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  1. 72moonglum

    Dragon Elder by Ral Partha for TSR

    Very nice, I really like his bluish green skin!
  2. Morning Madog, Those Elfquest minis I've got most of, need to some day get around to painting them when I have some time! Love looking at your old page, you've got some fun minis and some great paint jobs back there. Just think if the internet would have existed way back in the heyday of Partha. There are so many of their older (let's face it, all of it's old) miniatures that I haven't seen with paint on them, the internet would have done wonders. I do what I can to bring these classics back to life, but I'm just one guy with a very limited amount of painting time. Oh, the life of a miniature-obsessed nerd.....
  3. 72moonglum

    03810:- Bregan the Valkyrie

    She looks so happy!
  4. 72moonglum

    Hook Horror from Otherworld

    Really nicely done, the colors, the blending and everything!
  5. 72moonglum

    77031 Cassie, Gnome Wizard by Werner Klocke

    Yeah, she turned out really beautifully, excellently painted!
  6. Thank you Vhaidra, I'm very glad you liked him and welcome back!
  7. 72moonglum

    GW Mordheim Wardog as an Akita by Glitterwolf

    Very nice! I really like the fur pattern!
  8. But while he has that shield in his hands he's a pretty good target... My wife makes me wear pants. Believe me, I've tried to get out of it. but also I kind of wondered if he wouldn't actually be wearing pants, but the close tightness of the musculature, plus no "wrinkle" lines that sometimes gets put around joints, made me believe he was indeed a pantless wonder.
  9. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Ki'Rinn Two Versions by Glitterwolf

    And I do!
  10. Thank you Redd! Yeah, I'm very partial to Julie Guthrie's sculpts, every time I paint another one I like her style even more. One of these days I want to get around to painting some of her old Elfquest figures, that are absolutely beautiful! Your honor has definitely been restored, those are awesome kirinn!
  11. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Ki'Rinn Two Versions by Glitterwolf

    These are great, Glitterwolf! I love how these two figures are such nice blank canvases (I suppose like all other miniatures) where you can just do so many different color schemes and they are all equally as valid. I'm not sure which one I like more, please don't make me choose!
  12. I will be waiting patiently for their appearance! Thank you very much Warlady! Thank you Loim!
  13. Thanks Glitterwolf, I'm very partial to these classics as well, wish more people would keep painting them!
  14. Thanks Darkstaar, I just keep pumping out the classics!
  15. So I finished this one two nights ago, didn't get around to taking his photo yesterday because I got home too late last night and it was just too dark to take advantage of natural light. Here is another Julie Guthrie Ral Partha classic from the eighties a hooded fighter/warrior/ranger with sword and shield. Being he was originally listed in the eighties as a ranger: I wanted to give greens and browns, but nowadays being he is just being called a hooded fighter, I still wanted to keep some natural colors but ended up giving him some non-rangery colors on his shield: Also his inner cloak I used the same colors and painted at the same time as the female archer I just finished (her green gloves). Anyhows, hope you enjoy another classic figure from the past! Julie Guthrie was great back then and she's even greater now!