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  1. Yeah, I agree, very nice, and thanks for such a nice closeup photo!
  2. Great job! Have been wanting to see one of these painted !
  3. Morning everybody, just got this one finished and photographed this early morn, one of Michael Evan's halflings, a mage: Big fan of Stonehaven and especially like this figure, as he looks like a traditional Tolkienesque adventuring hobbit, but with that caveat that he has got himself a bit of magic. Way back when in the olden days, halflings were either fighters or thieves, so this is a nice little modern twist. Anyways, enjoy!
  4. Thank you Glitterwolf! Thank you Countr Urlik, I used two different metal formulas for each one. Don’t know which turned out better. Thank you Chaoswolf!
  5. Good evening my Reaperlangarians! So it feels like I haven't been too productive this year, got kind of stuck on painting Lord Soth, which seemed to take longer than it should have, but now that he's painted up, it's onwards to other little projects. These two I actually finished last weekend, but I always take pictures with sunny weather, but it's been cloudy all week long until today. The only time it was sunny was last Sunday when I got up, went grocery shopping really quickly to Aldis and when I got home, saw the sun. I went into the shower really quickly to clean up and then I was going to take pictures of these ladies, but by the time I got out and dried off it was cloudy again. So anyhoos, pictures finally taken and here they are, the first is a Female Dwarven Warrior, not too sure who sculpted her: and the next one is Kylie Darkwalker, a Wild Elf Thief, sculptor also unknown: I like both figures, both pretty fun. I like them especially because they are Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals figures, but I think sculpted much later in the company's history. I'm guessing latter nineties, but no way to be sure without asking. I'm a bit puzzled by my choice of colors for the elf. I figured wild elf, and though kind of woodsy elf, with brown skin (base code was Reaper's shield brown), and her top is green, but then she has those funky purple pants. She kind of reminds me if I harken back to the days of an old Olivia Newton John video, Let's Get Physical, or something like that where she has a green top and I think pinky/purply spandex pants. I actually just went to look at a picture and my memory was a bit faulty, it was a bright blue top and pink sweatpants. In any case, hope these provide moments of visual pleasure and simulation, until the next chunk of minis!
  6. That would be the greatest present ever….. Thanks all for all your warm wishes celebrating the beginning of my 55th year!
  7. Beautiful job on all of these, can't wait to see the rest of them painted! I've got this set boxed up at home, I really dig their Encounters and am glad that Reaper is kind of getting into Encounters with their Kickstarter sets.
  8. Thanks, appreciate it, definitely hoping for a nice recovery. I read the books with Soth in them so long ago and actually my nephew a few years back came over and I gave him most of them to read. All fun books to be sure! Thanks Chaoswolf, crossing my fingers and toes! Yeah, I'm a big proponent of disposable income, wish I had some myself! At one point I think I'm going to paint something and try to sell it on Ebay so I can afford some more Reaper 6 minis, but that's still a ways into the future. Need to figure out what to paint first for such an endeavor! Thanks you very much Smallish Sam, trying to keep him reasonably somber!
  9. Thanks Metalchaos! I referred back to that nice and classic piece of art that shows Soth and his legions riding behind him. I had some divergences from the color scheme, the horse is redder than blue, the eyes and mouth are more orange-ish than red. But it's similar at least! Yeah, hoping she recovers and life returns back to normal for her. Thank you much! Ol' Lord Soth is an unnatural dude, so I'm glad he's giving off the vibe, thanks! Thanks Poilu! Yeah, I have liked this set for quite a long time and glad I had now a chance/reason to paint them up!
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