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  1. I'll tell you what we need, more non-human townsfolk & non-combatants! Its impossible to find a descent selection of those anywhere; give us elven merchants, halfling nobility, orcish farmers, goblin milkmaids, etc. Anything would be great, really.
  2. I'm really loving all these dragons; its great to see them cover all the D&D chromatics. It would be nice if we could get some more for the metallics and/or maybe the gemstone dragons. Hint, hint.
  3. Its good to hear you found the feedback useful rather than hurtful. To be honest, other than the pose, I really love that sculpt; everything else about it really captures the image I have in my head of a catoblepas. As far as 5e players are concerned, I can understand them wanting things to be compatible to their preferred rule set, but I think they may be a bit anal about the subject If they cant handle a limb or neck overhanging the base some. If it were to be re-sculpted, I think something similar to what Sirithiliel suggested could be a good compromise; lowering its head some, but not enough that it would interfere with placing other minis next to it. No matter what though, you and the other sculptors and Reaper keep doing your thing, because all of you produce some amazing sculpts. Oh, I can understand wanting to stay as far away from internet hate mobs as possible. If the web has one flaw, its that it amplifies the human capacity to put others through hell over the most minor of offenses. So don't feel like I'm criticizing you for not personally engaging with it. As I said to TaleSpinner above, I actually think this might be a good direction to take the mini if Reaper were so inclined to modify the sculpt. I think something like it could be a good compromise between the desires of people like me and 5e players.
  4. While I think that stance makes sense when a sculpt is released for purchase already, with a kickstarter its often different situation. Many of these sculpts are not completely finalized yet, and production won't start for quite a while, so now is the time to let the people producing them know because their is always a chance they'll decide to change the sculpt based on feedback. Now comments like the one made by that jerk about "bring your kid to work day" or whatever are definitely beyond the pale, but I don't think that we should simply avoid all negative feedback due to potential hurt feelings. Full disclosure, I did post how I wish they would change the sculpt, but I didn't think my post was particularly cruel or the like. You all have me paranoid, though, that I may have inadvertently caused harm so if any of you would like to pass judgment on me for that I'm reproducing the text of that post below. I would really like some feedback to see if I went to far. *the only change I made to the post text was to incorporate a typo-fix for clarity.
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