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  1. Thank you Iridil! I’m glad you could use the little white dot, always a nice little detail! i wish I could say the same, but I’m about eight years older than this dainty little lady!
  2. Thank you CorallineAlgae! For the gravel, I just glue down corn meal, and then give it coat of earth brown, then a dark shadow and a dark elf shadow wash. After that I highlight it with Terran Khaki, creamy ivory and finally white. Thanks Glitterwolf, a bit of contrast with her boots and cloak. Thank you Loim, an early sculpt by the master Tom Meier! Thanks Inarah, it actually helped that I only had to paint one eye!
  3. Hello everybody! Here's a figure I just finished a few nights back and got her based. She's a old, classic Ral Partha figure, Adventuress 01-018, so in that long list of Partha figures in "Personalities and Things that go Bump in the Night" range, number 18. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I read out there on the Lost Mini Wiki that this was the first female adventuring type of miniature that was cast. This is in all honesty the second version of the sculpt, don't have the first one. On the bottom, she had 1976 stamped on its base so it's a nice old figure. I tried not to paint her in too bright of colors, kind of wanted her to be able to wander around with kind of calm colors. Anyways, hope you enjoy this "historic" little mini, she was a joy to paint!
  4. Thank you very much primeval! I wasn’t looking for much color, especially with the theme he represents. Thanks Stormreach! Didn’t want a bright axe just for that reason. It’s an axe with lots of use under its blade, and didn’t want to do my normal metal that usually starts out as ashen blue. Thank you Loim, appreciate it!
  5. I’d say the can is an excellent addition to the mini! We all know he is just trying to drown his sorrows about being evil and his kids and killing other Jedis and such.
  6. I was wondering where his closeup went from your other post! I like the lug camoflauge you added to his greens.
  7. Picking my favorite- the nurse, with her white clothing and sideways glance!
  8. Thank you KruleBear, your kind comments are not a reflection of your moniker.
  9. Thanks! Was trying to not do anything shiny, but at the same time didn’t want it rusty either.
  10. Very cool, I'm a big fan of female onis in all their iterations!
  11. Thank you Glitterwolf! You don't think the axe is too dark, do you?
  12. Thank you Glitterwolf! I really dig the Lost Mini Wiki, as it has such a huge visual library available to look at. I really typically only update my own artist page there: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=User:Antautunut and then somebody else usually ends up loading them in other spots under the ranges they are/were actually produced. I wish more people would add painted versions of these old figures out there. It's really nice to see them in vivid color.
  13. So I've actually been pretty productive these last couple weeks, and here is another miniature I finished up last night, an executioner, sculpted by Julie Guthrie back in the eighties. Pretty basic figure, very few colors, didn't take too long to paint. was lucky today in that it's reasonably sunny outside so I've got some good natural lighting going on. Not sure how happy I am with his axe, turned out a little dark, and I considered putting some blood on it, but in the end thinking maybe it's his first head-whacking of the morning, and hopefully he cleans it daily. With his long weekend I was able to paint quite a lot, and this gentleman was done pretty much all this week. He'd been sitting on a base primed for years, but he seemed to be a nice straightforward figure that I could get done quickly. So hopefully you all enjoy another trip back into our miniature prehistory!
  14. Basically ran out of naked minis! Honestly though, painting naked figures is nice to get a chance to focus purely on skin and faces and not to have to worry about basically everything else: clothing, weapons, stuff hanging off of belts, et cetera. This gal was an exception because I got to work with transparent clothing as well, which I’d like to learn to do better.
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