war band down
  21. Absolutely gorgeous! I really like the orange cape
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