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  1. 72moonglum

    Merrowyn Lightstar from Bones KS

    Such beautiful gold armor!
  2. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha female rogue adventurer

    Ah, the sweet skills I somewhat possess that are slowly blinding me..
  3. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Female Barbarian

    Thanks Loim!
  4. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha female rogue adventurer

    Thank you very much Loim, I really enjoy painting them!
  5. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha female rogue adventurer

    And good evening again! And quite in contrast to the other figure I just posted, this little thief is quite a bit more sensibly attired, covering herself up relatively decently I'd say. I think this is also sculpted by Dennis Mize, but not 100%. Once again, as per usual, my hardest decision is always colors, so used Terran khaki for her main skin color and kept some cool colors with her wardrobe mostly. The only thing that didn't really work out like I wanted was that on her boots she had laces going up them, but I just kind of highlighted them a little and didn't do anything with them, because her left leg is bent down so much, even though they were sculpted there I couldn't really reach them very well. Other than that though pretty happy with how she came out. She has sort of an odd vest that is open in the front and then ties closed in the back, but at the end of the day that's how she was sculpted, so just obeyed the sculptor! Once again, may she not be painful upon your eyeballs!
  6. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Female Barbarian

    Hello all, another figure I just finished, an old Ral Partha figure, which I think might have been part of their redesigned Partha Imports back in the day. And of course, she's dressed extremely sensibly, as if she's screaming "you will NOT stab me in the nipple!". She was fun to do however, nice big face and a simple piece to paint. So anyhoos, enjoy!
  7. 72moonglum

    Caveman : Bones 4

    First one I’ve seen painted. Very cool!
  8. 72moonglum

    [Bones 4] Village Girl quick painting

    Very nice, love the blues and purples!
  9. 72moonglum

    I Dream of Djinni (Bones 4 Fan Favorites)

    Very nicely done, the colors are great!
  10. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Sorceress with Wand by Dennis Mize

    Trying to check off for you as many boxes as possible!
  11. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Sorceress with Wand by Dennis Mize

    I’m very glad them Iridil, I plan on painting them for many years to come! I’m 51 now, so hopefully another minimum 20 years of painting before I either go blind or get the shakes, hopefully 26 minis or more per year, so hopefully another 520 or more minis painted before I abandon this mortal coil. Thank you Citrine, I wanted kind of plush colors for this mage. I hope she just didn’t go too colorful. Thanks Viking Hank, not too many colors?
  12. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Sorceress with Wand by Dennis Mize

    Thank you Darcstaar! Thanks Warlady, I can't remember for sure, but I think the base color of the green was the Reaper Leaf Green and then copious washes and highlights.
  13. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Sorceress with Wand by Dennis Mize

    She has some lighter green eyeshadow, don't know how well you can actually see it, and the lipstick to match. With the darker skin sometimes it needs a bit of contrast to make it pop.
  14. 72moonglum

    03135 B'thuhl, Bathalain Pirate

    This is very cool, love the rainbow colors!
  15. Hi all! So this is my first posting since we got a new computer, so hopefully I can get the images figured out and in the correct size, et cetera. This one is my third of my swarthy skinned triad of Rap Partha figures sculpted by Dennis Mize. This is a Sorceress with Wand, another old figure probably from around 1979 from Dennis Mize's Children of the Night series. I had lots of "parts" to this little lady and I kept adding colors so hopefully she's not overly colorful. The last thing I painted was the crystal on her wand, and couldn't figure out what color to use. Eventually ended dup with reddish, magma'y or something similar. And with these old smaller 25 mm figures, I think I'm going to start getting into the habit of having a comparison figure, with the infamous US quarter I keep on my desk: So anyhow, that's the figure of the day for me, will be getting back to the old painting board to hatch up some more concoctions of color soon! Enjoy and Happy Father's Day to all you groovy guys lucky enough to procreate! Mark