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  1. This diorama, using pieces that are probably 30-40 years old, just makes me happy!
  2. Excellent! How old school is supposed to be painted!
  3. Such a nice cold color palette!
  4. Very nicely painted! Julie Guthrie is one of my favorite sculptors as well, have painted tons of her figures. Did you see in the Reaper Twitch channel when Anne Forester was painting this miniature?
  5. I figured out earth tones for earth elemental types, and I also gave them all green eyes to kind of tie them together.
  6. Thanks Glitterwolf, yeah, he's a goofy little guy with that overly open mouthed grin! Would definitely be an odd little encounter in an adventure!
  7. Thanks Poilu! I agree, it’s fun painting these little themed blister packs. The town guards that I painted recently, as well as the water elemental figures, were also all parts of themed blister packs.
  8. Hello again Reapervellians! So was working recently on an old Ral Partha blister pack, the Earth Masters, sculpted by Jim Johnson, and here is the third mini of that pack, the Earth Familiar, which basically looks like a crazy iguana: Pretty simple and straightforward mini. Being that he was an "earth" familiar, I painted him with Terran khaki and Earth Brown. So then here is the group all together, photo not the greatest: Definitely some cool and a little bit unusual figures! Enjoy!
  9. I have some hobbits from Heritage, the Lord of the Rings figures that are hobbit village folk, I think from Bilbao’s Farewell Party, but they are Michael Thomas castings, not originals. I do want to paint them up some day when I get the time to!
  10. Ah, the good old days, when 25 millimeters actually meant something! Did you have these for decades or have you recently com upon them Rob?
  11. Great diorama and nicely painted!!
  12. I concur, those eyes are amazing!
  13. Such great colors on this skeleton!
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