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  1. A nice winged Garfield!!
  2. I wholeheartedly agree! Those colors are beautiful!
  3. Nice pattern in the interior of her cloak!
  4. Wow, this is a beautiful figure and you've painted her delightfully!
  5. I’m painting these two minis now, some of my favorites of all Bones V. Is there a cat face in the female’s bag?
  6. I had that issue with Tom Meier's three headed three stooges troll. I had it back in the eighties, but was just too intimidated by it, didn't want to mess it up. Painted it after I got back in the hobby and found out I was worrying about nothing!
  7. Yeah, my recent figures have been a little bit on the bizarre side, whales, squids, chickenasaurus….
  8. Greetings to those of the Clan Reaper! I think this has got to be one of the quirkiest figures I've painted, a Chickinasaurus sculpted by Tom Meier from his Sparkle and Savage range, from Theoland! I was a bit confused as to what colors to make him, so thinking about chickens, I tried to imitate a nice brown chicken with a green tail, hopefully he turned out okay: a really nice and simple figure to actually paint!
  9. Probably traded away for some new-fangled mini from the 21st century…. Thank you Glitterwolf!
  10. Yay! It’s legible! I was kind of worried. I can read it, but I wrote it. Thanks for confirming!
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