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  1. Very nice unknown figure and you’ve painted up very nicely!
  2. Yeah, I'm actually quite pleased with both hair colors. And the red and the gold shield worked out pretty nicely as well. With reds, I was historically kind of stubborn and still wanted at some point to always highlight until white, but somehow this never worked as I wanted it too and after watching a lot of Anne Forester and hearing how she says you don't always want to highlight up to white, I've been trying to not go that high. Depends on the color but red is one of them where I highlight maximum with some yellow, maybe sun yellow.
  3. In a world where an entire player race seems to have been mostly overlooked throughout the years, Stonehaven Miniatures created a Kickstarter that was oriented mostly for the fine folk, and made a bunch of different gnome characters, male and female, cast in metal. Here are two of them that I've recently finished, a Gnome Paladin and a Gnome Scout: These are some really small miniatures, and as I finally was able to photograph them I could see a few spots that I could probably improve upon them, but being that these are just for fun and enjoyable, I think I'm happy where I am with them. The hair on them is a little bit outside of the natural realm of color, not your typical blonde, black, brown or red. I sent an email to the sculptor Mike Evans and asked him how he imagined his gnomes, with natural color hair or more fantasy colors and he said bright colors, so I kind of followed that idea with these two. I still live in that past of the old D & D description which talked about them having skin the color or wood and either blonde or white hair, but I'm trying to move away from that pretty old concept. I've seen art for gnomes in other newer D&D books and they are certainly more vibrant than before Anyhoos, hope you enjoy them!
  4. This is really nicely done, good job! I actually very much like your choice of colors!
  5. Such a fun group of goblins!
  6. Last dwarf is definitely my favorite! I also really like your color choices for Fillyjonk!
  7. I really like how bright their eye colors are!
  8. I’ve never seen a miniature of Toucan Sam before! Great job!
  9. Iridil, I think you did a great job on these! I especially like how you approached their arms/hands as gloves. Very nice both of them!
  10. Thank you KruleBear! Thank you Chaossorpion! Yup, you can get those from the Ral Partah Legacy web site. Exactly, a great source of some very classic miniatures!
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