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  1. I spent roughly half of what I spent in Bones V, but I see that my per-mini cost is exactly the same, to the cent — $1.74 per mini. A damn fine deal in my opinion, considering the size of some of them. Hope to see some more things in the PM I can add on. Regarding comments that long time Bones Kickstarter supporters aren’t the Target market of Reaper anymore, I think that’s not quite right. You may not be the target of the Kickstarters, but that doesn’t mean Reaper as a business is only focused on the Kickstarter audience. I think they’re pretty good about making that just a part of what they do. One of my biggest compliments of the company is how they build a community to keep customers engaged long term. Edited to add they keep customers engaged year round too, which shows they are much more than just focused on kickstarters for their business model.
  2. What’s the complaint on KS exclusives? Is it on principal? Genuinely curious, couldn’t you just have backed the KS for that alone? And anyone will be able to join the Pledge Manager as a late backer for a minor increase later.
  3. We haven't seen most of the teased Legendary Tales encounters. Maybe we won't get to them...
  4. Honestly, you could probably sell what you don’t want and pay for a good chunk of the overall core cost.
  5. I was hugely dismissive of the lighthouse. As in, irritated whenever I saw the posts go on and on... And yet, I've upped my pledge without hesitation. Turns out, it was a brilliant idea with stellar execution!
  6. They've said this wasn't the big KS-related announcement. That is coming at 4 p.m. today in the Twitch stream and posted as an update. I like what they've been doing with flavor/hook text in the teases, it makes sense that may be content destined for a campaign setting in this new RPG. Easily ported over to 5th Edition, I am sure.
  7. I wonder how many people are like me though. I do play D&D, but I’m not likely to use more than a handful of these in actual game. I’m buying just to paint and enjoy as figures. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. How about a squad of modrons? Quirky little constructs.
  9. I figure Reaper knows what they are doing. Today’s update was amazing, and it was great to see folks get excited. I hope the energy stays like this the rest of the way!
  10. I completely agree! I am a huge fan of Reaper’s newer style integrated bases, especially when they have things like planks or cobblestones built in to them. I just don’t have the interest in customizing my bases, but I do know I’m in the minority.
  11. Dang, Ron just verified that the chonky dragon Chaarondar is on a four-inch base! They'll update the page. Proctor showed off a test print that he is painting up, and that thing is MASSIVE.
  12. Reaper recently released a couple adventures based on groups of minis from Bones V. I don't think any of them were for the actual encounters that were in the KS, but that would be a super cool added value to the encounter if it came with a short module or text to fuel part of an adventure. They are on the Reaper website in the Dungeon Dwellers section.
  13. That makes sense. I regretted not ordering the Brinewind extras!
  14. The encounters are coming. They’ve teased six encounter names/concepts already. It’s hard for Reaper to please everyone. Another poster (and I’ve seen many) will ask for more terrain options. A little bit for everyone seems to be a way they can succeed. I think I’ll skip GG too since I picked up so many excellent taverngoers and tavern terrain in the Dunkledorf KS.
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