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  1. Man, I'd love this! If you can't upload it, can you email me a copy? Joshinminn at gee mail.
  2. I just can't see how the translucent option is going to work on this. With multiple decks. The opaque print looks epic. Maybe when I see someone paint up a translucent I will finally get the appeal!
  3. Tough call, and I'm bummed to not be able to attend my first RC. But safety first. Looking forward to the online festivities!
  4. Are they out of stock on a lot of Bones or Bones Black? I hadn't noticed that.
  5. This is the point where this conversation became interesting to me. Now I want x-rays or an anatomical drawing of his skeleton. lol
  6. Ron said on Reaper Live tonight that they are putting this out in metal! Congrats to both @Rainbow Sculptorand @Hollymonster! I'll certainly buy it when it comes out!
  7. So the dude rakshasa is a straight up bonus figure? He wasn't on the initial Fan Favorites posting. Amazing that they're just adding him in for us. As a cat lover, I'll take any feline-oriented mini I can get!
  8. I've been wanting to try Goodman Games' Mutant Crawl Classics. Wonder of anyone plans on running a table.
  9. Welcome aboard! I picked up the hobby last fall; it's super fun, and wow the community is really supportive. Enjoy!
  10. Check the archive site: http://web.archive.org/web/20181228175924/http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft
  11. Same. I don't want to mess with any clears or glowy versions with all those levels and stuff inside. Seems like it would be a visual mess.
  12. I base coated this guy (Otherworld Shadow 1 of 2) in Reaper Nightmare Black (a gorgeous blue-black) and drybrush highlighted with a 50/50 mix of Oceanic Blue and Pure White. I think he looks done! Thoughts? Too heavy on the dry brush? I plan to use some Vallejo Ground Texture on the base. Happy to hear comments and criticism.
  13. I felt the same way at first, but I'm pretty sure a primer coat will render them opaque.
  14. I'm really excited that we're talking about terms of venery for undead!
  15. Oh wow, that's my FLGS! Good to meet a fellow Minnesotan! I think Source has a pretty great mini selection. And they do classes too!
  16. She's so cute. Maybe Reaper can work her into a B5 power up! And thanks for sharing about how things work. It's all very interesting. Love your work!
  17. Hi @Rainbow Sculptor! Love your work! I came into the hobby not long ago, and I'm curious how you as a sculptor will see a project like this to retail. If not part of Reaper's KS machine, what do you do with a digital (or 3D) sculpt? Do you pitch it to mini manufacturers? Are you a freelancer, or are you "on staff" with a company? I'd be curious to read anything you might share about what it's like being a miniature sculptor! (Sorry I'm an ENFP and just love to learn how things work, I'm not asking so I can try to become one too! )
  18. Given how great these sculpts look (and how interesting it is to read about @Rainbow Sculptor's process) think we need a full-on Brinewind Brothel powerup! @Reaper Ron what do you think?!
  19. What are Reaper Bucks? Wow, I see a VIP bag in my future...
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