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  1. Speaking of which, and only slightly off topic, I'm really looking forwards to the new Reaper Bones V villagers set, only six or so months away........
  2. Extremely cool, beautifully painted, slightly disturbing...
  3. Extremely cool, really love the fur patterns!
  4. Shows how nicely your talent has progressed over the years!
  5. Some day I’m going to track down the Dark Horse figures....they made a Rufferto figure Back in the day....
  6. The end of October is a perfect time for reds and oranges! I think any more I don’t even notice the size of the eyes, as most of the Partha figures I paint are usually around the same size. It does make me enjoy however those occasions when I paint something newer that have larger eyes, like the female hobgoblin archer!
  7. So finally got around to taking these pictures for some scale/size reference, first using some handy dandy Reaper mini references: and then with a comparison with the same Grenadier brand of figures from around the same time: and with some old school Ral Partha:
  8. Good morning Reaperfunkadylics! So here's one that I actually finished painting last week, but here in Omaha it's been cloudy enough that I hadn't had a nice natural nice afternoon before yesterday to be able to take pictures. But finally for a bit, the sun came out and I was able to snap a few photos. This one I think was sculpted in 1983, a set of four figures, the executioner, a prisoner, this guard and a guy about ready to get his head chopped off. There was a basket as well with a head in it. Still need to paint the basket and the guys waiting for decapitation, hope to get to them someday. Anyhoos, a beautiful figured sculpted by Julie Guthrie: If I ever get the other two pieces painted, maybe I'll take a group picture!
  9. Not a grody, tentacly monster fan myself, but you paint them so nicely, I can only admire the painting skill and all the human characters are fantastic, everything is so smoothly painted!
  10. Beautifully painted and I love the base!
  11. I may some day. Haven’t looked too hard recently. I had a huge spate of EBaying years ago but got most of what I wanted and will never find time to paint it all.
  12. So found these pictures on the Lost Mini Wiki for some reference:
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