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  1. I am loving painting this big guy (newly released SKU: 44109), I think my painting skills are still not refined for the regular sized dwarfs! But looking at all the new dwarfs that are out, does anyone else find it odd that the Enlarged Dark Dwarf Smiter appears to actually be an enlarged version of the Dark Dwarf Striker instead of the Dark Dwarf Smiter? It is entirely inconsequential, but sort of seems like someone mixed up the names when creating the packaging! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I haven't played Zombicide. Think it would be fun to play with teenagers? The big Z2 Kickstarter didn't really appeal to me; the figures seemed over the top and crass to me ("Fatties?!" -- no thanks). But this more classic approach (loved the Romero movie) seems more interesting to me.
  3. Well, I landed at $786, which frankly feels insane given that I've only just entered the hobby recently... It'll give me a lot to look forward to, and incentive to hone my skills between now and then. I'm about a dozen painted minis in, and have enjoyed building a work station with a lot of advice gained through these fora. By my calcs, my KS haul came out to $1.88 per figure or paint bottle. That would be remarkable even if every figure was the size of Sir Forscale. I can hardly see how Reaper makes a profit on this thing, with a great many of these figures being the size that they are!
  4. I understand you can make multiple PM orders and they will all ship at the same time. But will the shipping costs of multiple PM orders take into account what you've already paid in shipping? Or will you ultimately pay more in shipping if you piecemeal tour PM orders? Just curious.
  5. Glad they took care of you! The cast looked fine on mine, but the nub on that left arm is so tiny. Maybe I'm not using the right glue for resin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. I got the 28mm version of Tara from Bombshell, and assembling her has been a nightmare. The lock/key arms don't have enough material to grab ahold... That bust looks incredible though, and so does the model! Lol...
  7. Cat Dragon in the Tree was my pick. I love cats, so I had no hesitation picking that one! Sounds like the "stocking" goodie bag will have some minis in it too?
  8. He looks excellent! Must be some good painters at your FLGS if you didn't win with that guy.
  9. I've been using the clear green in wraiths, and it looks fantastic IMHO!
  10. I ordered the new wraiths that were just released that were part of the Bones 4 KS. I thought they were going to be opaque (that's how they were first posted), and was bummed when they arrived as translucent. Mostly because I have never painted a translucent before. So I ordered up a couple other green guys to try out some technique. After botching up the Spirit figure with AP green quickshade, I moved on to this Grave Wraith. I used Muddy Brown on the ground, Mountain Stone on the gravestone and Bronze Dragon on the sword. I liberally used AP strong quickshade as a base on the wra
  11. It's pretty cool to find a company that knows how to do customer service. I'm very impressed. I had a broken figure, and they rushed a replacement to me. Great service, great product, great community.
  12. I just ordered these from the store and they were all green translucent. Is that how they came in the B4 set? I was expecting gray. Not a biggie, just surprised.
  13. Thanks, that's helpful! And I enjoyed your dwarf how-to, @Chris Palmer!
  14. Hi folks! Getting into the hobby... Bones V sucked me in after I'd been teetering on the edge for years. That was a ride... I'm trying to develop my skills, I've worked through the first LTP set and have the second. I'm wondering if y'all have suggestions on Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration. Thanks for any tips!
  15. This made me laugh so hard! I thought the exact same thing, as I have the old Castle Grayskull!
  16. I'm hopelessly addicted as well... you've got company!
  17. If that was the plan, the title Escape from the Pizza Dungeon seems a bit odd... I wish there were more classic dungeon critters, but many of those have already been made. The Dungeon Dwellers expansion is my favorite for this reason!
  18. This is certainly my situation. I've been a player for decades but only occasionally, and never a mini painter. I've been painting for a month or so, and love it. A collection builder like this is such a welcome opportunity. I'm also buying minis at my FLGS and online, so the kickstarter has made me a consumer in multiple ways.
  19. Thanks, I'm just getting into miniatures and the Kickstarter is making me obsessive in an almost alarming way! About four years ago I came back to D&D after about 20 years away. It's been so great to find the community of grognards and felliw nerds isb going so strong!
  20. Honestly, this shouldn't be such a good deal that they don't make money. The folks whining that the core is too small I feel like wouldn't care if Reaper lost money on the deal. Margins shouldn't be so small. A good deal can be had by all, buyers and seller.
  21. Hahaha, I haven't been into the ship idea until this suggestion. If it's a catfolk ship, I'm all over it!
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