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  1. 72moonglum

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Exactly, Metal is king, plastic is the price point of the 80's-90's.
  2. 72moonglum

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    This is probably what will make me snap and finally participate!
  3. 72moonglum

    2880 Lion Man Warrior

    Very nice, I love where his tawny fur fades to white!
  4. 72moonglum

    Bones 4 Gnome Cleric

    He looks very good and more than a little perturbed! These were some of my favorite minis from the last Kickstarter, you definitely brought him to life!
  5. 72moonglum

    1/72 scale plastic Vikings

    Another impressive warband!
  6. 72moonglum

    Dux Bellorum Romans

    Looking very good Rob!
  7. 72moonglum

    Stonehaven Human Female Squire

    Yeah, sometimes a closeup camera is a bit merciless, but at the same time it helps us improve our technique!
  8. 72moonglum

    Stonehaven Human Female Squire

    Love the eyes on this lady!
  9. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Mech Warriors - Liao Faction

    The beautiful part about this is that they are all available again out at Ral Partha's web site, so if you ever wanted to snag some sets, now would be the time while they are still available. They have all five factions that were sculpted back in the eighties available and they really aren't that expensive when you consider that each package comes with eight figures.
  10. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Mech Warriors - Liao Faction

    Thanks Iridil! I'm not really too sure about the history of these minis. I don't think they were actually available to be sold for too long. They're MechWarriors, which I understand belong to the Battletech game, and I'd seen these miniatures in passing a few years back and they had always kind of been in the back of my mind as very interesting, even though they were sci-fi and not fantasy. I saw not too long ago that Ral Partha re-released them, so I got a hold of some and thought I'd start painting the sets little by little. I'm working on the Liao faction right now, and have the skins painted for them, next is to grab a group of security guard looking types and start working on their clothes which will probably all end up being grey with green details.
  11. 72moonglum

    Hackmaster Dwarven Battle Mage, sculpted by Jim Johnson

    That's the advantage of having a little bit of juju to back up your fashion choices!
  12. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Mech Warriors - Liao Faction

    Thanks Glitterwolf! Even though the faces are very nicely exposed, I had some problems with the eyes being they were so small. With the lady, her right eye (left as you look at it) after I photographed her the first time noticed that it had turned out horribly so I had to go back and work on it again before my final photos. Still not completely satisfied. And the greens, before I put sealant on them, looked a lot rougher. I only use water ever as a flow agent and I use very watered down layers after the first layer, but it seemed a little grainier than I had originally wanted.
  13. 72moonglum

    First real attempt at OSL

    I'd say you succeeded this time!
  14. 72moonglum

    Bones - Altar and Books from Horror

    That's some crazy cool detail on the pages!
  15. 72moonglum

    First real attempt at OSL

    That looks great, you’re far braver than I’d ever be with alternative lights and glows!